Kids Sue Trump Over His Effort to Roll Back Clean Power Plan

Two kids are suing President Trump and Cabinet Members, Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt.Two children have decided they’ve had enough of Trump’s efforts to pull back environmental protection legislation in the name of ‘climate skepticism’ and are suing President Trump and Cabinet Members, Rick Perry and Scott Pruitt.

In case you’re not up to date, Rick Perry is the Energy Secretary, and Scott Pruitt is the Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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The children, seven and eleven-years-old, are being supported by the Clean Air Council, which helped them file the lawsuit in the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The ‘plaintiffs’ filed their claim based on the ‘fake news’ and ‘junk science’ that they believe the Trump administration has been utilizing to undo climate regulations, saying the roll backs will be a threat to the children and their fellow citizens.

The eleven-year-old says that his asthma is aggravated by climate change, and that the Defendants’ actions are causing increased damage to him. The seven-year-old plaintiff also has medical problems that include allergies, nosebleeds and vomiting that are attributed to the climate, and will continue to get worse under Trump’s effort to pull back on environmental protection legislation.

The plaintiffs maintain that the government’s actions to roll back regulations that addressed climate change will only bring more severe and frequent weather and climate conditions that will endanger their lives.

The Clean Air Council says the children are passionate about protecting their environment.

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Joseph Minott is the Clean Air Council Executive Director and Chief Counsel, and he says that they will not allow the president and his agencies to destroy the environment and ignore climate science and documented facts. In fact, he says that it’s time to hold the federal government accountable for their actions and to fight back.

There has been no comment from the Trump administration about the lawsuit.

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