Breastfeeding Mom Had Great Comeback When Asked to Cover Up

Woman gives witty comeback when asked to cover while nursing her sonSadly, hearing a story about a woman who is shamed publicly for breastfeeding is not new. One woman in Georgia has had enough.

Last week, Georgia woman Avery Lane posted her experience at an H&R Block tax office located on a military base to her Facebook account. The story went viral, as it recalled how the manager of the H&R Block asked Lane to cover herself with a ‘towel or something’ while she was feeding her 2-month-old little boy, Robert.

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Lane, well aware of the laws in Georgia (and 48 other states and D.C.) that allow for breastfeeding in public decided that the manager’s ignorance needed a little enlightening. She told him that she did indeed have a cover, but offered to use that cover for his face. Ha!

Woman has best comeback ever when asked to cover during nursing

She went on to tell him that the law for breastfeeding in public was on her side, and when the obviously tussled manager asked her to leave, Lane called the Military Police (MP) to come to her aid.

Not only did the MPs tell the manager that he could not ask her to leave simply because she was feeding her child, but one even went so far as to reiterate to Lane that there was nothing wrong with feeding her child. Wow. Who knew? Nothing wrong with feeding one’s child?!

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Lane says that she only posted her experience because she wanted moms to feel empowered with their right to nurse their children. She was not looking to have the manager fired, and released a Youtube video that detailed more of her experience and was clear to say that she really only wanted the manager to be educated, not punished.

In her response video, she also said that this experience was actually an unusual one, as she more often than not has no difficulty whatsoever with where she feeds her son, and she does not cover or nurse in her car. Nor does she plan to because of this whole situation.

Lane says she feels more empowered by the popularity of the viral post and hopes that moms everywhere know they have the right to advocate for themselves and their children.

Photos: Avery Lane/Facebook

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  1. you go girl feeding a baby is never wrong. people need to understand that these babies are the one that will be the next generation. Glad that you have laws and backup that you can feed your baby like that.

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