Mothering’s Best Subscription Boxes for Babies

We have the best subscription boxes for babies and you're going to love them!

Subscription boxes for babies? Yes! They are a great way to learn about new brands and to have new books, toys, and activities to engage with even your youngest children every month.

There are plenty of subscription boxes out there for children and adults, but what about the youngest members of your family? It turns out there are several different options for subscription boxes for infants starting from birth. These boxes are filled with activities, books, toys, and even new snacks and foods that you and your little ones can try.

Subscription boxes are a wonderful way for us to learn about new brands and products that we might not otherwise have known about, and the same goes for babies. Subscription boxes for babies not only give the child new, fun, and engaging items to explore, but it also helps parents to learn about some new cool and exciting brands that they may have otherwise not have known about.

There are several different types of subscription boxes for babies that are available:

  • Activity subscription boxes: Activity subscription boxes are boxes that contain different toys or engaging activities for your little one to explore independently or with a parent or caregiver.
  • Book subscription boxes: Book subscription boxes provide several books based on your child’s age and developmental level. They are a great way to start conditioning a love of reading, learn new books, and to start your book library.
  • Food subscription boxes: Food subscription boxes provide meals each week for your little one to try. They are great for babies because they allow children to try different foods without parents worrying about preparing or wasting foods that their child doesn’t like. It also helps busy parents eliminate one thing off their to-do list.
  • Educational subscription boxes: Educational subscription boxes usually prescribe to one type of philosophy of learning and provide activities that foster a love of learning.
  • Multi-purpose or product subscription boxes: Multi-purpose or product style subscription boxes often have several different brands each month for parents and babies to explore. They often offer activities, books, baby gear, and feeding tools.

The Importance of Play During Early Infancy

Although newborns and infants seem like little squishy blobs who just love to sleep, eat, and poop, their minds are growing and soaking in their surroundings at intense rates. That’s why play is important, even at the youngest age. Children in the early infancy ages will benefit from reading and engaging in play with parents and caregivers, and subscription boxes for babies will help to provide activities and toys that will help foster that development. Even food subscription boxes offer a child an opportunity to explore with tastes and textures, which is an important developmental stage in early childhood, especially as hand-eye coordination comes into play.

Play is so important for children in infancy and early childhood that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. Play helps to develop cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of a child and the earlier a child is exposed to play, the more likely they will continue to hone these developmental milestones as they get older. The Pediatrics Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics states that “Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children” and “It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Play allows children to create and explore a world they can master, conquering their fears while practicing adult roles, sometimes in conjunction with other children or adult caregivers.”

Subscription boxes for babies give parents the opportunity to engage with their youngest children in beneficial and new ways so they can continue the important practice of play as they continue to grow. As your child grows, they will master different learning skills and tasks, thereby developing their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

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Why Subscription Boxes for Babies is a Great Way to Get them Learning

Subscription boxes for babies are a great way to get them engaged with important learning processes. Many subscription boxes for babies will have new toys and activities that will help with their cognitive and physical development, but they also help with their social and emotional development. When getting a new box every month or every few months, both babies AND their parents and caregivers have new and engaging activities to play with together. This interaction is one of the most important aspects of learning for infants as it helps them to learn social cues, facial expressions, and bond with their loved ones.

What Should You Look for in a Subscription Box for Babies?

Like subscription boxes for older children and adults, not all subscription boxes are created equal. When looking for the perfect subscription boxes for babies, you should keep a few different things in mind:

Developmentally appropriate activities- You will want to make sure that the subscription box you chose is broken down by age and developmental level. Since infants vary greatly in their skills and physical abilities even just within a few months, it is important to ensure that the subscription box you choose has activities that are right for your child’s age. After all, a 6-month old has very different cognitive and physical abilities than a 3-month old.

Safe activities- One of the most important aspects of subscription boxes for babies is that the activities and toys are safe for their use. This not only means ensuring that there are no small pieces, but also that the toys are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.

Engaging for both parents and babies- The best part of getting subscription boxes for babies is that they help parents and caregivers engage together. The toys and activities are new and exciting for both the little one and the parent or caregiver, which helps promote an important bonding experience. Make sure the subscription box you choose provides activities that help you to engage with your baby since that’s the biggest takeaway of subscription boxes for babies!

Encourage both cognitive and physical development- There are two big learning mechanisms that are being developed in the first year of life- cognitive and physical development. The subscription box you chose should have activities that help promote both of these learning mechanisms. And they don’t always have to be toys- Even food subscription boxes help to promote hand-eye coordination, swallowing, and taste and texture recognition.

Sustainably sourced materials- Sustainably sourced materials mean that the toys are activities that are safe for your baby. Look for subscription boxes that use things like eco-friendly packing materials, neutral carbon shipping, sustainably sourced materials, and organic ingredients (if applicable).

Mothering’s Best Subscription Boxes for Babies


The Hoppi Box is a cute subscription box that offers high-quality toys that are curated to match your child’s age and developmental level. All of the toys in Hoppi Box are eco-friendly, green, and sustainable so you can rest assured that they are good for your baby and good for the environment. Hoppi Box is a great subscription box for developmentally appropriate toys as well as a wonderful way to learn about new eco-friendly children’s brands. Your Hoppi Box subscription is delivered quarterly and grows with your child- as they get older, the toy continues to be developmentally appropriate for their age range. Prices start at $66 per quarter.

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Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box that grows with mom from pregnancy all the way through the first stages of newborn-hood. It is a great box to help you prepare for your little one’s arrival and pamper yourself, and then when they arrive, introduce yourself and your baby to new and exciting brands and products. All products total a minimum of $45 in value and are organic, natural, and eco-friendly. You will find beauty, bath, pregnancy, baby, home, and snack products in each month’s box. The Ecocentric Mom box is unique in that it gives moms a box every single month of pregnancy all the way until your child is 4-years-old (if you choose to continue). Boxes start at $39 per month.

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Once your baby starts eating solid foods, you can become overwhelmed with making tasty and nutritious pureed foods on your own. Store-bought foods are not always the best and often filled with added sugars and preservatives. But with YUMI, you can have delicious pureed foods delivered once per week for your child. In the beginning stages of eating solid foods, you don’t need much anyway as most of your baby’s nutrients will still come from breastmilk. But YUMI allows your child to explore different tastes and textures and takes the hassle out of you creating eight jars of apple/sweet potato mash that your child ends up refusing to eat. YUMI delivers six jars of pureed foods based on your child’s age and preferences per week. If you go the baby-led weaning route, or you are looking for foods for your older children, YUMI also offers a finger-foods subscription with 1, 2, or 3 meals per day delivered each week. Meals start at $35/week for one meal per day up to $90/week for three meals per day.

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Panda Crate

Panda Crate is the youngest in the line of creative boxes from Kiwi Co. It is designed for children from birth to 24 months. It comes with several different toys and activities that inspire children to learn through play and to help parents engage with their little ones daily. Each of the boxes comes with expertly curated toys and activities that are developmentally appropriate, researched-based, and provide hands-on learning with an emphasis on bonding with parents and caregivers. Boxes are divided up by your child’s age:

  1. Bond with Me (0-2 months old)
  2. Sense with Me (3-6 months old)
  3. Count with Me (3-18 months old)
  4. Explore with Me (7-12 months old)
  5. Discover with Me (19-24 months old)

Your Panda Crate is delivered every two months, with a rate of $19.95 per box. Longer-term or annual subscriptions offer a slight discount.

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Books are one of the best gifts you can give your child, and one of the few activities that are extremely beneficial from birth. Reading helps to promote bonding with parents, language development, and cognitive development in children, and new stories keep your little ones engaged. Lillypost is a book subscription box that is designed for children from birth to 7 years old. Each month your child will get either four board books or 3 picture books, or a mix of both, that are perfect for their age and developmental level. Lillypost is a wonderful way to expose your little one to new stories every single month and to begin your child’s book library as they grow. The boxes start at just $16.95 per month and offer a slight discount if you choose longer-term or annual subscription plans.

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Little Spoon

Once your baby starts to eat solid foods, you might find yourself scrounging to figure out exactly what they like. But making your own baby food is time-consuming and sometimes wasteful if your little one doesn’t like some of the foods. With Little Spoon, you can get freshly pureed baby food delivered right to your door that is customized to your baby’s age, preferences, and tastes. They also offer a line of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics you can add to your box. Meals are delivered every other week and pricing varies on the foods you want and how many meals you’d like per box. This is a great subscription box to help you try new foods or if you are a busy, working parent who just wants one less thing to worry about each day.

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Kub Klub

Kub Klub is a monthly subscription box for children from birth to three years old. Each box comes with things like baby books, age-appropriate toys, teethers, pacifiers, mealtime accessories, healthy snacks, sippy cups and bottles, and safe soaps and sanitizers. The boxes are customized to your baby’s age and developmental level and can come in 1, 3, or 6-month subscriptions. Each box has five to seven items and starts at $31/month. This is a great box to expose parents to a little bit of everything in terms of new brands they may not have otherwise heard of, and maybe find some new favorites for their little ones!

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There are so many toys and activities available for little ones, and it can be hard to figure out exactly what might be best to get for your little one. With a subscription box from Bluum box, you will get some of the best toys and activities for your child based on their age and developmental level. Included in each box are toys, activities, innovative gear, and cool finds for parents. All of the items curated have been researched to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate, and they have all been tested by parents (and babies!) to make sure your little one will love them, too. They also have boxes for pregnancy. Subscriptions start at $34 and are delivered every single month.

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Lovevery is a Montessori-inspired subscription box that sends Montessori activities and play kits right to your door. Each box contains activities that are perfect for your little one’s learning stage based on their age and developmental level. They have several different box options for birth up through the first year and beyond such as:

  • The Looker Play Kit (ages 0-2 months)
  • The Charmer Play Kit (ages 3-4 months)
  • The Sensor Play Kit (ages 5-6 months)
  • The Inspector Play Kit (ages 7-8 months)
  • The Explorer Play Kit (ages 9-10 months)
  • The Thinking Play Kit (ages 11-12 months)

They also have Play Kits for ages 13-24 months, and those kits are delivered every three months. All of the toys and activities are developed with sustainably sourced wood and organic cotton, and the boxes are shipped with neutral carbon shipping. Boxes are $90 to $120 per box. They’re high-quality toys and they’re incredibly developmental for all the neural connections you want to build in your baby.

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Amazon Prime Book Box

Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Amazon’s Book Box for their children. Each month, you will receive up to four books for your child based on their age and development level. For children birth to age 2, each month they will have four brand new board books to add to their collection. This is a great way to introduce your little ones to new stories and to add to your library as they continue to grow. Boxes can come every 1, 2, or 3 months and are just $19.99 per box.

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Bitsy Boxes

The Best subscription boxes for babies are here

From the creators of The Bump boxes, now there are Bitsy Boxes for babies from birth to 3-years-old. All the box’s contents are ones you can feel safe with, as they’re chosen using a rational approach to avoiding harsh and questionable chemicals. The majority of the products in the Bitsy Boxes are organic, but as we all know, sometimes transitioning to all organic can be tough and disappointing as you look for efficacy as well. The Bitsy Box products are ones that avoid harsh and questionable chemicals, and are chosen specifically for your baby’s age and developmental stage.

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There are so many different subscription boxes available for children and adults, but it can be hard to sift through all the options to find the ones that are best for you and your family. These subscription boxes for babies are wonderfully made for your baby’s developmental level, and they can help new parents learn of new books, gear, toys, activities, and snacks that they may not have known of before.

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