6 Tasty Freezer Meals to Prepare Before Baby’s Arrival

Here are six freezer meals to prepare ahead of time.The days after you have a bay can be a whirlwind, and the last thing you want to do is cook. Here are six freezer meals to prepare ahead of time.

Our family is expecting our fourth child in just a few weeks, and freezer meals are on my list of things to complete before my daughter’s arrival. After we had our third child, I realized how much stress it was to cook! My husband is home with me, but even he is tired after sleepless nights. We have three other children to feed breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is a lot of cooking!

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While it does require time out of your day to create these meals, it is going to reduce stress after Baby arrives!

Here are six freezer meals we already have in our freezer, waiting for the upcoming weeks.

1. Pancakes

Pancakes aren’t necessarily a meal, but my kids sure love them for breakfast. Pancakes freeze wonderfully! To reheat pancakes, put them into your toaster. Our toaster has a frozen selection. Within minutes, your pancakes are steaming and ready for your kids. If you have older kids, they can even put the pancakes in the toaster themselves, saving you some precious time!

2. French Toast

We love breakfast foods here, and who doesn’t love French toast? This prepping session, I made French toast sticks and whole French toast. The sticks are perfect for kids, especially our toddler. Who doesn’t love to dip? As with the pancakes, put them into your toaster on the frozen option. Doing so will crisp them up. Add some syrup and fruit. Yogurt on the side is the perfect addition for any of these two breakfast meals.

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3. Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowls

Let’s move onto lunch. I don’t know about you, but I am typically starving those first few weeks after birth. Your body needs fuel. The kids might survive on lunch meat sandwiches, but I need something extra.

That’s were chicken teriyaki rice bowls come in. They are individual lunch portions. You don’t have to make them with teriyaki. Instead, try whatever sauce is your favorite. I know some make buffalo chicken rice bowls or ground turkey rice bowls.

The steps are easy! All you need to do is cook rice. I used white, but you can use whatever type you like. Split it between however many containers you have. Then, dice up chicken and cook it in teriyaki sauce. Add whatever vegetables you want in your bowls. I selected a variety of veggies. Spoon the veggies and chicken over the rice and add sauce to each bowl.

To unthaw, you can microwave in the container you have them stored. You could also dump it out into a skillet and unthaw that way!

4. Chili

I try to avoid too much tomato sauce in the first few weeks. My babies often react from the acid in my breastmilk. However, chili is easy and delicious, especially if you make some cornbread.

We lucked out this time! My husband made chili for a Sunday dinner and made way too much! All we had to do was put it in a large storage container and right into the freezer. Plan to make chili one night for dinner and purposefully double your recipe to make a simple freezer meal.

  • You can do this with any soup too! I will make potato soup later this week and freeze in individual lunch portions. You can make vegetable soup, minestrone, or any other soup that you love!

5. Crockpot Creamy Ranch Chicken and Potatoes

Do you want a simple crockpot dump meal? Basically, you are going to put all of these ingredients into a freezer bag and stick in your freezer. When you decide it is time for it to be dinner, dump all of the frozen ingredients into the crockpot, turn it on, and have dinner in just a few hours.

Life in the Lofthouse has the perfect recipe. You might be tempted to make it for dinner tonight as well. Don’t worry; you don’t have to cook anything ahead of time. All you have to do is just put the uncooked ingredients into the slow cooker!

6. Oven Fried Chicken

I love fried chicken, but I don’t love the calories from the oil. Recently, we received an Air Fryer and love the results. One more meal that you can create ahead of time is oven fried chicken. Despite the name, you aren’t frying anything in oil. Whether you use the Air Fryer or bake in the oven, the results are close. The coating is crispy and delicious.

I plan to make a few more batches of these before baby comes. Make sure you either wrap each breast in plastic wrap or flash freeze before putting them into the freezer bag.

Don’t just stop your freezer prepping there! Some of my other ideas include dicing up potatoes for easy breakfast potatoes, breakfast burritos, homemade ham and cheese pockets, pizza dough, buttermilk biscuits and diced veggies for soups. The more you can do now, the less you have to do after baby arrives!

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