In Photos: Tourist Gives Birth in The Red Sea With Partner’s Help

These photos depict the moments right after a tourist gave birth to her baby in The Red Sea. At first glance, the birth seems unplanned — the mama-to-be is wearing swim goggles and a bikini, after all.

But according to reports, the woman gave birth with the help of her partner and doctor specializing in water births — definitely planned.

The photos of Dad and Doctor escorting the newborn out of the water went viral after they were taken in the town of Dahab, Egypt. According to the Daily Mail, photos were taken by Hadia Hosny El Said from her uncle’s balcony.

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Not only a popular tourist destination, Dahab is also becoming more and more popular with pregnant women who want a seawater birth.

Check out some more photos here:

At first glance, the birth seems unplanned.

Photo Credits: CEN/Facebook

4 thoughts on “In Photos: Tourist Gives Birth in The Red Sea With Partner’s Help”

  1. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that the older gentleman in the photograph is Igor Charkowsky from Russia, who pioneered water births and helped women give birth in the Black Sea in Crimea. I was fortunate to work with him in the mid 1980s while I was doing research on my book “WATER BIRTH: A MIDWIFE’S PERSPECTIVE”. He travels to many parts of the world teaching about water births and baby gymnastics. A truly remarkable man.

  2. This is so confusing on so many levels. The mother is wearing bikini bottoms and has washboard abs. Also, the 2 men are holding the baby, and the mom looks like she just came in from snorkeling. Something doesn’t seem right. It is beautiful if it’s true.

  3. The cord doesn’t look realistic either, not a hint of vernix or funny shape to the head. Why are her postpartum abs a different color?

    I don’t want to spoil the fun here, but I’ve heard of legionnaires disease, several babies have died from it, which comes with exposure to tainted tap water during water birth. Isn’t the ocean a giant sewer/graveyard–so wouldn’t that be even higher risk? I’m amazed at how many water births there are, I thought I would birth in water but I couldn’t believe how stuffy/hot it was during labor. And there was nothing to hold onto in the tub for contractions, so I’m not sure how other moms love it. I’m guessing it’s mostly comfortable for quick labors and births where there’s no back labor like I had. Actual birthing felt good, I didn’t need to be comforted during it, and everyone I’ve met also says pushing’s the best part.

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