You KNOW You’re a Natural Parent When…


You're a natural parent when

Crunchy, granola, hippie, green, normal — whatever you want to call it — you just might be a Naturally Minded Mama if… 

Well, let’s take a step back for a second. What exactly does it mean to be a Naturally Minded Mama? Well, most crunchy moms identify as crunchy, granola, hippie, or green if they are focused on creating a safe, healthy environment for their children and themselves. They often use sustainable and reusable products. They don’t use things that are laden with chemicals and preservatives. Their children are fed natural and organic foods that aren’t processed. Naturally Minded Mamas usually are the ones that are researching food labels and packaging labels, and trying to find the best, safest, and cleanest products for their babies, themselves, and their homes.

Does that mean crunchy moms all have giant compost bins outside their homes, sewn their own clothes, or don’t wear deodorant? No. Most crunchy moms still participate in the luxury of our first-world society but they do so in a smart and responsible way that not only protects their family but also protects the environment.

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Crunchy, granola, hippie, Naturally Minded Mamas — we consume and utilize products that are produced in a sustainable way with organic ingredients as much as possible. Many of us have done our research on the dangers of phtlatates, BPA, preservatives, chemicals, dyes and GMOs. We know that consuming or utilizing products like these can cause cancer, depression, ADHD, mental and physical diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity high-blood pressure, diabetes — the list goes on.

Many of us grew up eating highly-processed foods like lunchables and hot dogs and sandwich lunch meat. We drank the Kool-Aid (literally and figuratively). Our clothes were all processed as fast fashion items, which harms the environment in extraordinarily awful ways during the production process. We drank sodas, ate the pizza, and wore our jeans a little too tight so that we couldn’t see what was going on in the world around us.

But in the past 20 years or so, the times in which we grew out of our egotistical teenage brains and into fully-functioning (well, most days) adults, the world was starting to change. The world started to see what centuries of industrial revolution style growth did to our environment and continued to do to our bodies. We started to see the research come out about how harmful the foods in front of us actually were — even the foods that were touted as “healthy” like fruits and vegetables because they were laden were pesticides to make them bigger, better, and grow faster in order to generate more crops (because that equals more money). The world’s eyes began to open as our glaciers melted and natural disasters continued to damage our cities and towns worse than they had ever done before.

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But we natural, crunchy, and hippie mothers know all this stuff. We have done our homework and we understand that the products we buy and consume have a direct impact on the world around us. And for this reason, we have a working knowledge of what makes up a Naturally Minded Mama:

You understand the following sentence: Unbleached CPF with PUL one-size WAHM snap cover and Snappi.

Your bedroom is wall-to-wall mattresses to accommodate the entire family.

Checking labels for artificial colors and flavors, dyes, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup is a normal part of grocery shopping.

Or you exclusively shop at a store that would never carry those items in the first place.

You’ve ever attended a drum circle or a solstice celebration.

You don’t just have a front carrier, you have an arsenal of baby wearing devices.

You own chickens and live in the suburbs.

You’ve ever used breastmilk for something other than feeding your child.

You currently have in your medicine cabinet any of the following: Arnica, Natural Calm, Hyland’s Teething Tablets, tea tree oil, elderberry syrup, probiotics…

You know that there is nothing that baking soda and/or vinegar can’t clean.

Child-led learning isn’t just an educational theory, it’s a way of life.

You gave birth: In your own bed, a bathtub, squatting on a birthing stool, an inflatable pool set up in your living room, at a birth center or insisted on natural methods at the hospital.

Or with a practitioner who called it “catching” and not “delivering” your baby.

You know the benefits of encapsulating your placenta.

And the importance of keeping your son intact.

That weaning isn’t something you do, but an empowering phase of life for your child.

You either made your own baby food, or skipped the baby food stage entirely and went right to finger foods.

You know that amber necklaces are not a toddler fashion trend.

Two words: Elimination Communication. Even if you haven’t done it, you find it intriguing.

You own play silks or a doll with no discernible facial expressions.

You tandem nursed.

Cloth pads and menstrual cups are the way to go.

Maybe even cloth toilet paper.

You know how to wash and waterproof wool.

You’ve ever made your own granola, yogurt, sprouted grains, sourdough bread, or fermented anything.

You are now or at some point have been on a vegan, paleo, raw, GAPS or primal diet.

If anyone ever approaches you about nursing in public, you have a speech/rant ready to go off.

You know discipline should always be gentle.

That needs should always be met.

And that attachment is about creating secure, lasting bonds.

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6 thoughts on “You KNOW You’re a Natural Parent When…”

  1. Please add: you explained to the woman offering samples in a store that you boycott Nestles due to their practice of giving artificial baby milk to mothers in Third World countries

  2. Hah! Maybe I’m not 100% crunchy, but I identified with enough of this list that I think I can confidently call myself a crunchy mama, lol.

  3. I have done all but waterproofing wool.

    Why didn’t you put researching vaccines in that list? Is that verboten now on

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