Mom Shamed While Nursing Sues Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

A breastfeeding mama is disgusted that she had to cover up while feeding her daughter in a Kentucky Texas Roadhouse, and is suing the restaurant, claiming distress when an employee put a napkin over her baby’s face.

Yes. In this day and age, not only do people feel it’s okay to touch/kiss/whatever they want to new babies, apparently at a Texas Roadhouse in Kentucky, they also feel completely okay covering a baby’s face while she is nursing from her mother.

In an interview with People Magazine, Sadie Durbin says she was eating at a local Texas Roadhouse when manager David Mitchell told her she needed to cover-up as she was feeding her seven-week-old daughter. When she didn’t, the manager kept shaking his head and waving a napkin at her telling her she needed to cover up. He attempted to put the napkin over the baby and told her someone had complained.

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Nursing with or without a cover is completely legal, and has been in Kentucky since 2006. Durbin told him that it was against the law for him to ask her to cover, and that she was feeding her baby as it was well within her rights to do so. She said that he angrily huffed off when he was told this and refused to apologize or stop harassing her.

She processed the event that night, saying she couldn’t believe how humiliated she was and how she couldn’t believe the attitude she had to deal with. She posted a Facebook message that went viral but has since taken it down as she’s had threats to her and her safety.

She told People that men were threatening to urinate in her mouth if they saw her nursing her baby and women were commenting that they’d throw hot coffee on her if they saw her nursing her daughter. She adds that she’s gotten a lot of support, but still–in this day and age for women to respond to other women that way?

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In response to the lawsuit she’s filed for emotional distress, executives at Texas Roadhouse have apologized, saying that they support all mothers’ rights to feed their children in public, including at this restaurant. They do not support the manager’s handling of the situation and still….

As of this writing? No apology from the manager.

Photo: Sadie Durbin

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