Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants To See This Season

We've got holiday gifts moms really want to see this Holiday seasonIf your family is anything like many of ours, you may be the one doing the bulk of the buying of the holiday gifts. And that means you’re buying for everyone.

Except maybe yourself, and when you’re asked, “What do you want?” you might find it hard to answer. We know; we’re so often so used to focusing on others, it isn’t our natural thing to focus on holiday gifts we’d actually like getting. That’s why we’ve combed our mama forums and looked into eco-friendly, natural gifts (many of which give back to their communities and the world at large). We’ve come up with a list of holiday gifts mom really wants to see this season, and we’ve already checked twice; you’ve been very, very nice. Let us repeat that. Very nice!

Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants To See: Gifts That Give Back

Always mothers at heart, we love when a gift gives back in the process of bringing joy. There’s a reason we’re investigators and label readers. We want to make sure that the products we buy for our families and ourselves are not just good and clean for us. We think globally, and we want the things we buy to matter to our environment at large. We want to buy from companies who give back, and we want our dollars to go to companies who take care of their employees and the world.

We want our gifts to come from businesses that make eco-friendly production and sustainability priorities. We want to support minority-owned businesses. We want to support small and local businesses. We want to support companies who have purpose in their passion and their products and we want the gifts we get to come from those kinds of companies too. Because let’s face it, even if it is someone else’s dollars doing the buying, we want them to make a difference to us and to the world.

Think Fairtrade When Gifting Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants

In a world where it seems like the almighty dollar is ever-increasingly gaining importance over people and their basic dignity and rights, we can make a difference with our money. Fairtrade products are always something we seek out when making our gift lists, mainly because if a gift is fair trade, you can be sure that the people who made it are being paid appropriately and you are helping build their lives with your support. Fairtrade International is an independent, third-party certification organization that betters the lives of farmers and workers in developing countries. You know, those countries who have children making dresses you find on Amazon for $2.98? Fairtrade International helps fight for those children, and the hardworking families and workers all over the world to ensure products are made responsibly. One of our favorite Fairtrade companies is Fairtrade America. They’re members of Fairtrade International, and they’ve partnered with five licensees this year to encourage ethical gift-giving. And, they’ve got all sorts of lovely gift ideas you can put on your list when your little people ask, “Mama, what do you want for Christmas?

In fact, this year, Fairtrade America partnered with several organizations to help promote more fair trade gifts in the holiday season. They include Conscious Step Socks (which work to end violence against women), Endangered Species Chocolate Bites and TrufflesNavitas Cacoa Powder,  Fran’s CaramelsKicking Horse Organic Coffee, and other goodies from the Fairtrade America shop.

Another one of our favorite fairtrade stores is Fair Trade Winds. We love that in addition to helping farmers and workers with fair wages, they have gift lines that give back in really meaningful ways. That’s the beauty of choosing fairtrade gifts–when you buy or receive fairtrade items, you’re also helping to address powerful missions all over the globe. We particularly love Fair Trade Winds’s commitment to helping human trafficking, as well as products that address gender equality, child labor and environmental issues.

And don’t forget to check out EarthHero, another fabulous company that believes choices make changes. We’re all in with that motto, and we love the selection of things you can put on any gift list. We love compostable phone covers, super soft Lyocell sleep bottoms and blue-light blocking glasses made from recycled materials to protect your eyes from screens. Ahem. Like right now.

Our dollars matter. When you’re making your wish lists, remember we are making a difference every day!

Our Favorite Holiday Gifts Mom Really Wants To See

Pour Le Monde Empower Eu De ParfumPour Le Monde is one of the holiday gifts moms really want this season

When I began my non-toxic lifestyle journey, one of the things I initially missed the most was good smells. Yes, yes, essential oils smelled great too, and yes, I know about all the toxins that adorn some of my favorite perfumes, but I admit. I missed smelling nice.

Until I’d been without synthetic fragrance in anything for so long that I realized how much it gave me headaches. And how bad it REALLY was for my body and my already increased breast cancer risks (my mom died from breast cancer). Not long ago, we had to go into a popular lotion and shower gel store and my little boy and I had to get out of there after just a few minutes because of the synthetic smells.

And that’s why I LOVE Pour Le Monde. Launched in 2013 by Wendi Berger, Pour le Monde started the clean perfume movement. When Wendi was pregnant, she couldn’t find natural perfumes that actually smelled nice, and so she created her own!

Pour Le Monde was the first certified Vegan and Cruelty-free fragrances on the market–approved by Leaping Bunny. As well, they were the first certified 100% natural fine fragrance on the market and the first fragrance company to be awarded BCorp Certification—a big deal for the natural beauty and fragrance industry. There are three scents and they ALL smell divine (my favorite is Empower, but Envision and Together are pretty fantabulous too). And we love, love, love that every SKU on each product sold benefits a different charity–every day of the year. They donate to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the National MS Society and Cancer Support, and they use FSC earth-friendly paper in packaging. They’re clean and green, safe for you and the world and they give back. Start sniffing away!

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Tola Classic Bag by Olori

The first thing that will draw you to this bag is how gorgeous and sleek it is. Handcrafted for Queens, the Tola Classic is your go-to luxury quality shoulder bag. Made of premium leather and African textile, it has lots of space and lots of style. We love that the pockets are made with traditional textiles from Nigeria, called Aso-oke. Aso Oke means ‘Top -Cloth’ in English and is typically used at weddings and ceremonies of significance by the Yoruba people in Nigeria.

But what we love most is their mission to give. Specifically to girls in Africa who are denied the basic right to education. Olori means Queen, and they believe every little girl has one in her. They partner with local organizations across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia and India to give tuition to underprivileged girls. Every time you purchase one of these gorgeous bags, you help fund that effort too!


AeroGarden Harvest EliteAn AeroGarden makes a great gift for moms

Hey Mamas! Say hello to fresh herbs all year long with the AeroGarden Harvest Elite! No sun? No problem. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is compact and has a gorgeous stainless finish so it can sit on your counter all winter long and you barely lift a finger. Yet, magically, you have fresh herbs and veggies (or flowers, even!) right at your fingertips as the Harvest Elite’s grow light hood contains 20 watts of white, red and blue LED lights. This gives your plants the full spectrum of sunlight they need to grow, and grow quickly, weather be darned!

We love the automatic timer that sets the lights on and off at the right time, and honestly, the AeroGarden even reminds you when you need to add the water and liquid plant food to keep the plants thriving. Going away for the holidays? There’s a vacation mode for that too. You know you’ve always wanted to have delicious tomato basil salad in the middle of winter, and now you can. Heck, plant some flowers to go with it, and give yourself a super treat!

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EarthLove Subscription BoxThis EarthLove Subscription box is full of goodies for mom

So what’s a holiday without subscription boxes? More and more, they’re the way to go as they’re the gift that keeps giving. And we have to say, there are some pretty amazing boxes out there! EarthLove comes quarterly, and they feature full-size products that are sustainable and eco-friendly–all focusing on brighter futures for the world. They have awesome reads–my box included The History of Bees, and so many other awesome organic and natural products. Best, there are some really cool eco-tips, and all mama has to do is sit back and relax, waiting for the next shipment to come and bring her delight all year long! Oh, and each box gives back to environmental causes, so you can feel good about sitting back and relaxing!

Epson Eco-Tank ET-2760 PrinterNow mom can print all her pictures eco-friendly

How many pictures do you take? Of your kids, your family…your events—life in general. You take a ton, right? But how many do you print? Not so many, we bet. That’s why we love the new Epson Eco-Tank line! Not only does this baby make it super easy to print that adorable pic right off your phone, it does it in an eco-friendly way! Forbes says that Americans throw away HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of laser cartridges and almost 2 billion cartridges each year. The ET-2760 is cartridge-free printing. The supersized ink tanks will last up to two years, and one set of replacement bottles is equal to approximately 80 individual cartridges. Think about allllll those cartridges you’re saving from hitting our landfills up, and you’re doing so in an efficient and inexpensive way too. Using the ET-2760 means you’ll spend as little as a penny per COLOR age vs. $.20 with ink cartridge printers. The print quality is excellent, and you can finally, finally print quickly and easily without really doing much of anything but pushing some buttons. It’s a win-win!

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Last year, we fell in love with CocoKind and their amazing Turmeric Spot Treatment. We can’t rave enough about their Facial Repair Organic Serum, and know that mamas will go wild for it too. In fact, there’s nothing in their power-packed product line that you won’t go ga ga for, and anything you get helps provide financial grants to female entrepreneurs. CocoKind works to encourage sustainable industries who are committed to creating social impact through businesses, but in that process, they make kick-ass beauty care products we can’t get enough of. Just go ahead and put them all on your list. You’re not going to be disappointed!
This one may be one the whole family fights over, but you’re gonna want to claim it as yours. It’s super fun and it’s a great way for you to work on enhancing your core (make the time for yourself, mama!) in a unique way. The others in your family will want to work on spins and tricks, or maybe even a way to beat the fatigue of standing at their desk. Your kids will develop motor skills while they burn some energy off, but we love that everyone in the family will clamor to use it instead of stick themselves in front of screens. The Whirly Board moves in all directions, so it’s more challenging than other balance boards but it’s also more fun too.
Creator Erik Olsen made the first one by cutting a bowling ball and a pool ball in half, and then attaching those pieces to an old skateboard flat. And they’re guaranteed for a lifetime, so that means the fun doesn’t ever have to end!
Created by celebrity actress/entrepreneur Alexa Fischer, each Wishbeads bracelet comes with a small slip of paper. Wishbeads encourage you to visualize something you really want. Write down your wish. Roll it up. Tuck it inside the bracelet’s secret compartment. Wear it as a daily reminder to stay focused, take action, and create what you want.
Psychologists tell you there is power in purposing and intending wishes and dreams, particularly in writing. Wishbeads are daily reminders of a sort of contract you make with yourself, and there’s power in reminding yourself that you are determined. Wishbeads help you focus on creating the life you want. They come in beautiful colors: rose quartz, lapis lazuli, Amethyst and more, and they’re a perfect gift for mamas to remember they’re people too.

Victorinox Laptop Backpack

You may think they’re just Swiss Army Knives, but Victorinox also has watches and travel gear we love too! One of our favorites in the mama forum is the Victorinox Laptop Backpack. It’s perfect for going out and about with computer gear or baby gear, or a little bit of both. It’s soft and functional, but fashionable and fun too. Victorinox is a family-owned business since 1884, and the passion of their employees is what lets them create products that we love because they love them too.

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Your Night Sky Star MapThe Night Sky Map is a beautiful celebration piece

We love this unique and personal gift for mamas. With The Night Sky, you can create a star map of a night that’s special to mom. Wedding, birth of babies…even a precious memorial for those who’ve gone on, this beautiful 18″ x 24″ map of that night will be one of the most memorable gifts mom will receive. This is one of those gifts you always want to do, but never get around to doing. Take reading this as the sign to send it to someone to order for you right now. Better yet? Treat yourself. You’ll never regret always knowing what the night your heart changed forever looked like.

This is a perfect agenda for 2020 moms
Is there anything better than getting a new agenda for a new year? We think not, and yet…we balk at picking them out and spending the money, don’t we? That’s why My Infinite Agenda is a great holiday gift for mom. It has space for all of life’s day-to-day obligations, and we love the section prompts that helps keep you focused. It can be like a gratitude journal, a vision board and a goal-maker all in one! And, depending on the colors you choose, 5% of the profits from the sales go to various charities. Look at you already making differences in the lives of people in the new year.

Mamapod is a new carrier that was designed by mama and technical engineer Cindy Wang. After an exhausting trip to Disney, she decided she’d use her skills to create a carrier that offered proper load distribution and extra lumbar support for mama. As well, the Mamapod has a foldable seat so baby can be seated comfortably and appropriately for hip development, and a breathable inner mesh layer for comfort even on hot days. The leg openings are adjustable so you can make sure they’re the perfect fit and size for baby and there’s a support pole that’s detachable in case you’re carrying baby and standing for long periods of time (say, Disneyland).

Send succulents for the holidays
Moms want a little bit of sunshine each day and doggone it, if they didn’t have to work so hard for it, that’d be nice too. That’s why we love these subscription boxes from They’re a small business based in California and they offer five monthly subscription boxes to brighten days up with easy-to-care-for plants. And, we love that they are all about sustainable development and taking care of the earth. They are part of a “Buy a plant, plant a tree,” with One Tree Plant in the fight against deforestation in the world.
Succulents are easy to grow and maintain and they come in some pretty amazing colors. More, they’re small and easy to fit just about anywhere, and they are nice decorations in decluttered environments for some peace and calm. Because what mama isn’t looking for that during the holidays?
We love to rave about these fun boots because we adore them. Lone Cone works with local artists in Boise, Idaho (where they’re based) to come up with one-of-a-kind designs that we can’t get enough of. They are super for rainy days, gardening days or basically any day you’re feeling like making a fun statement with your footwear. Mostly, though, we love the mission of Lone Cone. They are a company that’s all about families getting out and about and doing stuff together, no matter the weather. To the folks at Lone Cone, service is a way of life and they want to focus on making an impact in the lives of children and their families. They support organizations that work to protect and heal the world, and they donate boots, backpacks and lunchboxes in their community as they aim to serve others. Yes, please. We’ll take all the designs!
You know how awesome it is when you find a shoe that you love and would wear every day of the week (and twice on Sundays)? Be prepared to have maybe found it! Oka-B is based out of Buford, Georgia and their Livari ballet flat is one that comes from a purpose of fit, style and sustainability. Oka-B believes in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste. And if you end up returning your well-loved/worn Oka-B shoes to their factory, they’ll recycle those babies too. They’re comfortable and made well, and they go with just about anything.
Plus, Oka-B’s Livari was made in partnership with Still She Rises. These limited edition ballet flats are soft, comfortable and easy to wear. $5 from every purchase of the Livari Ballet Flat will be given to Still She Rises, Tulsa.
Did you know that women are the fastest-growing prison population in the U.S., with Oklahoma leading this trend at twice the national rate? Still She Rises goes to the ground zero of this crisis, bringing the model of holistic defense to the women of North Tulsa.

Still She Rises is the first holistic defense office in the country dedicated exclusively to the representation of mothers in both the criminal and civil legal systems. And these shoes help fund that worthy cause.

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