Man Lies About COVID-19 Exposure To Be With Pregnant Wife

Man lies about COVID-19 exposure to be with pregnant wifeA New York mom’s husband hid his COVID-19 symptoms from the hospital staff where she gave birth last week, and now the new mom is exhibiting symptoms of the virus as well.

Mamas, let’s be honest.


No, no woman should EVER be forced to give birth alone. No, no mama should ever have to do a lot of things this world pandemic is causing us to do, but no matter how many times we say it, we do not live in a world of ‘should.’

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And because a dad hid his COVID-19 symptoms from Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, he put his wife and the entire staff at risk of developing the virus themselves. Officials from the hospital say he admitted to being exposed to the COVID-19 virus and feeling ill after his wife showed symptoms too.

In a statement issued by the hospital system, the mother exhibited symptoms and the obstetrics team learned that her partner was exposed to COVID-19 and was symptomatic. All staff exposed were tested, and told of their possible exposure. The mother and her partner were in a private maternity room and were isolated from other patients.

And the thing about this all is that while there were some mothers being told they could have NO visitors (until the governor issued an executive order that prevented that), at the time of this birth, the hospital staff was asking visitors if they felt ill, were experiencing any symptoms, or had any exposure with anyone who may have had COVID-19. According to the hospital, the man lied and only confessed when his wife began exhibiting symptoms.

Mamas, we KNOW. We know this is a scary and gut-wrenching time and we KNOW that fear makes us do some things we may not necessarily be proud of.

We KNOW that it’s not the way it SHOULD be–mamas should NOT be alone during birth. In a normal world, that is a given.

But this is not a normal world right now, and much as we may believe that man had every right to be with his wife–he had NO RIGHT putting the healthcare staff at risk.

Researchers are still looking at how COVID-19 and pregnancy/childbirth/nursing are all connected. No that man didn’t want to miss his child’s birth, and NO, that mama didn’t want to be alone, but if we really are honest? At the end of the day? It’s done like that way more than we think.

And if you don’t believe us? Raise your hand if you know a military spouse who has had to give birth (often multiple times) without her spouse/partner. It happens. It’s not optimal, we don’t like it, but it happens.

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Lying about your health simply puts your needs above others, and that’s just not okay.

As for the hospital? Now there is a universal-masking policy which means all providers, staff and visitors will wear masks at all times.

You know, since there are so many extras of those floating around….

The couple is self-quarantining at home and waiting for the results of their testing. We wish them the best, and hope that they are negative.

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