7 Ways to Be Kind To HumanKind

Here are some simple ways your family can be kind to humankind. It’s “Be Kind to HumanKind” Week, a worldwide movement that looks to promote simple kindnesses and cohesion in people from all over the world. Here are some simple ways your family can be kind to humankind too!

Couldn’t we all use a little more kindness? Isn’t the world just a better place when we are kinder to each other?

Lorraine Jara from Toms River, New Jersey, sure thinks so, and I agree.

In August of 1988, she started Be Kind To Humankind Week. She was inspired by the tragic story of the death of a local young man — one that could have been easily prevented with small, simple acts of human kindness.

The young man and his friend were near death after their boat overturned, and a couple of boats who could have easily helped, told the pair, “They didn’t want to be bothered.” By the time a couple of young women who had nowhere near the resources of the other boats pulled the young men to safety, it was too late for one. He died shortly thereafter,

Jara was heartbroken for their families.

Jara believes that simple acts of kindness matter. She says that kindness should exist daily, but created this movement to take kindness to a noticeable purposed level so that people can see the benefits of being kind to others. Research shows that being kind improves one’s health and well-being, and it’s obvious that it makes the world a better place to be.

So what can you and your family do for Be Kind to HumanKind Week? Essentially, whatever you want! If it’s kind, do it, and make a point to talk with your children about why it’s kind and what a difference it makes. The week has seven days of suggested participation, but just about any kind acts that make ripples in this world will show your children what kindness as a way of life looks like.

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