The Importance Of Lying-In After Your Baby Is Born

Earth Mama Organics wants to bring Lying-In backThe time after a baby is born is some of the most intimate and special bonding time mothers and babies have. And while much of the focus is on the needs of the new baby, the folks at Earth Mama Organics believe in the principles of an old tradition that focuses on both Mama and baby: Lying-in.

In European days of old, lying-in was the period of time after a baby was born for a mother to rest and recover, while bonding with her new baby. The time ranged from two weeks to sometimes up to two months, and involved those in a new mother’s life coming to support and take care of her while her body recovered and she formed the priceless bond with her baby.

Lying-in allowed a mother to focus on herself and her baby, and while today’s busy lifestyles don’t always lend themselves to such beneficial practices, Earth Mama Organics believes that there is space for a modern mama to have the benefits of postpartum healing — and they want to bring the concepts of Lying-in to today’s moms.

Earth Mama Organics is already well-known for their effective herbal care of mothers—from pregnancy to baby care, and even the loss of a baby. Created by a mother/nurse/herbalist/superwoman, the company knows that the needs of a postpartum mother are often put on the back burner in the name of caring for a newborn. But mamas need to take care of themselves as well — and that involves a lot of help from family, friends and their community.

To do so, they’ve created a free Lying-in plan that you can customize and use based on your opportunity to do so. We love that some of the recommendations for postpartum mamas to heal their bodies and souls are to simply stay in bed—pants-less, preferably (as they realize that if you’re wearing pants, you’re more likely to get out of bed and do something!) and stare at and fall in love with your baby.Lying-in is precious time for you and your baby

More, we love that they want the practice of Lying-in to make a statement, particularly in busy America where the sacred work of motherhood is not given the credit it’s due. Earth Mama Organics says that much like breastfeeding in public, lying-in will show that the work of a new mother is just as important as any other job (if not more!) and that the time in the early minutes, hours and days of a baby’s life are crucial for baby’s development.

Best, Earth Mama understands the needs of a body to recover during a Lying-in and how important clean healing products are. Whether you’ve had an episiotomy or wounds need healing, or you’re dealing with soreness, bruising or hemorrhoids, they make several clean and toxin-free products that will make your lying-in more comfortable and restorative.

One of the first things Earth Mama recommends right after baby’s birth is to have a cup of their Organic Periodic Tea. It’s created specifically to jump start mama’s recovery after she delivers, and they recommend you drink a cup within an hour after delivery. Additionally, it’s a must to help with postpartum and menstrual hormones (let’s face it, hormones are no joke!).Earth Mama Sitz Bath products make lying-in easy

With their Organic Herbal Sitz Bath you can also create “padsicles”: herb-soaked pads that you freeze ahead and apply wherever you have soreness and swelling. And of course, they make heavenly baths for relaxation and restoration.

Earth Mama knows that even in during lying-in, you’ll need to take bathroom breaks, and we all know the first ones can be somewhat uncomfortable. For those first trips or for quick cooling, they have an Herbal Perineal Spray. You’ll find you’ll use this more often than you thought it would! Bonus: it sprays while upside down.

With that, you might find their Organic Perineal Balm another staple as it soothes the ache and soreness that often comes with helping a human onto this earth. As you’re lying-in, we recommend you keep it bedside, and massage as you need.Earth Mama Organic products are the best for lying-in

And should you be spending your Lying-in recovering from a C-section or other surgical issues, their Organic Skin & Scar Balm was specifically created to help calm and bring comfort to inflamed rashes, burns and stretch marks. I used this balm (formerly known as the C-Mama Healing Salve) after my second C-section, because the first was an emergency and had left some pretty noticeable scarring. I couldn’t believe what it did for both my new scarring and the old, and it too stays on in our medicine cabinet for rashes/cuts and burns to this day.

So, check out their Lying-in plans. Claim your time—for you and your baby, and bring restoration to your body and soul as you two spend this amazing time together!

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