Beautiful Birth Photos Show Doulas as Unsung Heroes

These breathtaking pictures honor the amazing work of doulas everywhere.
Photo by: Jennifer Mason

As World Doula Week came to its end, Birth Becomes Her shared breathtaking pictures that honor the amazing work of doulas everywhere.

Birth Becomes Her co-founder, Monet Nicole, says that when mothers talk about their birth stories, the connection a doula and the mother have is so powerful, it often happens immediately. The support, love and comfort that doulas give on the most intense days of your life leave life-long impact, she says.

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Essentially, doulas hold the space for women giving birth.

Though doulas certainly advocate for their clients during the labor and delivery process, Monet thinks that doulas are unsung heroes who support their clients as they find their own voices and own innate strengths.

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To celebrate that most special and unique bond between a woman and her doula, Monet said that the collection of photos gives just a glimpse into the most sacred and important work of the doula, both physically and emotionally.

Doula helping nursing baby and mama
Photo by: Eliana Gilbert

Three Doulas assist a home birth Mama
Photo By: KedDocumentary

A midwife, doula and husband help a woman give birth
Photo by: Isabelle Steinert

A doula helps a mother get in birth position
Photo By: Caitlin Angel Photography

A doula's gentle touch makes the difference
Photo By: Bonnie Hussey

Two doulas laboring together
Photo By: Rachel Utain-Evans

One thought on “Beautiful Birth Photos Show Doulas as Unsung Heroes”

  1. Those photos bring tears to my eyes. I, too, had an amazing Doula, Michelle, for all 3 of my births. She was strength and wisdom that my husband (my wonderful husband, I should add) could not be because he has never been in that place. Michelle prayed with me in what seemed to be dark moments leading up to my 9#6 oz. son being born. All was fine but I felt like I might explode and have to have major colon surgery immediately following birth….it seems funny now but not in the moment. She assured me that I was right where I needed to be and to just “let it go.” She prayed and I moved on. Thank you God for Michelle!

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