How To Celebrate Birthdays In COVID-19 Quarantine

Here are ways to celebrate birthdays in COVID-19 quarantineCelebrating birthdays in COVID-19 quarantine looks entirely different than any other birthday celebration…or does it? While you may be figuring out unique ways to celebrate the special births in your family, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to keep a birthday celebration a day to remember.

If you or someone you love a March or April (or May or June?) baby this year, your birthday most likely is one you’ll never, ever forget. If you were ‘lucky enough’ to be celebrate in early March, you may have still gotten to go out to dinner, have a neighborhood birthday party for your child or simple celebrate in a ‘normal’ way.

But we’re in a new normal right now, and celebrating birthdays just isn’t the same. As we’re all observing social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s disappointing to say the least for children who were looking forward to events that are now canceled. It’s bad enough sports seasons, proms, field trips and more are off the plate…but when it’s your birthday? For a child, that disappointment can really sting.

So we reached out to our mama forums and asked mamas how they were handling birthdays and celebrations for their children. They shared some great ways to celebrate birthdays in Covid-19 quarantine!

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Plant Birthday Flowers!

You may be stuck in your home and not able to go out but for essentials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful plants delivered! Many bulb and seed companies are HAPPY to do this year-round, but you can even order on Amazon  and receive lovely plants your birthday girl or boy can incorporate in your own lawn/garden. Planting keeps them connected to the earth and getting the benefits of grounding, and also serves to be an annual reminder of how your family can do hard things. In years to come, your children will look on that rose bush or hydrangea bush and remember the most different birthday they ever had…but with fond memories of how you did something unique to make it special.

Enjoy a Car Parade!

So your neighbors and friends can’t come to your child’s birthday party, but…how often is it that one gets to have a car parade of one’s very own? Obviously, this may look different in different states based on stay-at-home orders, but for the most part, governors have recognized the need for fresh air and Vitamin D as vital to mental health, and odds are, driving around your neighborhood at a designated time of day to wish a child a happy birthday is acceptable. No one has to even get out of the car; simply invite ‘guests’ to drive by at a certain time and honk and wave well-wishes for the birthday boy or girl. You can even put a sign in your front yard to let people know it’s your birthday and ask them to honk for the special day!

Gather Together Online!

Normally, we’re not super fans of online gatherings, particularly for kids, but the reality is that just like you and I may turn to technology for connection, so may our children in this uncertain time. Zoom has free services where you can have up to 100 people ‘gather’ for 40 minutes. This is perfect for having a birthday cake, singing and blowing out some candles, even playing some virtual games or telling jokes or just ‘being’ with each other. Though we can’t have a fully human experience with sharing the love, there is something to be said about hearing a loved one’s voice that can make all the wrongs right.

Bake Your Own Birthday Treats

Kids LOVE to bake. They really do. They love getting into pouring the ingredients and feeling grown-up like ‘real chefs’ and they won’t even care that it’s their own birthday treat they’re baking. Heck, they’ll probably enjoy it even more because they had a hand in it. This is a time to let them go…just let them be creative in their ‘decorating’ and design and even in what they’d like to make. They would prefer birthday pie instead of cake? Do your best to come up with all the ingredients to do so and have let them dig into it. Find some baking with kids videos on the Internet and even consider an activity box-like Raddish or Baketivity as a combo gift and activity.

Create Video Cards

Enlist the help of your child’s classroom teacher and your neighborhood moms/friends to have your child’s buddies and family members create videos that they can send to your child. If you’re savvy enough, combine them all and put them together for one big virtual card. It’ll be full of kind words and best wishes that kids will keep forever and you’ll be surprised at how often they’ll go back and watch their birthday greetings! Some may even get fancy and dress up; encourage that fun and joy!

Birthday Scavenger Hunts

You may be stuck in your houses but you’re not stuck! You GET TO be together and you can have so much fun doing so. Take unique approaches to wrapping presents and hide them around the house. Make fun clues to find them, and even create an Amazon wish list for friends and family who’d like to send a little something. You can incorporate those gifts in your scavenger hunt too!

Have Cards Sent In The Mail

A novel idea; use the mail! Yes, you’ll want to do this ahead of time, but ask friends and family to send cards or letters in regular old snail mail. Kids LOVE it, and they’ll love replying with snail mail too. There’s nothing like feeling special and pulled out and in an age of technology, old-fashioned mail directly to the birthday girl or boy does that!

Go To The Movies

In this time of quarantine, many movies are actually available for live stream. Check out a new release from the comfort of your own home. Make popcorn and have a movie date with a new release. Some moms are loving CineMood for this reason. It’s a projector with tons of already vetted content and access to YouTube (if you want) and you can make anywhere in your house a movie theater with a big white sheet!

Birthday Child Makes The Rules Day

What child doesn’t want to be boss for the day? Let the birthday child be the boss of the day and make the ‘rules’ (within reason, of course) for how the day will go. Breakfast for dinner? Sure! Dessert first? Absolutely. Nothing but pajamas, board games and pillow fights? C’mon, Mama! You were made for this fun! Give the birthday child some ‘ideas’ and let them feel like they have a bit of control in a world that seems very out of control for many of us!

Birthday Dance Party

Sometimes the best birthday parties are the small, intimate gatherings! Have family karaoke contests, sing to your heart’s content, make music videos, let the birthday child DJ, have a strobe light and pinata and make a jam session they’ll never forget (nor will you)!

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Donate To Charity

We always love donating to charities for special days any day of the year, but how meaningful would it be for a birthday boy or girl to donate to a cause in their honor during this time of our lives? Right now, taking care of one another is more important than it’s ever been, and your child can feel proud of herself for doing so. Call around and find a local animal shelter or homeless shelter; places where the already vulnerable could really use help will be so grateful and your child will gain a compassionate perspective she simply couldn’t any other way.

That may just be the best gift ever.

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