How to Minimize Closets With These 5 Kids’ Organic Clothing Brands

These Kids' Organic Clothing brands will help you minimalize your closetThe Marie Kondo method has infiltrated homes everywhere, and moms are purging, sorting, and folding with the fury of 1,000 suns. For many of us, this tidying up will only last but a short time because life gets the best of us and old habits die hard.

However, you can help keep your kids’ clothing clutter to a minimum with a few simple tricks and some amazing organic clothing brands to give you high-quality clothing that will last.

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One thing we know with kids is that they can run through clothes quickly. Playtime is messy and fun, but that means you need clothes that will last through several washes. In addition, you don’t want all the pesticides from unsustainably sourced cotton or any synthetic blends covered in fire retardant covering your child. You want something that is safe for them and that you know was manufactured in sustainable and environmentally conscious ways.

But do clothing brands like this even exist?

The short answer is yes. There are several kids organic clothing brands out there that are sustainably sourced that also are high enough quality that they will last through the spit-ups, the rough and tumble play, and the nature exploration (i.e., sensory play in mud anyone?).

Five Kids’ Organic Clothing Brands You’ll Love

1. Hanna Anderson

Hannah Anderson’s clothing is well-established in the organic clothing world and it isn’t without reason. Their clothes withstand the test of time and are kid- and mom-approved for playtime. The best part? Their kids clothes go all the way to 14 years, which is hard to come by in the organic kids clothing realm.


PACT has your essentials- onesies, socks, and toddler clothing- that gets you back to basics. They are committed to sustainably sourced clothing and are environmentally friendly in their manufacturing.

3. kate quinn organics

For kids up to  eight-years old, this organic cotton and bamboo line of essentials will have feeling connected to Mother Earth. Each piece has soft, earthy tones and simple designs making it a perfect addition to your essentials list.

4. L’oved Baby

If you have a child with sensitive skin, this line is for you. L’oved Baby uses no synthetic dyes, GMOs, formaldehyde, or heavy metals are used in any of their clothes. Sizes are from newborn to 2T.

5. Colored Organics

Another great line for your basic essentials and for older kiddos, Colored Organics offers cute and silly graphic tees with meme-worthy sayings as well as your basic essentials. With sizes up to 12 years old, you can clothe your children for years to come.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Clothes to a Minimum

It happens quickly and without us even realizing it, but before we know it we have so many clothes for our kids that we can’t even close their drawers. You might not be able to keep your child’s shirts folded exactly the way Marie Kondo would suggest but you can at least keep the clothing down to a minimum with these simple tricks:

  • 8 of everything for one child– 8 pairs of pants, 8 shirts (long- and short-sleeved), 8 dresses, and 8 pairs of socks. This gives your child at least one piece of clothing per day along with an extra piece for good measure.
    • If you have babies, up your clothing game to 12 pieces each. We have all been there with poop explosions and major spit ups, and the worst thing is not having any clothes to cover that sweet baby because they are all in the wash!
    • If you have some super active toddlers, try 10 pieces of each.
  • Set a day for laundry– Instead of waiting until you run out of clothes to do the laundry, establish a few days per week where you run the kids clothes- maybe Wednesdays and Saturdays- so you don’t find yourself without any underwear.
  • Buy high quality, kids organic clothing brands- Purchasing high-quality brands might seem expensive at first but it is actually much more cost-effective. You end up spending less because you aren’t purchasing several upon several “cheap” brands, and you aren’t replacing items over and over again because your first purchase actually lasts.

Research has shown that clutter can give parents anxiety, and our kids sure don’t help with the mountains of stuff they seem to accumulate over the years. But with less money spent on replacing tattered clothes you can use that money for activities, adventures, and learning experiences instead which is a win-win for both parents and kids.

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