Incredible En Caul Birth Photos Go Viral (Because They Are AMAZING!)

Amazing en caul birth photos have gone viral!A group of breathtaking en caul bphotos are  are making the Interwebs’s rounds, and it’s no wonder–the pictures are amazing and show what life is like seconds before a baby is born.

A talented Brazillian birth photographer was able to capture some incredible pictures of a beautiful baby boy named Noah as he entered the world. The pictures that Janaina Oliveira took weren’t your every-day birth photos, though, as sweet Noah’s pictures were en caul birth photos showing him still inside his amniotic sac as he was delivered.

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His mother Monyck Valasco also posted the incredible pictures on her Facebook account, and as one might imagine, the breathtaking pictures have gone viral, in their hometown of Vila Velha, Brazil and the world!

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Noah was born via-c section, after what Monyck called a tough pregnancy, and she was just thankful that Noah didn’t arrive too early. Once she saw the pictures, though, of what Noah’s world looked like right before he entered hers, she was overcome and her emotion showed in her Facebook posts.

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E para encerrar o mes de janeiro, chegou o Matias, meu netinho do coração e tambem em um parto empelicado, o terceiro di ano de 2019, com Dr @rafaelangeloavancebaggieri e Dra @ariellekirmse , lindo lindo lindo! Quanta emoção e que presente de Deus !!! Gratidao 🙏 ❤️❤️❤️ @janabrasilfotografia . . . . #photostv #hospitalpraiadacosta #birthtour #birthlover #birthwithoutfear #cesareanbirth #cesareanwithoutfear #photographerbirth #NascerEs #fotografiadenascimento #nascimento #revistacrescer #fotografiadeparto #iapbp #birthphotogs #fotosnamaternidade #fotoscomamor #janabrasilfotografia #cesarea #cesareahumanizada #fotografosdoes #fotografiadeparto #partoempelicado #babypix #bebesempelicados #fotoscomamor #bebes #gestantes

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The amazing thing (aside from the pictures, of course!) is that this is not the first time Oliveira has taken pictures of babies born en caul. In fact, in just a month alone, the local media claims that Noah was one of three babies born en caul at the Praia da Costa Hospital, and Oliveira took the birth pictures of all three: Matais, Noah and baby Laura.

It’s no wonder the pictures have gone viral–it’s truly not every day that even in c-sections, babies are still in their amniotic sacs (though I would be remiss if I didn’t say that it seems there are a lot of c-sections at this hospital!). Seeing a glimpse into our little one’s world before they enter this bigger one is truly miraculous!


Photos: JanaBrasilFotografia/Instagram

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