How To Pick The Best Dog For Your Family

Here are some tips on how to pick the best dog for your family!October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month, and if your little one has been begging for a puppy playmate, this is a great time to give in! Here are some tips on how to pick the best dog for your family!

We are allergic to dogs. Everyone in my family, that is. And ironically, my dog is allergic to us. Yep, my old golden gets allergy shots, and in her serum is human epidermis! Crazy, that we are both allergic to each other and yet, couldn’t imagine our lives without the other.

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Because that’s just what the relationship between dogs and their families is like. Pups are furry family members, and enrich the quality of our lives ever so much. If you think now is the time for bringing a dog into your family, you are right! (Spoiler: I think anytime is the right time!)

Our friends at PetGuide.Com have some great articles for looking at the best dog for your family, but here are a few things to think about as you decide.

Because it’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, you should know that about 3.3 million dogs are in shelters across the country, and are looking for their forever homes. Many states are looking at banning the sale of bred dogs in pet stores, as they hope to encourage more shelter dog rescues, and though I am biased, I have to say I agree. My dogs have all been rescues, even though some have been pure-bred (yes, you can get pure-bred rescues from shelters!) and I highly encourage you and your family to look into shelters and rescue groups when looking for a new member of the family.

Also consider a few things…even though I want to clear shelters of their dogs and cats by ensuring they all have good homes, I know that sometimes, our fervor for that cute puppy with the big brown eyes gets overlooked until that puppy comes home and reality sets in. Think about things like whether the dog will be alone a lot of the time, whether your family’s activity level matches the activity level of a prospective dog, and whether the prospective dog is okay with children, regardless of how adorable he or she looks.

Always get temperament information, and ensure the shelter dog is one that matches the personality of your family.

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And then, be prepared to love. I sometimes feel guilty that my son’s allergies may be somewhat exacerbated because we live with our dogs, but I watch him play with them and love them every day and my heart swells. His quality of life is better with them in it, and so is mine.

So, do your research, but let the tails wag! There’s no time like the present and remember, adopt!

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