Mother Defends Herself For Having Sex While Breastfeeding

People were (and still are) outraged, saying she involved her baby in a sex act.

You may remember controversial vlogger Tasha Maile, the mama who was under fire for opening up about having sex while she was dream feeding her baby. People were (and still are) outraged, saying she involved her baby in a sex act. Tasha updated her life in another YouTube video, sharing that she’s working her way back to joint custody with her ex-husband. Just recently, though, she’s uploaded more videos again and showing off her new child, Love.

Tasha Maile is a Youtuber who puts out some…interesting videos. While she claims she shares about her vegan lifestyle, mindfulness and attachment parenting strategies (yay!), many of her videos are a little… out there. She recognizes this, often starting videos telling her 561,000 subscribers (yep, that many) that she’s going to try and “stay on topic.”

Last year, that wasn’t easy for her to do as she defended herself after admitting she breastfed her son while having sex.

Claiming that nursing was not a sexual act, but an act of necessity so that she was able to feed her child and still be intimate with her partner, she claimed she was not being abusive and involving her son in a sexual act as some were loudly declaring.

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Many applauded Maile for her admission, saying that nursing absolutely was not a sexual act, and she shouldn’t have been attacked for simply feeding her baby, regardless of what else was going on — sex included. Tasha’s video channel often details the importance of normalizing breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. Those things we can get on board with.

Others, however, were not quite as supportive; in fact, many who watched both the video with the British talk show and her videos on both her YouTube channel and her Instagram account claimed that she should be prosecuted for criminal activity — that of engaging her child in a sexual act.


On the talk show This Morning With Phil and Holly, Maile justified her nursing decisions and claimed she felt no issue existed with her stance on having sex while nursing her son. That said, an online petition was started to bring actual legal charges against her, with the claim that her admission to ‘sex from behind, or something like that,’ while her baby was nursing and sleeping on her chest was a form of pornography.

Maile defended herself by claiming that her baby didn’t even know what was going on, and certainly wasn’t cognizant enough to recognize that his parents were having sex.

And research backs her up.

Experts believe that most children don’t really form long-lasting memories that can actually be recalled until they’re about nine-months-old. Additionally, most pediatricians now are in favor of keeping babies in their parents’ room until the baby is at least a year old, and if that’s the case, many babies around the world are most likely exposed to their parents’ intimate moments.

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Additionally, when we parent by attachment principles, our children are often with us on the regular, and Maile claims that this parenting style is exactly why she had sex how she did, when she could—likening it to nursing a baby while in the shower or on the toilet, even, if the baby was hungry.

As we updated last year, 2017 and 2018 held many changes for Maile, as she was no longer in full custody of her sons.

Turns out that Maile admitted to being involved with amateur adult films in which she makes solo session videos as well as custom-designed pieces that are sold on the site ClipsForSale. She admitted that she makes anywhere from $30 to $400 a clip, depending on what the viewer is looking for.

As well, she admitted that she does indeed use her breasts to make money, making ‘pumping videos’ for ‘lactation fetishists’ (people who have fetishes for breastfeeding women) and she says that doing so doesn’t sexualize breastfeeding. She calls ‘lactation’ a very different thing from breastfeeding and that people can have fetishes about lactation without involving children.

In the sexual sessions she is part of, she says she never has children in the room, and never involves them, but did admit that if a ‘client’ wants a fetish video, she does produce or pump milk on camera for them (for money). She says that breasts can be sexual too, and used during sexual sessions, calling it human nature.

And here is pretty much where she tends to lose even her strongest supporters, saying that even if her children are not involved in the fetish acts, the mere sexualization she brings to breastfeeding by ‘pumping’ for money negates any support they could give to her for trying to ‘normalize’ breastfeeding. Critics say that there’s nothing ‘normal’ about those with sexual lactation fetishes, as sex and breastfeeding are different concepts entirely, but Maile says that she has nothing against using breasts and milk sexually for her videos.

In January of 2018, Maile posted a video about the allegations of her using her breasts as sexual money producers, masturbating while her kids were around, and shared that a detective with an organization that investigates internet crimes against children had come to her home in October of 2017 because she’d been ‘bullied’ and ‘harassed’ by her ex (and the children’s father).

She said that the investigator told her that she was part of a federal investigation that questioned whether there was sexual criminal activity online. Some of the allegations include people uploading her videos where she nurses her children on porn sites and she says that she has no control over that. Other allegations were against her having ‘family beds’ that include ‘multiple men’ and she says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She also shared that her behaviors and actions were part of an investigation that child protection services were conducting, and that her ex and his girlfriend came to Hawaii, stole the children and took them back to Utah, and she can’t fund getting them back.

Maile claims her ex’s custody grant was a result of unfair allegations and lies. In the hour-long video, she shared text messages, recordings of conversations she held with other investigators who seemed to be partial to her, and that she would be fighting for her children. In May, she started a petition to get her children back and in the last the six months, she’s posted several videos in which she asks her viewers to help her get custody of her children back.

But  a later video,  released on the 28th of June, 2018 — showed her in Hawaii, with her children, and her message was titled “Update on my kids and custody/Court.” In this message, her boys were with her, running around enjoying watermelon and a gorgeous day.

Both boys (ages 3-years-old and 6-years-old) nursed in the video, while she shared that it’s really important for parents to work together and that co-parenting with 50-50 custody should be the most important focus on the children. She said that the actual custody hearing was upcoming and that she believed the ultimate best outcome for that custody involves good communication with honest intentions that are true and honest.

In effect, this Tasha seemed optimistic and hopeful about shared custody with her ex-husband, as well as the opportunity to continue parenting her children as she wants. She did not share any outcomes of any cases against her, nor did she share whether or not those cases against her had even been resolved. Videos from what appears to be a new account suggest that her sons Soul and Josiah are still not with her but her youngest son, Love, is.

To that effect, she’s uploaded several videos in the last month and it would seem on both her ‘old’ and new accounts. In her old,  she is nursing and asks people for donations because she’s a single mom and their father is not helping ‘for reasons she doesn’t understand.’ She also offers her services as a sleep coach or life coach, and that she accepts donations because she’d love to make her videos allow her to stay with her kids without having to work outside of the home. In her new, she’s waving fake $100 bills and telling subscribers if they want to make more money, they should buy pretend money, pretend it’s real and their subconscious will help create the abundance. Not.even.kidding.

And now, a current update shows a very confusing situation. One video talks about her third baby, Love, who she shares is not the child of her first two sons’ father. She shares that the father, Skyler, and she were not together anymore because she wanted to ‘be the female’ and not so masculine, but that there were no hard feelings. At the time of the video, she was 39 weeks pregnant and said Skyler was there for the birth.

And speaking of the birth, she also uploaded a video that shared details about her ‘unassisted’ birth of Love. In previous videos, she’d recommended books about unassisted birth, and in the video she recommended a book about unassisted birth. We’re fans of her wanting natural home birth options and sharing the normalization of breastfeeding and what she calls ‘full-term feeding.’

And while Google might tell you all about breastfeeding a full-term newborn, that’s not what Maile is talking about. In pictures she’s tagged #fulltermfeeding, she is feeding her toddler. We’re all about that, and hope she’s an encouragement for others.

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#fulltermbreastfeeding @ 2 step beach. Just got out of the water from swimming with over 50 magical dolphins 🐬 blissed out and blessed up 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🧜🏼‍♀️🐬💫🏝👌🏽✨🥰🤱🏽a sister and I were speaking about our energy when Bfing our keikis. How when we can feel #calm and peace our babies also feel it, same when we feel frustrated for this and that, remembering this, reminding our selves to breathe deep and stay calm, even after they want to feed for the 50th time that day. #lol We love our babies and want the best for them. #humankind we are# KIND and nice at our core, when we are BEING our true authentic selves. This is ❤️ we are ❤️ we are one. One ❤️ #wearelovesvoice #beach #beachbabes #beachwear #beaches #beachbody #bikini

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Then it’s hard not to get lost in the rabbit hole of what else Maile has posted, where she’s posted it and what is real or not. Some photos that definitely show the beauty of breastfeeding one’s child  also can give fuel to the firestorm that was her ‘sexualizing breastfeeding.’ Even in her ‘new YouTube account’ that has nearly 820k subscribers, she has a section that solicits people to donate $25 if they are more interested in her more sensual and uncensored side.

Yes, mothers can be nursing mothers and sensual and uncensored and they can definitely compartmentalize between those parts of themselves.

But seriously. Spend a few minutes (or hours, sadly) checking out the videos she makes, the things she says and the vibe she gives off and think about how much of a case she can make for what was initially a valid issue.

Actually, maybe you don’t want to, though, because there’s stuff you’ll see that you can’t ever unsee. Trust me.


Photo: Tasha Maile

56 thoughts on “Mother Defends Herself For Having Sex While Breastfeeding”

  1. I’ve done it Sometimes you’ve got to seize the opportunity. It is multitasking and not sexual At All for the nursing baby. Nor are they aware get over yourself people how do you think the baby was made!

  2. Get real first-worlders. A great majority of the rest of the world utilizes the family bed. And the kids keep coming. Let the sleeping babies lie while life goes on.

  3. How absolutely rediculous that someone would call her out like that. I’ve nursed all nine of my babies. In all sorts of situations. You may not agree with ger, you nay think it crosses a line. But check your self righteous indignation and GTF over yourself.

  4. I’ve done it lots ! It’s crazy for anyone to compare this to sexual abuse. It’s a sleeping infant. DUH! It’s been done for millennia! Lots of nighttime nursing is what keeps your babies spaced naturally apart enough.?

  5. Hell yes! So happy only positive comments so far! I’ve done it too! I feel like it would be UNnatural to keep the two purposely set apart.

  6. I breast fed all 3 of my babies. adding up to over 4 years of it. Breast feeding is not a 24/7 thing. They do not still need to be attached to a nipple while asleep.
    On the having sex while breast feeding, what came to my mind is your breast are aroused during sex. So baby may not remember, but it still seems like a line is being crossed.

    1. Your breasts are aroused during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding wouldn’t work if your breasts didn’t respond by nipples becoming erect and hormones initiating a let down of milk. The exact same physiological reactions happen in the breast whether they are being stimulated during sex, by a breastfeeding baby, or by breastfeeding while also engaging in sex. You are not having sex with your baby when you breastfeed–regardless of whether or not you actually are having sex with someone else at the time.

    2. I’ve nursed my 6 kids for a total of almost 15 years. I lost sensation in my nipples a LONG time ago. My youngest has been weaned for 2 years, and I was told the sensation would eventually come back…but it hasn’t come back yet. So no, nursing the baby during sex would not be a sexual feeling at all to me.

      I’ve nursed one of my children during sex because said child woke up right in a spot where we didn’t want to stop…so I latched the baby on to get her quiet, and we kept going. No big deal. I’ve also reached over and rubbed the back of a slightly fussy baby in a cosleeper while having sex as well. You do what you need to do.

      1. My partner and I are really busy, work a lot, and rarely have time to be intimate with each other. I have several rental properties and I’ve brought my daughter with me everywhere, everyday for the past two years. We’ve never been separated. She was exclusively breastfed as a baby. She’s very attached, and was seldom off my chest.

        My partner is a quiet sweetheart of a southern gentleman. He gets up early and works hard all day, he’s dirty and exhausted at the end of the day.

        Once in a while, and rarely, we have a moment for brief mommy and daddy time.

        I had never given any thought to co-sleeping and night nursing, and how that would affect our adult intimacy.

        My daughter nursed a lot throughput the night and was a light sleeper.

        We tried many times to be intimate and had to give up because she would stir or wake up. It was a mood killer. After about 3 months of this we finally felt more dedicated to making it work out. We talked about the awkwardness of her being in the bed, her attachment to me and cosleeping. We live in a tiny home, so there’s no couch or second bedroom or place for crib, and she always knew if she was being tricked into laying down away from me.

        There’s been about three or four times that I’ve had to nurse her for a little bit to calm her down while we were being quietly intimate, to get her to go back to sleep. She wasn’t awake with her eyes open, she just wanted more comfort to fall back asleep. She usually keeps her feet on me or touches me all night long.

        I covered her body up so we couldn’t see her, and tried to focus on my partner and this rare chance for us to connect. Multiple times my partner was distracted and put off by her stirring in the bed. The longer that we go without being intimate the more we both feel cranky, snappy and rude to each other.

        My partner and I both talk about how much we are looking forward to having a big house with multiple bedrooms and sleep training our daughter to be in her own bedroom. We talk about how we will finally be able to have our adult time all to ourselves. We are in the process of building our house ourselves, but is a slow process.

        The idea of my partner being sexually aroused by our child, or the idea of me including her in our intimacy for a sexual reason feels utterly vulgar, insane, nasty, depraved, insensitive and preposterous. I don’t think that everybody raises their children the same way. I don’t think that all moms are going to want to nurture, love, connect with and bond with their children the same way. I spend more time with my kid than most mothers do, it doesn’t make me a better mom, and it doesn’t mean that they love their kid any less.

        She goes with me to work. She does not have a babysitter. We are a close family, we talk about things and we try to work everything out.

  7. Why is it that some of the same people who are complaining would think nothing of having their baby in a room with a TV show portraying murder, and hatred, yet the idea of having a baby anywhere around two people engaged in the most loving act possible is abhorrent?

  8. I’m with the ladies on this (except Cheryl). Laurel actually wrote what I wanted to write. Our society abhors nudity and sexuality far too much, but it promotes and embraces violence to a degree that is unhealthy. Boys, in particular, are inundated with images of violence in cartoons, movies, comic books and video games.

    I’m an American, but my wife was Indonesian, and I embraced the family bed concept because I could (eventually) understand its value.

    As for having sex while breastfeeding, there are just those times when you have to “carpe diem”…errr…moment! It isn’t going to do any harm to the baby (unless you’re careless), it’s completely natural to do that, and the fact that some people are claiming the baby was involved in a sexual act tells me those people need to go see a psychologist, but not a Freudian one! 😉

    When I lived in Indonesia, I saw women breastfeeding in both homes and public areas. Was it a little bit tittilating, sure, but it is still an acceptable thing in countries that haven’t become unhealthily puritanical about sex. Americans in general, and certain religions in specific, have an unhealthy attitude about sex. I won’t say which, but gosh! 🙁

    I bet if you looked into the bedrooms of those who call it a sex act you’d see plenty of odd stuff in one direction or the other!

    1. @Glenn
      American society doesn’t abhor sexuality and nudity as much as you think it does, it is pushed in media, television, movies and video games almost as much as violence is. You can hardly go 1 hour without seeing some commercial sexualizing a woman, particularly in food and beverage commercial.

      I just realized yesterday that one of the movies I watched as a kid sexualizes a dog and pushes that sexualization onto children. The dog sings a song about looking perfect (for the sake of humanity) while dancing, strutting around, and shaking its butt, so America isn’t as anti-sexuality as it likes to appear.

      I do agree with Cheryl that a baby doesn’t need to be attached to the mother’s breast 24-7, but I also don’t she should be telling people about what she does while having sex.

      1. She also tried really hard to dodge the question of whether it is ok to have sex in front of your children, it’s not ok but I got the impression that she thinks that it is, and that would be a criminal act.

    2. Sorry…nope. Nada. Not happening. I think it’s a gross act. I just asked my parents if they ever did something like and they themselves were disgusted. My dad said he wouldn’t have even been able to get aroused if he had tried that. Maybe my culture and belief system is different from everyone else’s. I wouldn’t say that I have a “unhealthy relationship with sex” just because my opinion differs from yours.

      In the same breath, how can you say it’s wrong for your baby to watch murder, killing, etc on television…but be okay with having sex while your baby is feeding on your breasts? Believe it or not, but babies begin to learn when they’re still a small fetus in their mothers womb. Various studies have shown that this is the case. For example, in one study by doctors in the Netherlands, they were able to tell that unborn babies were learning how to remember and react to certain sounds, when they were aged between 37 and 40 weeks. Humans are highly intelligent and complex creatures. One a side note, Children shouldn’t even be watching television untik they reach a certain age.

  9. [It’s ok to murder in front of a sleeping baby, cause they don’t know it’s happening(nobody knows if they know or not, for real).. and apparently have no electromagnetism in them to sense things that are going wrong… IDIOTS!]

  10. It’s a hard pass from me. The idea that anyone could even be aroused while interacting with an infant is really disturbing to me, and I’m into a lot of wild shit. It can WAIT. No one nurses 24/7.

  11. If you understand association and conditioning in psychology you understand why this is not okay for mom, dad or baby. If you’ve ever laughed at the episode of Seinfeld where George begins the habit of eating sub sandwiches during sex and eventually becomes aroused just by eating the sandwich then know while it can be entertaining but it’s also very real. When you connect 2 acts you are creating an association in your own mind. The dad is also. Regardless of whether it’s “from behind”. Before I had my daughter I read about women masturbating during breastfeeding. Is this also Ok? You’re including your child in an act that they shouldn’t be a part of. Eventually, your mind creates a connection that your body responds to whether you want it to or not. Not even animals in nature behave this way. Please don’t compare sex to taking a shower. If your baby isn’t getting enough nourishment that they need to be attached that often something is out of balance. I nursed every 1-2 hours when my baby was a newborn and that was more than enough. I also pumped inbetween so why is 24/7 attachment necessary. This is not okay. Stop blurring the lines between 2 beautiful acts that deserve their own space and time.

    1. 100% agree with Erin M. How can you completely connect with your husband if you are feeding your child? I’m a mother of 5, breastfeeding for going on 10 years so I know some babies feed a lot but this is just ridiculous and attention-seeking.

  12. Don’t try to say Americans have an unhealthy relationship with sex. That’s BS. That’s disgusting to breastfeed while you have sex. There’s some sick ass people out there whether they want to admit it or not. Give your husband special time for sex the way you give your baby breastfeeding time but don’t combine them

  13. Breasts are not sex organs. Their sole purpose is feeding babies.

    Having sex while nursing a newborn cannot possibly be harmful to the newborn- unless you were to roll over on him/her or something. A newborn has no idea what sex is. A newborn only knows if his/her needs are being met.

    Y’all need to relax.

  14. Buncha pedos. And i am to just take your sick words for it that your husband\bf\one night stand isn’t getting off to the baby? It’s not about the breast you closet pedos, it’s about HAVING SEX WHILE INFANT IS ON YOU NEAR YOU WHATEVER. Sick people!

    1. Hi , I DO THIS A lot. In fact, I’m not ashamed that I’ve had a third party involved in sex while breastfeeding too. It doesn’t happen often, but if we are in a moment sometimes a boob full of milk is the only thing that will quiet my daughter down.

  15. Breastfeeding a baby while having sex…seriously improper and ridiculous.And yes it is including baby in a sexual act…the baby is not sttached 24/7 and if so then there are bigger issues she needs to fix before worrying about having sex with her husband.Im a mother and i think yes its normal to breastfeed and even in public without worrying about someone codoning as it is a necessity..however a baby suckling on a breast while your aroused by your husband is completely and utterly (literally) disgusting..Her other half cant wait 10 min while she feeds her kid and them go back to doing whatever..yes pediatricians say keep a baby in the room the first year…in a baby bed not underneath your tit while your man is pounding your backside…the child cant even eat from the damn movement…sorry but this is disgusting and needs to be addressed and anyone who says its “normal” has mental issues and needs to be in jail woth counseling…smdh

    1. > while your man is pounding your backside …

      That about sums up the problem here. You obviously watch too much porn.

      If you’re doing “porn sex”, then yes, it’s inappropriate, but the normal kind of sex, not a big deal.

      My wife and I never had sex while the baby was feeding, but plenty of times with the baby asleep in the bed next to us.

      We just made sure we were quiet to avoid waking her, which we never did.

      I think what you’re really disgusted by, is the mental image you’ve created for yourself. That’s all you. It has nothing to do with reality.

      1. Just a reminder that you really cannot comment on what another person considers “normal sex”. Personally imo any man that can get aroused knowing that an infant is in the bed nursing or having any contact with the parents is a suspicious individual.

      2. EJ The person you replied to was basing her comment off the information in the article. They quoted the youtuber this article is about and she said that she was having sex from behind. So if that’s what you call porno sex then she’s having “porno” sex while breastfeeding.

    1. 100% AGREE! Obviously This Woman Is SUPER DESPERATE For Society’s Attention And Publicily Has To Act Out Loud “Like A Cheap W*%#RE….”To Get It! Not Too Classy IMO.

  16. First off, sex if not a need, so you don’t need to have it as it’s only purpose is to make children. However, I agreen that breastfeeding a child while having sex is not wrong. People are too uptight

  17. No no no no no. I don’t think of it as extreme as child abuse or porn whatever other people are saying but why, just why?? You really can’t put the baby down in a bassinet for a few minutes? First off idk what kind of baby she had but my baby needs to be in a good position to be latched on.

  18. I guess to each their own, but I personally will not be engaging in such dissonant multi -tasking. For me it’s about respect and boundaries. I respect my infant daughter enough to give her my full attention when feeding. I’m very comfortable with sexuality as an adult, but why confuse a little one who learns so quickly about the world? I wouldn’t have sex in front of her if she was an older child, and I don’t want to now. I have memories from infancy, it’s uncommon but possible- babies are more aware than we give them credit. Furthermore, I respect my partner and myself and want to fully be present in a sexual act. I would be upset to find out that my parents combined intercourse with infant care. It’s fine if the baby is sleeping, otherwise it is not difficult to just wait a little bit. This was also my attitude towards sex during pregnancy. I simply felt more comfortable having sex when baby is asleep in utero (which is most of the time). My daughter has been a part of me, but she is her own person with her own inner landscape. I strongly feel it’s better for both of us to have healthy boundaries, especially regarding sexuality.

  19. The people condemning her for this are a ridiculous product of our puritanical founders. This is perfectly normal. I have done this.

    In fact, I saw a museum sculpture/artifact that was at least 800 years old in which a woman was depicted nursing her baby while lying side by side with a man and having sex from behind.

    This has obviously been done for centuries.

    Relax, people.

    1. There’s also artistic proof that ancient civilizations had intercourse with animals, or directly with young children. Some urges deserve to be suppressed and discouraged, because people should know better.

  20. Definitely on the fence with this one, I breastfed both my babies but never felt the need to have sex during? There could have been benefits for her though as in…was her milk drying up? Sex would stimulate the letdown. But if no real need to have baby attached then why really? Like i said totally on the fence, she doesn’t maybe deserve to be slammed for it but certainly not praised for it in a ‘new age mum’ way. It’s a weird one🤨

  21. Okay I breastfed my son for 18 months and I NEVER ONCE thought of fucking someone while I was breastfeeding at that exact moment. That’s fucking disgusting. Take your baby off your boob before you have sex. Do it in the same room I don’t give a fuck but is it really that necessary to do it WHILE the baby is latched to you? Seriously, just seeing this made me want to vomit. You people are fucking sick and need to re-evaluate.

  22. As a breastfeeding mother I find the topic particularly relevant.
    I am never ashamed or shy to breastfeed in public. I would not have sex with anyone while my baby’s and my body touched, though, even if she was asleep.
    That’s a question of basic respect for another person.
    I don’t know what kind of “regular” sex people describe on the comments here, involving no movement and no sound whatsoever, but babies, especially the very youngest, have a very keen sense of smell. They can smell the presence of their mother, of her milk; as they can’t see very far or touch anything much, their sense of smell is enhanced and it is what guides them. I wouldn’t be OK with my baby smelling and getting used to adult sex, I don’t know maybe the sex people have on here is also odourless. I’m not a prude, per se, I just don’t like the idea of having sex or drugs around children. Before you think that having drugs and having sex are very different, they are both activities you can get arrested for, and smoking pot is also considered natural by many, as pot is a herb and mind altering substances have been used my humans for millennia. Yet used around children they are both disrespectful of the person. It’s a blurring of boundaries that could go very wrong for all involved, and where do you draw the line?
    Babies know everything that goes on, they know what mood and emotions their mother is experiencing even while they’re in the womb and their heart rate changes when mother is scared, for instance. While sex is a pleasurable sensation for mother, it can be threatening to children, as everyone who has ever witnessed their parents having sex can testify.
    People who think that babies are dumb are kidding themselves. They might not have words or concepts for what they sense, see, feel or smell, but they are registering it and constantly, instantly forming their ongoing vocabulary of life experiences. I don’t think that penetrative adult sex should be added to their experiences until whenever they feel ready, from adolescence onwards, although it can of course be talked about when they ask, in a manner suited to their age.
    Why not get up and have sex on the kitchen table or in another area of the house while the baby is asleep?
    Having said that, not my circus, not my monkeys, and if it’s OK for someone, it’s none of my concern.
    As for sexualising children in America, I’m far more concerned with toddler beauty pageants, which are quite frankly disturbing.

  23. the reason so many people agree with this are one of the many reasons this world is so messed up now. breastfeeding is a bond between mom & baby. your mind should be focused on them. not focused on sex. it’s incredibly selfish & disgusting. it doesn’t matter if folks think this isn’t considered involving a baby in a sexual act because breastfeeding “isn’t sexual,” it’s still involving them in a sexual act for the simple fact that they are attatched to your body while you’re being engaged in a sexual act. that involves them as well. simple as that. common sense! how horny do you or your perverted husband have to be in order to interrupt babies feeding just to “bust a nut?” seriously? you can’t control your own body & wait? that’s a problem in itself. it shows a lack of self control putting sexual needs before an innocent baby’s need to eat. LET THE BABY ENJOY HIS/HER MEAL IN PEACE. irresponsible, young, airhead parents these days make excuses for everything just to get away with labeleling it “normal” & hate getting called out. it’s NOT normal in any way possible! it’s SELFISH & completely irresponsible as aparent to do something like this. if it were a step parent then you so called “mom’s & dad’s” would have a fit at the thought of your innocent baby being attatched while the mom is having sex. just because you’re the parents doesn’t make it right. it’s still irresponsible & selfish. a baby should never be put in situations like this where a parent chooses their sexual needs over their own child. just because it’s a child doesn’t mean that child wouldn’t have feelings if he/she knew what the hell was happening. that’s the only damn reason sickos are okay with it. BECAUSE THE BABIES CAN’T & WON’T EVER BE ABLE TO SPEAK UP FOR THEMSELVES. THEY DON’T HAVE A VOICE SO PARENTS LIKE THIS CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT & GET AWAY WITH IT.

    1. Disgusting. Period. You wonder why there are pedophiles and child molestation issues in this world. Hmm guess nobody has common sense or basic education. Trashy people, the mother films sex acts around her kids for money. She can do what she wants but HELLO there are kids involved. Somebody has to speak up for them. No wonder she lost custody.

    2. I think I replied to you on accident whoops but hey let’s not knock on young parents now. I’m 24 with 3 kids and I would NEVER.

  24. i wanted to add to my previous comment; if it were a woman breastfeeding her 2, 3 or 4 year old then would it be considered wrong? would that spark some common sense? folks think babies are just plain dumb as hell. babies have rights too. babies are human beings that should be respected as if they had a voice that they could express. parents are supposed to BE their babies voice so if a parent is okay with this, who stands up for the baby? just because a baby is a baby doesn’t mean they should not be respected. breastfeeding & sex should never be done at the same time. they both involve a different mindset, different feelings in the body, etc. you can’t have the same mindset to breastfeed your child & to have sex in the same moment. it just doesn’t & shouldn’t work that way. if it does, that’s a major problem that needs some counseling because mentally it’s messed up to think it’s okay. you have mental issues that need to be confronted. i have 4 kids by the way, i’ve never even thought about doing this with my ex husband no matter how horny or lacking in sex either one of us was. the waiting & anticipating made sex just that more enjoyable anyway. we both had common sense & respect for our child to know that was a moment for parenting. a moment for handling responsibility. a moment for baby’s needs. not a moment for mommy or daddy to loose self control & be obsessed with the need to have a quick orgasm.

  25. First of all, said momma broadcasting all her TMI on the internet. Multitasking obviously isn’t a problem for her. Two, my opinion is that she needs to consider one day her child is going to be an embarrassed teenager. Even though small baby can’t remember, the internet will.

  26. Must not be that great of sex if you can nurse while having it lol, just saying. That’s the laziest sex I’ve ever heard of. Guess not everyone has mind blowing orgasms and makes a lot of movements. Sounds like grandpa and grandma type sex if you can still nurse.

  27. From the other things that I have seen the backlash is less against the fact that she sometimes breastfeeds while having sex and more of that when watching her other videos it seems as though she herself seems to at times sexualize the act of breastfeeding, the videos she makes tend to not be either about her diet and or caring for her children (breastfeeding them) and separately talking about sexual topics or things of that sort, she tends to combine these video topics, talking about sex and getting into details while she is also breastfeeding her child and it is honestly very unsettling. And its not like people are completely making up this concept and villanizeing Tasha, this has been done before, Leigh Felten was arrested for doing something similar.

  28. The misogyny is showing! God forbid a mother actually enjoy being a Mother while also enjoy being a woman…Hard eye roll

    This woman is giving her children the best, nutritionally and emotionally and people only want to find fault because she is also beautiful and sexual. Sexuality doesn’t hurt children. Violence, domination from elders, and separation from their mother hurts children. If you don’t like what this mama does that is your problem not hers and certainly not her baby’s.. This woman is a goddess.

  29. Hi I applaud this woman for being open to share her experiences. I’m a male and my wife and I just had a child and she decided to breast feed. Before she became pregnant I use to say things like women shouldn’t take their breast out in public to feed the baby and post pics of them feeding etc…. because to me breast were strictly for sex. Especially for me who is a huge breast man lol… but now I realized that I let society shape my thoughts for the uses of the human body parts… Breast primary use is just like a cows or a female dogs nipple and that is to nurse their young. Just because society sexualize the body part it doesn’t mean that’s what she should be judged for. She isn’t wrong for what she did. Keep on doing your thing sis. Let the haters hate!!

  30. So, I would be willing to bet there are a ton of women who breastfeed the kid WAY past what most of us consider normal or psychologically healthy. Now comes the big question:
    at what point do you realize you are involving your kid in your sex life?

    I am so sickened by what American parenting has become, all this attachment parenting is already bad enough with how many kids are being raised as helpless victims who rely on mommy their whole life for everything.

    Just know that if you mess your kid up and they cross paths with someone like me, I will give them a bucket of truth over their heads. And if people are making videos of themselves having sex while they breast feed and you defend it, you are 100% to blame for encouraging all the creeps who fetishize babies and, oh, guess what? They often act on their impulses. So don’t cry to the world when someone rapes your kid if you do that shit.

  31. We used to do it. It was never an intentional thing, but we co-slept and sometimes they would wake and want to nurse and we were in the moment. I never looked at it as gross or ‘disturbing’ at all. We would laugh about it later sort of thing.
    That said I can see how someone would look at it that way from the outside. We could all use a to judge less. It’s not a ‘bad’ thing, but maybe not for everyone, and that’s ok too.

    I will say, both parents need to be ok with it. I’m not too concerned of what others thing, it’s our life, our child.

    I don’t mention it much as it always had a shock factor, need to be mindful of the crowd you’re with and if you really want to go there, like anything.

  32. Its obvious the women that are fine with breastfeeding while having full blown sex have never been raped or molested in their lifetime or maybe they have and feel that this is normal?? Fyi nipples get sexually aroused during sex and breastfeeding justify it all you want. Sickos. Society has done a great job making dum people feel like its ok to do stupid stuff like this. If this is so normal talk about it with family during family events or talk about to co workers at a christmas party, hell tell your doctor you cant keep your legs closed while breast feeding because your urge to have a d*ck in you is more important then decency, respect, and morals for your baby. Learn how to feed your kid at a reasonable decent time poor excuse for a mother.

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