Earth Mama Eczema Cream Will Have You Saying Bye-Bye To Itchy, Rashy Skin

Earth Mama Eczema Cream is a natural way to kiss itchy, rashy skin goodbye!Itchy, rashy reactions putting a damper on your skin’s mood these days? Check out Earth Mama’s new Eczema Cream, and tell your skin better days are ahead!

Our skin is really our best friend, but let’s be honest. Sometimes, our skin acts more like we’re frenemies. Maybe it’s itchy eczema or some random rash you can’t explain. Maybe it’s a dance with the poison oaks, ivies and sumacs that make our skin revolt. Maybe it’s bug bites that keep your little ones scratching uncontrollably. Whatever makes your skin itchy and uncomfortable is just no fun.

Not to mention, for our wee ones who don’t understand what’s going on with their bodies, when their skin itches or hurts, they get frustrated and cranky. We can’t blame them; we do too.

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And putting an APB out in the mama groups to find the best way to treat the savage skin beast brings up all sorts of options—many ‘recommended’ by dermatologists. Turns out, though, when you look at the ingredients, you cringe.

That’s why we fell in love with the new Earth Mama Eczema Cream.

What Should You Know About An Eczema Cream?

Odds are, unless you suffer from itchy, eczema skin, you may not know too much about eczema cream. For instance, did you know that eczema creams are considered over-the-counter treatments (OTC) for eczema, or atopic dermatitis? This means that if you buy a product that names either atopic dermatitis or eczema on the packaging, it must be FDA-approved to offer relief.

As a mama, or even as a woman who may suffer from rashes or dermatitis yourself, you’re probably aware that colloidal oatmeal is pretty much the bee’s knees. The thing is…many creams and potions that claim they’ll help remedy eczema or provide relief for things like poison ivy, poison oak or bug bites only have the minimum amount of colloidal oatmeal in the ingredients needed to be FDA-approved. The FDA requires at least .1% colloidal oatmeal to claim that it is an eczema cream.

But that’s why the new Earth Mama Eczema Cream is dreamy. It contains a generous 5% of colloidal oatmeal. Not just any colloidal oatmeal, either—they use organic colloidal oatmeal that is certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 standard. Trust us, that’s rare. So, they exceed the FDA’s guidelines in a significant way, and they do so organically.

And, when you combine that fabulous colloidal oatmeal in Earth Mama’s Eczema Cream with the other herbs and oils that are carefully blended together to remedy the itch, we have to tell you…it’s incredibly soothing.

What Else Is Earth Mama Eczema Cream Good For?

A better question might be, “What is Earth Mama Eczema Cream not good for?” Of course, it’s FDA-approved for giving eczema relief. You’ll also find it’s pretty incredible for treating dry, itchy skin. Count it a superhero against bug bites, poison sumac, poison oak, poison ivy and contact dermatitis too. Essentially, it’s your skin’s new best friend.

But what we love most is that Earth Mama knows that we all want our children to be happy and healthy little humans. They know that nurturing mamas and their babies is a must to this happening, and they created this incredible eczema cream to be safe for babies and kids. It’s an herbal remedy that is steroid-free, which is important, as many dermatologists offer mamas steroids to remedy their wee ones’ eczema or skin contact dermatitis. There is no petrolatum whatsoever, and the fragrance-free cream offers rich, silky protection and relief for just about whatever ails the skin.

Another unique characteristic of Earth Mama’s Eczema Cream is its formulation without water. That’s right; it’s anhydrous. Because it is, they don’t need to include any emulsifiers or preservatives common in other eczema creams. Often, even in the ‘cleanest’ creams, you’ll find ingredients like sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate or phenoxyethanol (Gesundheit!), as they’re required with creams formulated with water. So, Earth Mama said, “No, way!” to those potential irritants when creating their skin protectant and relief cream.

Because Earth Mama makes their fragrance-free eczema cream like herbalists have been making creams since the dawn of time, the cream’s infusion of organic herbs and oils is literally salve to scratchy skin. It’s safe for all ages and stages of life—even during pregnancy.

Why Is Earth Mama Eczema Cream The One Cream Your Whole Family Needs?

Moms with littles  (or bigger kids too!) who suffer from eczema, or those who suffer from eczema themselves, know that it’s super hard to find a clean and green product that also works. With Earth Mama’s Eczema Cream, there’s now an eczema cream that’s safe and effective, and third-party certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 organic standard. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and that means that everything that goes on it affects us somehow. Earth Mama knows this, and uses their decades of expertise to treat eczema and other skin conditions without any steroids, petrolatum, fragrance or harsh artificial preservatives. Like their name implies—they value the earth and they value mamas (and their babes, too).

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Earth Mama: A Name You Can Trust

The natural product market is big these days, with many companies trying to get in on being ‘clean and green.’

But the original Earth Mama and founder, Melinda Olson, has been working to take care of mamas and babies since 2002. The principle tenet of Earth Mama’s mission is to do no harm, and every product in their line is made to take care of families as they take care of the earth. Earth Mama nurtures women and their families from pregnancy through postpartum, nursing and beyond. That’s the mission that has helped create this incredible tube of moisturizing skin protectant that provides immediate relief for itchy skin — and it’s safe for everyone in the family.

So, whether it’s their new Eczema Cream, their fantastic mineral sunscreen (one of our personal faves!) or their comfort care kits for loss mamas, you know that every intention behind Earth Mama is made with you in mind.

If you’ve been looking for an organic and effective treatment for eczema or other annoying skin issues, look no further. Earth Mama Eczema Cream has you covered!

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