Get Cozy On Black Friday With 15% Off At Momcozy

Momcozy is committed to making life easier for new momsMomcozy’s products are designed with the goal of helping moms and babies spend more time cozying together. And, for Black Friday, they’re offering moms and moms-to-be a special discount on some of their most popular items.

The first days when baby is born are meant to be some of the most special for a mama. She and baby are learning about each other in an intimate way and the bond between the two is nurtured more with breastfeeding. Momcozy founder Atena Pan knows that new moms cherish support and Momcozy looks to support moms in their breastfeeding journeys with safe, high-quality products that are reasonably priced.

Momcozy also recognizes that life is busy. Really busy. Many moms also work outside of the home and continuing to make sure their baby is breastfed brings challenges when it comes to pumping and storage. Their product line is one that’s committed to making the journey of motherhood one that moms support each other in, and Momcozy helps share ways new moms can make each day work. And for Black Friday, you can save an extra 15% off by using the code BLACKFRIDAYMOM.Momcozy Double Breast pump has great suction

One of their bestselling products is in their pump line. Moms who regularly need to pump at the office or on the go find the Automatic Electric Double Breast Pump the perfect pump because it’s portable and productive! Moms find it easy to use–no fuss or muss–and powerful considering its attractive sizing. Best, the price makes it a no-brainer to have one at home and at the office, or wherever you’ll find yourself pumping. Lots of moms like their single pump for quick, powerful expression too.Momcozy nursing bra gives great mobility when pumping

We particularly love their Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra. The reality is that if you’re pumping, you’d rather not have precious time eaten up. The Nursing and Pumping bra lets you get the pumping done while you get other stuff done too. We adore how the innovative “X” structure of the bra really does hold bottles and the shield comfortably without squishy uncomfortability. A lot of moms we talked to shared that while they bought the bra because they wanted flexibility when they pumped, they found it to be their favorite nursing bra too when baby went to breast!

And because Momcozy knows that nursing products are often made more for function over form, they believe that neither has to be sacrificed when it comes to toting your pump. Whether you need a smaller, easy-to-carry pump bag like the Breast Pump and Diaper Backpack or you want something a bit bigger for travel and love their Carryall Breast Pumps and Diaper Diaper bag, you’ll find either fashionable accessories. Both are made with waterproof, tear-resistant materials that will see it through many children, and they’re designed with specific needs of moms.Momcozy backpacks are stylish and functional

The backpack has a pocket that is specifically designed for working moms who might need to bring laptops whenever she is on the go, and there are insulated pockets that will keep things cool or warm, so mama can share if she needs to be completely hands-free.Momcozy diaper bags give stylish options

The travel Momcozy Breast Pump and Diaper Carryall has 12 pockets (yes, twelve!) so you can make travel with your little one a breeze. All she’ll need will comfortably fit and there’ll be room to grow! The best part is that should you choose or have insurance that covers a different pump, Momcozy kept that in mind and made sure it will accommodate most major breast pump brands.The Momcozy stroller organizer keeps things at fingertips

And while you’re traveling, something you’ll want to make sure goes in your holiday cart is Momcozy’s Stroller Organizer with Cup Holders. We absolutely adore how easy to reach cups/bottles/whatever this stroller organizer makes it, and it’s a perfect organizer fit for most stroller bars. If you can’t wear baby, a functional stroller organizer bag is a must–no mama has time to be rifling through a million different things at the bottom of the stroller just to find her keys or phone!

What we love most about Momcozy is founder Pan’s commitment to making sure their product line is what mamas want. They tirelessly collaborate with moms to look at how to meet expectations for pumps and bras, and in a way that makes high-quality products affordable and accessible. Pan says that her goal is to support mamas in one of the most important times of their lives, and Momcozy certainly does so.

And since they’re all about sharing the love, they’ve given Mothering Readers an awesome 15% discount when you use the code BLACKFRIDAYMOM. So, take a few minutes to put something for YOU on your list, and take advantage of even more savings on these products you’ll love!

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