Beta-Glucans: The Immune Modulators You Need To Know About Right Now

What you need to know about beta-glucans immune modulatorWe’re in unprecedented times, and unprecedented times call for us to really look at how we take care of our immune systems and balance them as we fight against attackers on our bodies. That’s where Beta-Glucans come in. Here’s everything you need to know about them, and why it’s important you know right now.

What ARE Beta Glucans?

In a few words, Beta-Glucans are immune modulators. That is, they bring balance to your immune system.

While the world looks around and wonders how a virus has literally changed everything from grocery shopping to hugging, there’s a lot of talk about boosting our immune systems so we can fight against everything trying to take our bodies down.

Of course, keeping your immune system healthy is important! The thing is, though, a ‘boosted’ immune system isn’t always a ‘healthy’ immune system, as in the cases of Lupus, Sjogren’s, Celiac’s Disease and more.

No, our best defense against viruses and bacteria that can destroy our bodies is a balanced immune system. Beta-Glucans are immune modulators. They do, in fact, boost your immune system, but they do so by keeping your immune system balanced.

You can naturally find Beta Glucans in baker’s yeast, oats, mushrooms and seaweed which are all rich in Beta-Glucans, and it’s no surprise that they also are great food fuels. Additionally, fruits like apples, strawberries and prunes as well as vegetables like beans, peas, lentils and broccoli are also foods rich in Beta Glucans, and their health benefits are numerous.

Beta-Glucans need to be extracted from the cell walls of these foods so that they can be easily absorbed into your body.  After passing through the gut, beta glucans bind to white blood cell phagocytes. These phagocytes engulf bacteria and viruses, as well as dying cells so that they can protect your body. Beta-Glucans help your immune response in this way to help your body better fight off virus or bacteria that attacks.

Now, more than ever Beta Glucans need to be part of your daily wellness plan.

What Can Beta-Glucans Do For Me?

As we said, the health benefits of foods rich in Beta-Glucans are numerous. Beta-Glucans can help you lower your cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugars. Beta Glucans can help improve your lung function during seasonal changes (and during periods of world pandemic where a virus attacks your lungs). Beta-Glucans can lower inflammation in your body and help balance your body’s natural immune response. Beta Glucans can even help improve your skin, which is your body’s largest organ.

Beta-Glucans are being used more and more to help us fight against the common cold. Clinical results have shown Beta-Glucans to be proven prophylactic supplements during cold season, as well as proven to reduce the number of and severity of symptoms with the common cold. As well, Beta Glucans have shown faster recovery times from the common cold and should be in every medicine cabinet during cold and flu season.

Beta Glucan therapy is even being looked at to help fight cancer. Scientists in Norway compiled research that showed Beta Glucans were beneficial to those with allergies and activated monocytes in cancer patients. As well, other studies looking at the consumption of Beta-Glucans in animals showed that Beta-Glucans decreased the incidence of bacterial infections and levels of stress-induced cytokines AND even enhanced the effects of cancer drugs.

In today’s age the concern about cytokine storms as a response to COVID-19 treatment is a real thing. Beta-Glucan can make a tremendous difference in your body’s immune response and recovery.


Does This Beta Glucan Make Me Look Healthier?

Yes, Beta-Glucan has skin benefits as well! Beta-Glucans are incredible skin immune boosters that improve your skin’s elasticity, firmness and moisture. Beta Glucans in skin care products can help reduce wrinkles and wrinkle depth, as well as activate your skin’s natural immune system for a healthier, more natural-than-ever appearance.

Not All Beta Glucans Are Created Equally

As is often the case with ‘natural’ products that help you maintain wellness, not all Beta-Glucan products are created equally. It’s important that when you’re looking for Beta-Glucan supplements, you find a product that will maintain its cellular structure as its extracted from its source. One of the richest, cleanest sources of Beta Glucans comes from Baker’s Yeast, but extracting the Beta-Glucans from the yeast is a harsh process. It’s hard to maintain the cellular structure as it’s processed, and too often you may end up with a process that has broken down the structure of the Glucan as it was extracted.

What you need to know about Beta Glucan right now

The last thing you want to do is supplement your body with something that’s been processed in such a damaging way. That’s why we love what Bio Swiss, LLC has done with their Beta-Glucan in Bio Schwiiz Immunity Power.  

What Makes Bio Schwiiz Immunity Power Different?

In a nutshell? Everything. The most important thing about Beta-Glucans is that they’re sourced and extracted appropriately, preserving the cellular wall structure. As we said, that’s typically a harsh process. Bio Swiss is committed to positively impacting health using products in their natural states, and Bio Swiss’s Immunity Power uses Beta-Glucans that are extracted with a patented and ground-breaking process. Bio Schwiiz is actually a slang way of saying Bio Swiss in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, where the premium Beta Glucans come from.

After years of research on the benefits of Beta-Glucans, Dr. Othmar Käppeli patented a ground-breaking process to extract Beta-Glucans from Baker’s Yeast without destroying the structure of the Glucans. Dr. Käppeli’s process uses heat centrifuge to mildly process the Beta-Glucans, and it’s those Beta-Glucans, sourced from premium Swiss resources, that go into  Immunity Power.Bio Swiss is full of beta glucans you need to know about right now

Bio Schwiiz uses only Baker’s Yeast as research shows it provides the most biologically active Glucan for improving immune response.

The Beta-Glucan used is pure and insoluble (85%) and is the only Beta-Glucan on the market that is developed with a mild isolation process.

Bio Schwiiz Beta Glucan acts as a Prebiotic in your body, which also aids the growth of a good gut biome (pivotal to the immune response) and Bio Schwiiz also adds a pure Vitamin D, which boosts immune response and mood.

Not to mention, Immunity Power is globally studied and highly awarded, meaning you can trust that it works for your whole-body wellness in a clean and natural way.

Bio Swiss’s answer to natural and healthy, immune-boosted skin comes in the form of their DermaGlucan. Because the Beta Glucan used in their DermaGlucan Skin Cream is made without the harsh chemical processes other CM-Glucan products are, it is more concentrated and easier for your body to process and your skin to absorb. DermaGlucan has been clinically tested for efficacy, and out performs one of Mother Nature’s favorites: Aloe Vera. It helps improve the overall health and appearance of your skin, and it’s been globally recognized for having the same immune-boosting and balancing benefits for your skin that it does your body. It’s like a second layer of protection for healthy and beautiful skin every day.

Bio Swiss uses the talents of leading global scientists who develop cutting edge technologies to impact human health in a positive way. They’ve partnered with scientists in Switzerland to ensure the Beta Glucans they provide are of the highest quality you’ll find, and they give back to local community organizations as part of their philosophy that focuses on quality, purity and integrity.

Now more than ever, it’s important that you not only protect yourself against world pandemic viruses, but the daily attacks on your body’s immune response too. Beta Glucans are the way to do so, and Immunity Power is your first step to wellness for a lifetime. Immunity Power is available here on Bio Swiss’s website, as well as Amazon and Walmart.


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