8 Things You Need To Do RIGHT NOW To Fight COVID-19

What You Need To Do Now To Fight COVID-19Let’s just be real. You’re probably wondering just what in the WORLD is going on with COVID-19, and more, what in the world should YOU do about it?

We’re with you, Mamas.
This is uncharted territory.

Not even in World Wars have we, as a WORLD, essentially just closed down for any period of time, much less what is looking at weeks and possibly months.

It’s hard not to panic. The entire world seems to be closing for an unknown amount of time and we’re not even sure what that means.

But you’re not alone. We’re all thinking about it and particularly if you follow the news or social media sites bent on sensationalizing everything, even if in the name of ‘solidarity’ and unity.

So, what SHOULD you do right now? First, realize there really are no SHOULDs in life. All the ‘shoulding’ can give you anxiety and guilt and that’s not good for your immune system at all.

The most important thing you can do is stay calm. Don’t panic. Listen to what experts in infectious disease and pandemic situations (though you may have to look at the lessons from other countries) tell us to do when it comes to social distancing.

Yes, we’re the moms who aren’t necessarily against chickenpox parties, and we’re the moms who believe in our immune systems being stronger because of exposure. (Spoiler: They Are!)

But here’s the thing, and we know you know it because it’s all over the news: It’s not really about us.

It’s about the ‘collective us,’ and collectively, we need to come together to separate for a bit and take care of ourselves so we stay healthy and can be the helpers Mr. Rogers always tells us to look for.

It’s about making sure our health care systems are not overloaded so no doctor has to tell someone’s grandma they’re sorry she didn’t make the ventilator list.

It’s about giving grace to people who didn’t necessarily stock up on the Vitamin C & D and zinc, and realizing they may be scared and unprepared and we can HELP!

We can do this, Mamas. We can.
And here are some things you need to do NOW to fight COVID-19.

1. Take care of YOURSELF! Just like you should always put the face mask on yourself first in the event of an air emergency, so should you make sure YOUR health is optimal. REST. Get exercise. Eat well, drink LOTS of fresh, filtered water and try to make sure you’ve got all the vitamins and nutrients you can. Seriously. Take care of you.

2. Work on DEstressing. We know, we know. We might as well tell you to change your eye-color. But really, stress does our bodies NO good and can weaken our immune systems and leave us vulnerable. When we’re stressed, we can’t heal ourselves. So, unplug for a bit. Yes, even from us. Pray, meditate, dance, chant, create art, exercise, spend time with your loved ones. Do those things to boost your oxytocin and your dopamine levels. Let your nervous system relax and refresh and just mindfully work on destressing.

3. We know it goes without saying, but…watch how you sneeze and cough. It’s also allergy season, which makes it unfortunate timing to say the least. Cough and sneeze if you must, but whereas we’d normally say to sneeze/cough into your elbow, this virus can live on your clothing for a bit, and it can spread more easily. Instead, cough or sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away immediately. Wash your hands well after.

4. Continue to minimize contact with people. Yes, again. We know. We know how exposure makes us stronger, but we also know that this is something that NO one has ever seen before in this world. Yes, so far the flu and cancer kill more on a regular basis, but mamas–the difference is that it’s NOT ALL AT ONE TIME. In America, we have fewer than 170,000 ventilators, and that’s including 8900 in a stockpile. (In another story, we might need to question, “Why a stockpile?” but we digress.) Our country has 327 MILLION people living in it. Though the ventilator/person ratio is better, and states are opening up again, we urge you to be cautiously optimistic.  Young and healthy people are now having issues also, and we don’t need to take chances. We must work together to prevent there being decisions about who gets to live and who has to die because there’s not enough ventilators. We’re still in a situation where just because you can doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea. 

5. Really work hard on keeping hands away from faces. We know, we’re sort of laughing too at the thought of keeping the toddler who eats dog food as a treat from keeping her hands away from our face, but you know what we mean. Try your best, and wash hands frequently, with soap and water. In between handwashings, it’s not a bad idea to spray your hands with a citrus, lavender or peppermint essential oil. This can be as effective as hand sanitizers (particularly ones with little to no alcohol) and the bonus perk? They’re going to boost your mood too! If you need sanitizer though, we adore Humble Suds–70% gluten-free, non-GMO ethanol alcohol that will do a great job in a jiffy and from a fabulous woman-owned small business!

6. Speaking of boosting, BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Many are looking to orthomolecular medicine and Vitamin C mega-dosing, and with good reason. Even researchers in Wuhan are claiming success in protecting and fighting COVID-19 with high dose Vitamin C, so it’s not a bad idea to boost. Make sure you’re keeping your Vitamin D levels up, and taking high-quality probiotics and supplements for optimal health. Consider beta-glucan as well for helping not only to boost immunity but research suggests it’s beneficial for upper respiratory tract infections, which could weaken your immune system. Some of our favorites are Carlson Vitamin D drops, Flora Probiotics and Bio Swiss Beta Glucan Immunity Power. 

7. Bump up your hygiene routine. You want to use environmentally-friendly, but effective cleaning options, and you want to clean and disinfect surfaces that get the germiest more often. We like Probiotic cleaners for their ability to protect surfaces for up to three days. In an age where the virulency is a big deal, clean surfaces a bit more. We also are huge fans of Force of Nature cleaner. And guess what? They’re EPA-approved to kill COVID-19 and they don’t use a SINGLE toxic ingredient to do so!

8. Rejuvenate your body. The most important thing you can do to be calm and get through this uncertainty is to breathe deeply, and do so often. This lets your cells refresh with oxygen and can help relieve tension. Additionally, again let us remind you to try to SLEEP as you can. This is when your body detoxes and repairs itself! Restorative sleep is SUCH good medicine!

Most of all, remember our bodies are INCREDIBLE. Just the acts of conceiving and giving birth often defy what most oddsmakers would call miraculous odds sometimes, and our incredible immune systems are almost magical. We’re often bombarded with a ton of different things, and our immune system does us well. Continue working to serve it, so it can serve you, and remember…we’re all in this together.

We can do this, and we can be stronger for it. We’re with you all the way.


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