How to Start a Local Moms’ Group

 Starting a local moms' group helps mothers build friendships with like-minded people.Many moms feel lonely or isolated at some point in their mothering lives. Starting a local moms’ group helps mothers build friendships with like-minded people.

Becoming a parent is a struggle, and mothers often feel lonely and isolated. Even when your family surrounds you, no one seems to understand the day-to-day problems we face. Childless friends may drop out of contact, leaving you wondering if motherhood will consume your entire life forever.

Instead of isolating ourselves, starting a local moms’ group will help meet your need for community and parenting support. It’ll encourage long-term connections with other parents in your area. You can find and grow friendships with moms, while your children get to find friends and enjoy their company as well.

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If you are interested in learning how to start a local moms’ group, here are some helpful tips:

1. Go Online

Social media gives moms a place to chat together without having to meet all the time. Work schedules, school, and extra-curricular activities make that hard, so Facebook groups are a good choice.

2. Start with People You Know

Most moms are happy to join a local group, especially if you first start the group on social media. Friends allow you to start the base of your group and you don’t have to break the ice with them. Once you invited people you know, encourage your friends to invite their friends.

3. Find a Meeting Location

If you are only meeting up with a few moms, rotating homes will be an easy place to meet. For larger groups or first-time meetings, you might want to consider a public location. A church might offer a room, or your local library could have rooms available. As your group grows, you will need to find a spot to meet up, so everyone is comfortable with room to move.

4. Encourage Moms to Participate

You can’t do it all! Ask moms to lend a hand by offering their home, providing snacks, making up crafts for the children, and more.

5. Have Child Free and Child Included Events

Some mothers want to have child-free time, and others lack babysitters, so they need meetings that include children. Offering both types of meetings gives all moms a chance to get out and meet with friends.

6. Set Rules

As your group expands, some general rules may be a good idea. For example, if you want to have meetings each week at one specific place, they may charge a fee. That fee should be divided amongst the group. It can be a yearly or monthly fee to pay for space, and the fee could include snacks as well. The rules also might include posting pictures on social media and the distribution of tasks.

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7. Try Different Activities

A meet up to drink coffee and eat snacks is always enjoyable, as long as the conversation flows. Your group can also try different activities together. Some activities include:

  • Swimming
  • Paint and sip
  • Baby and me dance class
  • A guest speaker
  • Visiting a local restaurant
  • Book discussions
  • Attending a local concert
  • Watching a play

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