Fashion Retailer Stops Offering Sample Dresses to Celebrities, Focuses on Underprivileged Girls Instead

Believe in Yourself is a charity that gives dresses to underprivileged girls.It’s tough to face all the pressure that comes with being a teen, particularly when you are underprivileged, and suffering from poor body image or cyber-bullying. One fashion retailer is working hard to empower young girls across the country.

Sam Sisakhti is the founder of UsTrendy, an independent (and largest in the country) fashion e-commerce site. Sisakhti says that he used to offer celebrities samples of his clothing, but a few years ago realized that celebrities have no issues buying things for special events. He knew that people in low-income areas did. He decided to go into some of those areas and drop sample dresses off. He says the girls would jump around like he was Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Who wouldn’t?

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What really made an impact on Sisakhti was that so many of the girls told him that the’d never had a new piece of clothing before, much less something appropriate for them to wear to school dances or special events.

That’s when he decided that there was a need for these girls, and others like them, to be able to have something to give them so they could feel a bit better about themselves, to believe in themselves. His charity, Believe in Yourself was born, and now donates brand new dresses to girls around the country for them to wear to their spring dances.Believe in Yourself founder Sam Sisakhti helps girls feel better about themselves.

Believe in Yourself also offers mentoring for anti-cyberbullying, and helps the families of girls to combat the financial pressures that come with feeling they have to continually be in style with new items each season. Saying that he wants to help promote positive body images for the girls and to arm them with skills to fight cyber-bullying, Sisakhti says that the girls who are registered in the Believe in Yourself system will receive dresses throughout the school year for their various school functions.

In return, the girls are encouraged to work toward academic goals and extracurriculars like dance, music and sports.

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His organization also brings in mentors to motivate the girls to believe in themselves, and to help give the girls tips and encouragement when it comes to negative body images and/or bullying. The mentors counsel the girls and offer advice for setting and achieving their goals and dreams.

Believe in Yourself welcomes donations — be it new, designer dresses, money to purchases dresses, or voices from strong, empowered women of various communities who want to make a difference in the lives of young, underprivileged women.

If you’d like to get involved with this supportive, caring community committed to making a difference you can visit their site and check them out!

Photo Credits: Believe in Yourself 

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