The Best Gifts For Kids Of All Ages

We've found the best gifts for kids of all ages!You know the old saying, “It’s better to give than receive.” We wholeheartedly believe that’s true, as there’s nothing like the joy of knowing you totally hit the mark when it came to giving the perfect gift.

But just how do you go about giving the perfect gift? How can you find the best gifts for kids of ALL ages and know that you’re choosing responsibly and ethically at the same time?

Easy! Just check out some of our favorite gifts for kids of all ages—moms and dads included. We’ve scoured the Interwebs and talked with mamas in our forums, as well as reaching out to companies who produce fun and unique items in responsible ways. We know there’s something for everyone on your list in the following items, so get ready for some joy-filled recipient’s faces!

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Best Gifts For Kids Of All Ages: Go Ahead, Guys!

Let’s face it. Coming up with stuff for men isn’t always that easy. We’re used to hearing, “I don’t need/want anything,” and while that’s often true for us as well, gift-giving is a lot of joy for the giver too. So, finding something that will spark joy in both you and the recipient often comes with a lot of research and investigation.

Until now. We’ve found a slew of things we think the partners/dads/brothers/sons/granddads in your life would love.


Okay, okay. We admit this one might be one that we secretly want too. But who doesn’t want a clean bottom that also saves the planet one square at a time? The TUSHY turns a regular potty into a luxe bidet in no time, and it saves trees, water and money in the process.

There’s no plumbing or electricity required and the TUSHY bidet attachment uses only a pint of water per use. Which is about 15 billion gallons of water a year with the average American pooping once a day. Compare that to 400 billion gallons of water, 15 million trees and 250,000 tons of bleach to make the 10 billion pounds of toilet tissue Americans use? Yes, TUSHY, please and thank you! Plus, every TUSHY bidet purchase helps give clean community toilets built by Samagra in India.

Plus, you can save 10% off with the code TOILET, and there’s free shipping too (with the code FLYTURKEY)!

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Man Crates Whiskey Appreciation Crates

Man Crates offer whiskey appreciation

Okay, we’re a little bit ulterior motive-y one on this too because we dig a sweet whiskey every now and then well. But the father/brother/friend/etc. in your life will love these high-quality gift sets that are crated in real wooden crates. They’ll have to use the provided crowbar to get into the crate (because good things are worth the work) and then you can reuse the crates as you choose. And, because this is a lovely whiskey appreciation crate, you can reuse the decanter as you choose too! If you’re looking for a Man Crate that decks the halls some, check out this seasonal jerky delight!

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Victorinox EvoWood Swiss Army Knife
This swiss army knife is one of the best gifts for kids of all ages

It’s about as traditional a gift as they come. Victorinox Swiss Army is still run by the fourth generation of the original Swiss Army Knife creators and the EvoWood knife features 12 functions for everyday adventures. There’s a small screwdriver, scissors, a nail file and a can opener, among other things (notice our trend on ulterior motive gifts?) and it’s the perfect addition to a keychain or the glove box for whatever adventure comes their way!

And, if the gift recipient is a sucker for that classic red with the Swiss Army symbol, how about wow them with the Multi-Tool SwissChamp Pocket Knife. Heck, with all the tools this baby has on it, buy one for yourself too!

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Leather Bifold Wallet from RAWHYDThis leather is made sustainably

Wallets are also a traditional holiday gift for many men, but let’s be really honest. Not all leather is appropriate to buy. When seeking leather products, it’s imperative that there is humane and responsible production. RAWHYD owner Aaron Hughes says that sustainably sourced products from local artisans are their key focus, and they are involved in every aspect of the tanning process. Most of the buffalo who are used for the leather are ones who’ve died of natural causes and families sell them to buy another for their day-to-day needs. AND Aaron gives 10% of their profits every month to orphanages in India that they partner with. This helps pay school fees for the orphans and that means an investment in local community as well.

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Tentsile T-Mini 2-Person Hammock

Tentsile offers the gift of fun and adventure in total comfort with this awesome 2-person double hammock. Perfect for weekend adventures or even backyard campouts with the fam, and we love that Tentsile plants 20 trees with partners around the globe every time a tree tent is sold. They’ve already helped plant over half a million trees, and they’re working their way to one million by 2021! The t-Mini is super easy to put up and take down, so it’s great for keeping in the back of the car and being ready for a little R & R anywhere! 
Welcome to one of the softest shirts you’ll ever feel. The founders of Two Blind Brothers make them so because the feel of something is so important, particularly when your sight is not as strong when shopping.

Bradford and Bryan Manning are visually impaired, and their charitable apparel brand, Two Blind Brothers donates 100% of the proceeds to curing blindness. You read that correctly—100% of their profits. They’ve overcome a childhood diagnosis of Stargardt disease and in the process, created a line of ultra-soft, feel-good items that include braille tags and make a difference in the world. Tell us you’re not inspired!

Welcome to the coolest new glass lens sunglasses! REVO was founded in 1985 and they revolutionized the eyewear industry with their crystal glass lens. Now, they’ve brought it back and they use signature NASA lens technology for unparalleled polarized protection. The 1985 line has six styles and we LOVE that the Arthur has a little buddy match in the Max! Seriously, is there anything cuter than matching sunglasses? Oh, also, is there anything better than protecting your eyes from harmful rays, as well as Blue Light and HEV Light? Nope, we agree!

Best Gifts For Kids Of All Ages: Gals Get It!

VIDBOX Video Conversion

A bit unconventional but will be nonetheless LOVED! We all have those boxes of old VHS, VHS-C and Beta tapes somewhere. And, we don’t want to lose those precious memories but we also don’t want to risk sending them off (and paying the money) to have them converted to digital files.

Which is where VIDBOX Video Conversion kits come in. You can transfer your VHS, VHS-C, Beta and other analog format videos to DVD and digital formats. At your house. On your own. Yes, you can!

You can even transfer cassette and vinyl records and this makes it easier to share all those precious memories too! Don’t let them deteriorate–now you can give the gift of converting and watch the memories go on forever!

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Memory MittensMemory Mittens keep your loved ones near

We adore this gift idea from Jack and Mary Designs. They’re fleece-lined for comfort and warmth, and they are handmade, but even better, they’re handmade from beloved materials. Yes, Jack and Mary Designs takes your loved one’s sweater and artfully recrafts into beautiful and warm mittens filled with love and memory. Jack and Mary Designs’s motto is “Wear It For The Planet,” and they take the concept of recycling and recrafting to a whole new level of love. They create Mommy & Me Mittens, Baby Beanie & Mitt sets and so much more, and you’ll have keepsakes to to continue love that’s never lost.

Why should the kiddos get all of the fun with gorgeously patterned rainboots? Lone Cone was started by a mama of three, who was tired of not being able to find great quality boots for her kids without having to go on marathon shopping sprees. Her goal was to create a product for kids that could come right to their door and be just as it claimed—good for her kids, adorable and durable. Plus, because she believes a life of service is a happy life, she wanted to be able to give back to her community and the world. She wants to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families and Lone Cone supports organizations that protect and heal the world to which we all belong.

Hence, Lone Cone boots for kids that turned into a line of apparel and accessories for kids and now women. They want to encourage families to share the love of being outdoors no matter the weather and these neoprene mud boots are the perfect gift for the gal who wants to focus on less inside and more outside! They’re waterproof and insulated, and the all-weather boots for kids will keep them warm and dry in the rain, snow, mud and muck too.

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Just launched in July of 2019, Brownstone & Main focuses on featuring and supporting products that are created by women throughout the United States. So, talk about being able to find the perfect gifts for women! Subscribers will receive high-quality and unique products every month. Products they can trust—that are all-natural and non-toxic and from a company that focuses on woman power and the environment. The boxes are products that are from women-owned small businesses, each with their own unique and fierce stories. And, profits from each box are used to donate to the Malala Fund. This fund works to ensure all girls and women around the world have the opportunity to an education.

Subscriptions to Brownstone & Main are opportunities to shop local and support women-owned businesses while also making a difference in the lives of others.

AJ’s Collection Sterling Jewelry

These beautiful and personalized gifts of sterling silver are hand-finished and sure to be a hit with all the moms, grandmoms, aunts and special women in your life. Each charm is customized with the names of your loved ones, or even your own name if you’d like to give yourself a treat. There are over 100 different charm patterns and designs, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit and you can have gorgeous Swarovski birthstones added as well for an extra unique touch. They’re made in the United States, and they’re a personalized gift to treasure.

Here’s a cool one for every busy woman (read: mama) in your life—TakeLessons. A TakeLessons Gift Membership lets anyone take private lessons for just about anything from the comfort of their own home and at their conveniences. You can learn how to play an instrument, dance to Hip Hop, play poker, code with JAVA, paint with oils, speak Japanese….there are hundreds of different lesson options, and a gift membership can be used to find a schedule and a teacher that works for you. Gift memberships are six months long and you can decide how much of the lessons you want to fund. It’s not just a go-to tutoring site–it connects students and professionals in an age where otherwise doing so might be difficult.

Best Gifts For Kids of All Ages: Play On!

Starlux Games

We are all about games that encourage kids to put screens away and get outside with some real-life interaction. That’s why Starlux Games are great for kids (and families). They’re glow-based games that are inspired by classics like Capture The Flag and sword fighting, with the extra fun element of glow being involved. They’re team-based games that have the whole family moving and grooving, and that’s always good for bodies and brains.

Created by former high school teacher Judd King, they’re designed to be engaging and dynamic—something kids would choose to put screens down for—and we love the whole family involvement opportunities.

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Guardian makes the safest kids bike with their Sure Stop Technology
It’s a gift as old as time for a kid–a new bike! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing fun and freedom decking the halls, and we love Guardian Bikes! They were created specifically to prevent head-over-handlebar accidents, and they have Sure Stop Braking that does this. It allows one brake lever to control both wheels and it can seriously save their lives. Founder Kyle Jansen says that at the core, Guardian Bikes are about kids enjoying the great outdoors and being safe while they do so.

You can find out the exact size you need with the RideSizer feature—a unique algorithm that is based on the inseam and physical attributes of thousands of similar children. The Original is lightweight with cool decals that were handpicked by kids at local elementary schools so they have the WOW factor. And we love that Guardian gives charitably, supporting community organizations and donating bikes to children in need in their community.

Say hello to a ton of fun in one tiny ball. The Sphero Mini Activity Kit comes with a Mini Sphero that lets kids learn how to drive it, play games and learn to code. There’s a cool construction kit that has activity cards, pins, cones and a robotic ball cover. Each STEAM-inspired activity card lets kids build mazes and design obstacle courses, all while they’re learning to code and have hands-on learning and play.

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OurShelves Book Box Subscriptions

This is a unique book box subscription founded by a mom who understood the importance of connecting young readers to inclusive stories that show the diversity of today’s many types of families. LGBTQ+ parent, public policy advocate and attorney Alli Harper and her wife Jenn Monti found after the birth of their first child that finding high-quality books representing their two-mom family and inclusive beliefs were hard to find. They believed they surely couldn’t be the only ones finding it difficult to come across such books, and now, the Curation Team with Our Shelves Book Box Subscriptions includes leading national experts on diverse children’s books. They offer books featuring LGBQT+, racially and ethnically diverse, feminist and other under-represented families and characters in subscription boxes that ship each quarter. The boxes also include cards with ideas for discussion and activities and they come in three age categories. Subscriptions start at $9.99.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radios

We love how much fun and how easy to use this series of two-way radios are. The smaller size is perfect for kiddos, and they’re an ah-mazing way for kids to keep in touch with mom and dad the (sort-of) old-fashioned way when they’re out and about in the neighborhood with friends. Not to mention, they’re tons of fun for kids to play with as they communicate in the great outdoors. They’re the perfect thing to take on weekend camping trips, and for families who have active lifestyles and lots of adventure, they’re great to give kids some fun independence without having to resort to cell phones. ( to cell phones for kiddos!) They have a 16-mile range (no, really!) and that means they’re even awesome for best friends to have and talk with each other old-school style!

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GraviTrax XXL  Starter SetGravitrax are hours of fun that's screen free

Say, “Hello!” to hours and hours of engaging screen-free time with this marble set that’s made with high-quality components! The innovative GraviTrax interactive track system lets kids design and build race tracks. They think they’re having fun and they are–but they’re also experimenting with magnetism, gravity and kinetics as well as developing critical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Oh, and we’re not kidding about the hours of time kids devote to creating the perfect tracks…over and over again!

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KiwiCo Maker Crates

You’re already familiar with the KiWiCo family, we’re sure. And now, the newest line to their family is Maker Crate. Maker Crate is dedicated to the discovery of new design and art tools and to growing creative confidence so it turns into artistic visions and design realities.

Perfect for kids 14-104, it lets a first-time crafter enjoy the crates as much as an experienced maker would. Teens will love the opportunity to experiment with new techniques, and they’ll draw inspiration from real designs that they take pride in when the project is finished.

Oribel VertiPlay Marble Run

Check out this modular design! It’s versatility lets kids create over and over, using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while they also work on the concepts of trajectory, speed and more. It sticks on the wall (bye-bye, clutter!)and it’s just like the wall marble run you know you can’t tear your kid from at the children’s museum, only it’s in YOUR house and you couldn’t care less how long she plays with it because it’s fun and educational! It is extendable well, so it can bring the whole family together building and challenging!

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