CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater Brings Entertainment Anywhere

The CINEMOOD Projector lets anywhere become a virtual theater!Spring and Summer weather is on everyone’s mind, and one thing we love is neighborhood get-togethers watching movies on the ‘big-screen’ outside. Already loaded with kids’ movies and shows (and the ability to stream Netflix and Youtube), the CINEMOOD Projector lets anywhere become a virtual theater.

My family doesn’t go to the movie theatre often, mostly because I am frugal and can’t believe the price of seeing a movie (and the price of popcorn), but also because we really enjoy watching family movies together. We love snuggling up under blankets and discussing particular scenes and themes.

That’s why I’ve been geeking out over CINEMOOD’s Projector! It’s a mini-projector (crazy small!) and is designed specifically with families in mind. It’s easy to use (unlike the contraption we have set up in our basement!) and is pre-loaded with family-friendly movies, cartoons, digital books, and other neat family activities (ummm, hello shadow puppet games!).

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It’s cloud-connected, regularly updated and equipped with a USB drive. Essentially, it lets you project your favorite movies and television shows anywhere you have a blank space. Yes, anywhere — whether you’re on the road for spring break or on summer vacation in a hotel room that doesn’t have a lot of kid-friendly options.

One of the things I love best is that the company emphasizes that the projector is to be used as a family, not for isolating use like some of today’s tablets and video games allow. They understand this changing technological world in which we live, and are working to keep families together and let children and families enjoy engaging content…together!

CINEMOOD can access your social media accounts even, using USB or WiFi, so when at family reunions or whatever, you can pull up all the Insta fun you’ve had and share privately with all. Its portability makes it unlike most projectors in that the small size also allows it to project just about anywhere with kids feeling like they are right alongside with the characters.

You’d think with it being so small and portable, it’d be kind of…well, not super stable. Wrong. It measures 3″ cubed and has a strong silicone stand that will keep the cube at whatever angle you need it to. Its instructions are easy to understand, and it runs well up to about 5CIN+ hours on a  full charge. Best? It can be charged while using it if need be, for say road trips or such.

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My guy listens to music as he goes to sleep, and taking Alexa with us wherever we go isn’t always convenient. That’s another place CINEMOOD rocks because it is pre-loaded with some music and stories that are nice for lulling littles to sleep. It also displays picture books with the words on the screen so kids can ‘read’ books from the ‘movie’ screen! They’ve got Disney classics and fun shows from Hoopla Kids, along with other neat and kid-friendly content too.

Bonus: CINEMOOD also sells four awesome cases that protect your CINEMOOD and extend your device’s library with fresh content. You can purchase them separately or as a pack. Each one comes with different content, so choose wisely.

The KikOriki Smart Cover adds 42 episodes of KikOriki.

The HooplaKidz Smart Cover adds 25 educational videos.

The Om Nom Smart Cover adds 18 episodes of Om Nom stories.

The  Kit^n^Kate Smart Cover adds 28 episodes of Kit^n^Kate! 

CINEMOOD is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, and one of the neatest ways to incorporate technology and family time wherever you are together. It ships worldwide and has a 14-day money back guarantee, but we have to tell you, you’re not going to use it!

You can buy the CINEMOOD here.

Please note: Mothering was not paid to write this post. Sometimes companies send us products and ask us to review them. When we think our readers (or their kids) will love a product, we like to tell them about it!

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