“I Am A Proud Mom” Campaign Kicks Off To Encourage Mamas

Pride Socks has launched an amazing campaign to celebrate mamas.All too often there is so much judging in the life of a mom. A new campaign from our friends at Pride Socks has just launched, and we love that it challenges us to get in front of the camera with our kids, and tell people why we are proud moms.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Rachel Smith who is the founder of Pride Socks. I’ll be sharing the story of her company, and her message behind Pride Socks later this week, but could not WAIT to share the new campaign she’s launched in an effort to support moms everywhere.

Rachel and I talked about how critical moms can be sometimes — of other mothers and of ourselves. We also talked about how precious the moms in our lives were, and how sad it was once they were gone that there are far too often only a few pictures for surviving children to look back on.

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That’s when Rachel told me that she was introducing the #Iamaproudmom campaign! She says that she hears moms all over the place say they never get in front of the camera because of this insecurity or that feeling of inadequacy, and she also says that she hears moms with grown kids share the hindsight of wishing they’d been in pictures with their kids because they were beautiful, and now their children don’t have many pictures of those precious memories.

#Iamaproudmom encourages mothers to come together to celebrate their stories. Stories of love and strength, and mostly, of the pride in being a mom. She says that she guarantees someone needs to hear your story, as much as you want to be able to relate to other mamas, and I totally believe this!

Rachel’s mission with Pride Socks is to inspire people to be proud of themselves, and to encourage them to be encouragers for other people, so we can enjoy the community that we share as humans. The #Iamaproudmom campaign is one that she wants to challenge moms to get in front of that camera for! Yes, that’s right. YOU get in front of the camera! Get in front of it, and show your story — tell what makes you proud of being a mom, but mostly, share a memory that you and your child will always have!

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The stories will be posted on both PrideSocks’s Instagram and Facebook pages, and you can connect using the hashtags #Iamaproudmom and #pridesocks. They want to know your story, no matter how big or small you think it is, and they want to connect you with other amazing mamas who are sharing theirs.

So get out there. Do it. Take the picture and stand in front of the camera! I want to see you too! Rachel is also providing a code (proudmom–20% off!!) for those who are interested in her awesome Pride Socks, and seriously…they will rock your socks off!

Photo: Pride Socks/Instagram

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