Lovevery Box: Building Babies’ Brains Month By Month

Lovevery Baby Subscriptions bring developmentally appropriate toys right to your doorWant to build baby’s brain while you bond with your new little one? Check out Lovevery, a subscription service that’s committed to the best of nutrition and brain development for children, starting at birth!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have a neurologist, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist, a Montessori-trained professional and other child experts helping you choose the best toys and activities to develop your little one’s brain in the most fantastic way ever?

Guess what? With Lovevery, you can! You may be familiar with their incredibly beautiful and thoughtfully designed playmats–complete with science backing every activity and included accessory. But, did you know that Lovevery has more than just the playmat? They also have subscription kits for babies and toddlers. The kits are full of researched products that are included to help baby’s brain develop appropriately while you interact and bond with her.

Bond with baby and Lovevery toys

Co-Created by mom and co-founder of HappyBaby Organics Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris—Jessica’s best friend’s husband—Lovevery was the natural progression from proper nutrition for babies and children. Jessica says that once she was confident she was giving her babies the best nutrition she could, she wanted to make sure she was giving their brains what they were craving too.

Lovevery’s first venture was the Play Gym, and came to be after Jessica read a dissertation about the neurological development of babies. She knew the vital importance of meeting the neural needs of babies in their first three years of life, and she learned that the more babies are exposed to how things work, the richer and more developed their neural networks become. She knew that she needed to create those experiences, but was pretty disappointed with what she found on the market.

And, since she’d already successfully navigated HappyBaby, she and Rod came together to create a company that focused on baby brain development. Lovevery was born, and it’s full of incredible Montessori-style and neurologically researched activities and products.

The panel of experts that Lovevery has advising is top-notch too. Dr. Gillian Starkey is a professor of Human Neuroscience. Dr. William Staso is the author of Neural Foundations and Brain Under Construction. Dr. Ariel Kalil is a professor at the University of Chicago and co-directs the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab. Jody Malterre is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer for teachers and parents and is a master trainer of Montessori methods. Laurie Dewan is the Vice President of Research Insights and Data at BabyCenter. Katherine Barrett is a professor of Occupational Therapy and a certified occupational therapist. Dennis and Nancy Dunn are the creators of the Growing Child. Dr. Zelana Montminy is a psychologist. Dr. Evelyn Johnson is the Scientific Director at the Lee Pesky Learning Center. Shael Polakow-Suransky is the president of the Bank Street College of Education.

Are you impressed yet?

You should be, and the advising team makes it easy to understand why Lovevery is so revered with us mamas who want the best for our little ones’ brains.

The products are beautifully and thoughtfully constructed, yes, but they’re also based on specific ways that our baby’s brains develop, and cater to every developmental stage of baby and toddler.

We particularly love the Play Kits. They’re created to address the specific age and stage your baby is, and every two to three months, a new kit with incredible toys and activities arrives for you and your wee one. 

Each play kit is thoughtfully crafted, sourced from sustainable sources and made with soft and natural organic cotton. All the toys are tested with third-party labs, and each kit is made with love. Literally.

There’s no more guessing about whether a toy is safe and/or developmentally appropriate for your little one, and the subscription makes it so easy—the right toys and activities show up on your door! Oh, and did we mention there’s always a little gift included for the parents in each box? Yes, please!

You can add these to your registry if you’re about to be mama, and you can gift easily too. Wouldn’t you love to gift something you know will add to baby’s development in a clean, organic and Montessori-based way?

Now you can, and it’s as easy as Lovevery. Check them out!

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