6 Minimalist Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

minimalist lifestyle subscription boxesSubscription boxes are a booming business, and it isn’t hard to see why: they’re an easy and exciting way for shoppers to get access to products they might not otherwise have.

Plus, who doesn’t like to receive a surprise box full of goodies in the mail? From pre-prepped meals, to designer clothes, snacks from around the world, books, beauty products, and even dog toys it seems as if there’s a subscription box for everything. And now there are even boxes for those who are looking to have less. Subscription boxes have their place in a minimalist, low-waste, sustainable lifestyle and here are some that should fit right in:

Toy Library – Any parent knows how quickly piles of toys can take over a home, and how many of those toys never even get played with. Toy Library wants to help, by sending your kid two clean, sanitized toys a month (the size and type of toy depend on your subscription level) that are developmentally appropriate and educational. Your kids to can enjoy them for a month, then send along to someone else—or keep if it’s something they really like—keeping toys from becoming trash or cluttering up your living room.

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Le Tote – One of several clothing subscription services, Le Tote is designed around “borrowing” high-end clothes. If you’re a fashion lover who wants to reduce your impact on the environment, utilizing a clothing rental service can cut back on the waste produced from manufacturing new clothes, as well as reducing textile waste from cheap fast-fashion that wears out quickly and ends up being trash. And it will help keep your minimalist closet space organized and clutter-free.

TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes – Sort of a reverse subscription box where you send them stuff, TerraCycle seeks to collect and recycle almost any form of waste. Simply choose the type of difficult to recycle waste you need to send (like pens, plastic gloves, coffee pods, batteries, light bulbs) purchase an empty box, collect your waste and send the box back. TerraCycle takes care of the rest by reusing, up-cycling, and recycling waste instead of incinerating it or sending it to a landfill. The website also had ideas for ways to up-cycle your waste yourself with DIY projects.

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Urban Organic Gardener – Want to grow more of your own food at home but unsure of where to start? Urban Organic Gardener’s monthly seed club makes it easy. Their monthly deliveries of seed packs are tailored to your personal growing needs and experience with gardening, providing you with non-GMO heirloom seeds for your container garden, hydroponic system, backyard veggie patch, or mini urban farm.

The Homestead Box – For those urban and suburban gardeners ready to take self- sufficiency to the next level, there is a subscription box for homesteaders (and wannabe homesteaders.) The Homestead box sends themed monthly boxes that contain tools, materials, and information to help your self-reliant homestead. Past boxes have included items such as a rain gauge, a tomato plant garden kit, a multipurpose pocket knife, and a foraging guide book.

GreenUP Box – If you’re looking to reduce or eliminate plastic in your life but unsure of where to start, GreenUP will send a “monthly box with a mission” to simplify the plastic-free process. This service identifies twelve major areas in your life where plastic can be eliminated and provides several sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. The Morning Routine box, for example, includes a shampoo bar, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cotton rounds, a natural fiber bath mitt, and silk dental floss that comes in a refillable glass container. Subscribe for a year and transform twelve major areas of your life and home.

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