7 Things to Do the Month Before Baby Arrives

Here are seven things you can do to prepare!The month before your new baby arrives might be the longest in history. You can’t wait to see your new baby! Here are seven things you can do to prepare (and make the time go faster)!

The final weeks before baby comes tend to feel like an eternity. Your hips are aching, the heartburn is rocking, and you are ready to meet your baby. Yet, the pregnancy isn’t done, and your baby needs a bit more baking.

That doesn’t mean you should mope around and wait. Trust me; that only makes it longer. Staying busy makes the time go faster. I always wait until the final weeks to prepare. While you might feel anxious and excited around 30 weeks, you want to save things to do! That way, your days go faster at the end.

1. Plan Dates with Your Kids.

No matter if you have older or younger children, having a new baby is a huge adjustment for everyone. The youngest will no longer be a baby, and the oldest may end up with some new responsibilities. It is a great idea to plan individual dates with each child. Take them out for ice cream and to the park. Head to the nearest arcade. Take your older daughter for a spa date. Invest in your relationships now before baby comes.

2. Plan a Date Day with Your Spouse.

Dating your spouse is crucial for a marriage. Adding a new child to your house will put stress on your marriage. Plan a day to spend with your spouse. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Browse the bookstore shelves. Pack a picnic and head to the lake. Go fishing! There are so many ideas, but most importantly, make sure you both enjoy it.

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3. Make Freezer Meals.

The first few days after baby comes home are stressful. Making freezer meals eliminates some of that stress, on you and your spouse. Make big batches of pancakes and French toast. Try freezer crockpot meals on Pinterest. Try soups like potato and chicken noodle! The more you can pack into your freezer, the easier those days will feel.

4. Finish Baby Preps.

During the final month, you should wash all of the baby’s clothing (and cloth diapers if you use them), set up the crib or bassinet, install the car seat, and set up any baby furniture. All of these things take time, which is why you should save them for the last month! You might want to take time to finish the final touches on the nursery. Make sure that you pack the diaper bag!

5. Educate Yourself and Get Support.

Birth is a huge deal! Bringing a child into the world is no small feat, no matter how you birth. Everyone feels better when they know what to expect. That is why I tell moms, new and experienced, to take time to educate themselves. Brush up on your breastfeeding knowledge! There are fantastic books available. Take a birthing class or find reading materials about the birth you want.

Build a support system! You want people surrounding you who understand your desires for your birth. That might mean your husband or your best friend. Take the time to build your support system. You’ll feel better knowing people have your back.

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6. Pamper Yourself.

In my planner, I have highlighted a few ways I want to pamper myself before my newest baby arrives. One of them is to plan a date with my best friend for a pedicure and lunch date. Another plan is to have a prenatal massage. These might seem frivolous, but they go a long way to helping with your attitude and mindset during the final weeks and days. Your body might ache, but your feet will look great. Take time to find ways to pamper yourself!

Head to the coffee shop and read for a few hours. Schedule time for yourself now more than ever!

7. Solidify Your Plans.

The last thing you should do is make sure your plans are solidified. You never know when you might go into labor, but it will feel better when you have plans. Make sure your hospital bag is packed by 37 or 38 weeks pregnant. Figure out who can watch your other children while you are in labor. If your husband will stay at the hospital with you overnight, determine who is willing to keep your kids overnight. With everything in place and prepared, you will feel better.

The final weeks of pregnancy give you time to fully prepare. Preparations don’t just include washing baby clothes. They also mean taking time for your kids, spouse and yourself before your entire family dynamics change.

Invest in the things that matter as you wait for your newest bundle of joy.

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  1. This is such a great list. You are so thoughtful to include things that many nervous new mothers overlook. Instead of desperately scrambling for the best baby products or reading through the latest resources, it may be best to take the time and invest in yourself and your current relationships. What a beautiful reminder! Thanks for sharing.

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