How to Homeschool During the Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to make room for memories.

The holidays are the perfect time to make memories with your children. Homeschooling allows families a great deal of freedom to create a flexible and fun schedule during the festive season.

Christmas, and the time leading up to it, is my  favorite time of the year. It’s more than just the meaning of the holiday, even though it’s rather special to us (we are a faithful Christian family). The holidays also give us the opportunity to make memories with our kids, and homeschooling allows us the flexibility during this busy, joyous time.

There are so many ways that you can create memories while homeschooling during the holidays. Sure, you need to cover the basic topics, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fun! Hot chocolate can accompany reading time, and you can create popcorn strings with the kids for the Christmas tree.

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My kids love spontaneous snow days. After the first official snowfall, we take the day off from school and drink hot chocolate. The kids go outside to play, even if it is only in an inch or two of snow. The day is full of excitement and contentment. Memories are worth the abrupt schedule change!

Here are some simple ways to have fun this year:

  • Make popcorn and cranberry strings for the tree.
  • Dehydrate orange slices (can be done in the oven) to string on the tree or decorate.
  • Bake cookies for the neighbors.
  • Read holiday related books several times each week.
  • Include hot chocolate or other hot beverages with their studies.
  • Take a break from the day to visit a local holiday attraction.
  • Create their special holiday books.
  • Make felt or salt dough ornaments for the Christmas tree.
  • Memorize holiday related poems.
  • Watch a holiday-related movie each day!

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Most of my kids’ favorite things don’t involve spending extra money. We have the items needed right in the house. All we have to do is come up with the ideas. It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate. This time of year is the perfect time to make simple memories with your children.

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