Couple Documents Their Struggle With Infertility Through Powerful Photography Project

One photographer bravely points her lens toward herself to highlight the struggle with infertility.Behind many glowing pregnancies lies a woman who has been through hell and back trying to conceive her child. One photographer bravely points her lens toward herself to highlight the struggle with infertility.

Many women dealing with infertility struggle in silence. As they watch countless friends and family become pregnant, they wonder why they can’t conceive.  The array of feelings that accompany infertility range from guilt to grief to anger to denial, and everything in between.

Amanda Naor knows those feelings all too well.  Amanda met the love of her life, Spenser, while doing children’s theater in 2006. They married in October of 2014 and have been trying to conceive since June 2015.

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Their two-year journey to start a family has included an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), and in-vitro fertilization. The physical, emotional, and financial costs have taken a toll on the couple.  After going through all of their savings and taking out an interest-free loan, the couple turned to their community for help, initiating a GoFundMe campaign that helped raise close to $14,000 for the couple.

Naor, a newborn and family photographer, has decided to document her intense journey with the use of her camera.  “My photography is fueled by storytelling. I’m telling our story because I want others to know that they are not alone. I want to break the taboo of infertility, where people feel they have to go through this silently,” her website reads. “This journey that my husband and I are on is our story. it is the story of how we will, someday, become parents. it will be our future child’s story.”

As a result of her journey, she has begun a campaign entitled #worththewait.  Each month, Naor gifts her photography services to a family who has overcome infertility or pregnancy loss.

The couple has shared both their written story and photographs with Love What Matters.

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“Infertility is such an incredible, emotional roller coaster. It feels isolating. It feels unfair. It feels like mother nature and your body are betraying you. It is expensive. It is painful. It is full of fear. And couples silently suffer,” Naor writes.

Naor and her partner are currently nearly 25 weeks pregnant.  She continues to openly share her story on her Facebook Page.  It’s clear that Naor is determined to use her experience to help others navigate this roller-coaster of a ride called infertility.

Photo credit: Amanda Naor Photography

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