Looking for eco-friendly, organic, long-lasting toys? Try wood

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real wooden toys

Look around your kids’ toy room. How many of those toys do your kids actually play with? How much money did you spend on the latest gadget or fad toy, only to have it discarded at the bottom of the toy box a few weeks later?

Now think about the toys your parents played with — maybe even the toys YOU played with — and think about what made them special. For me, it was my erector set, but you can insert the name of your favorite childhood toy here. The reason I loved it? It was well-made (I still have it, 30+ years later), and I was able to use my imagination and creativity.

In a time when families want to encourage creativity, care about the environment, and are watching their spending, quality wooden toys deserve a second glance. They not only fire up the ‘ol imagination, they are well made, and they add an element of timeless class when on display.


“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.” – Plato


Brian Pharaoh of realwoodentoys.com—specializing in organic, eco-friendly wooden toys — says that more and more families are showing an interest in wooden toys, and more Montessori and Waldorf educators are requesting these toys for their schools. Pharaoh started his business from humble beginnings out of his single-family garage. What began as a “good idea” quickly became his passion.

real wooden toys

The beauty of real wooden toys, he says, is that kids aren’t over-stimulated or less interested in social interaction when they’re done playing. A child can play with a wooden truck for a long time, requiring no batteries, no flashing lights, no electrical outlets, no multiple ‘moving’ parts, no screen time. The toys are easy to pack and easy to store (bring them along on the plane as a distraction). They look great on a toy shelf. Grandparents can connect with their grandkids when playing, since they played with their own wooden toys “back in the day.”

Real wooden toys bring people back to the basics — in the best possible way, kind of how you feel when you take your kids camping for the first time. You see the world differently when you unplug all the gadgets. You reconnect.

Find beautiful wooden creations and collections at www.realwoodentoys.com.

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