Mothering’s Must-Haves For Your Natural Medicine Cabinets

We have a natural mama's must-haves for the medicine cabinetAs a natural-minded mama, your medicine cabinet most likely looks different than many, and that’s a good thing! As research and science show more naturally-aligned products with health benefits, we ought to be looking at those and stocking up for our own medicine cabinets.

We should get this straight from the start, though as a natural-minded mama, you already know what’s coming. Nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice, and is not meant to suggest otherwise. We always advise you to consult your trusted health care providers before taking or using anything for a medical-related issue.

Now that THAT’s out of the way, though, let’s be blunt. We turn to natural and ‘alternative’ remedies and treatments and supplements and products because we want to limit the toxins and chemicals that enter our bodies and the bodies of our children.

That said, if honest…we know that it’s often all too easy and quick to just ‘take a pill,’ for this issue or that, and conventional medicine often turns its nose up at functional medicine or integrative health, despite facts, science and anecdotal evidence of efficacy.

Think about how many looks you’ve gotten when you’ve shared that you use homeopathy to treat your family members. Think about how many people look at you like you have horns when you tell them you’re perfectly fine with fevers (within reason, of course) and you tell them that you are not, in fact, going to give your child something to ‘help them sleep.’

But wait…think about how many mamas now nod their heads in agreement when you tell them you’re taking care of boo-boos with silver ointment. Think about how many mamas now are looking for local honey to help with sniffles because they know the value of local honey and allergies?

The good news is that it is most likely happening more and more (way more than it used to) because companies finally realize there is a future in ‘alternative’ and natural-minded treatments. And that’s because more mamas are reading labels, listening to their fellow mamas and midwives and looking for options to take care of their families without using toxins and chemicals. The natural products industry has grown exponentially, and that’s because we’re demanding better from manufacturers. We want transparency, we want safety and we want what’s good for our families and the earth.

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And it’s no surprise that big companies like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive Co., and even Clorox have bought into natural companies. For instance, Clorox owns Burt’s Bees. Unilever bought (and promptly undermined most of the good from) Ben & Jerry’s. Colgate-Palmolive bought Tom’s in 2006, and we could go on and on. These big companies know natural products are where it’s at, and they want their piece of that pie.

And it’s a big pie. A global consulting firm conducted a study that found the natural and organic personal care industry is projected to be worth 25.1 million in 2025, with its record growth in the last five years.
So it stands to reason that as the natural health and personal care industry has grown, so has the use of such products. That’s because of us, mamas, and we need to keep it going so we continue to have options.

That being said, we’ve consulted with all our forum mamas and experts we met at Natural Products Expo East and have compiled a list of must-haves for natural mamas’ medicine cabinets.

These bandaids were some of our favorite finds when we attended the Natural Products Expo East. We were happily greeted by the company’s adorable Panda Bear mascot, and learned the incredible story of these bandages. When founder James Dutton found that using common bandages on his son’s wound only seemed to make the wound worse, he set off on a research project to find out why that was. He learned that there are tons of chemicals in a traditional bandage, and he wanted to look for better for his son Charlie. In that researching, he found that tons of people across the world can’t wear common wound care on their owies, and that is a big problem for parents.He was additionally motivated by his other son Xavier, who did NOT like putting any creams or ointments on his skin. This is a concept many of us can relate to, and these issues were the basis for PATCH bandages.

Believing that we can find alternatives to issues in nature without destroying it altogether, PATCH bandages reduce environmental footprints using bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows far more quickly than other trees, use less water and don’t need any herbicides or pesticides. PATCH bandages are made with 100% organic bamboo fiber and use activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil to soothe skin and wounds while helping them recover.
Best, they’re safe for skins of those who react or are allergic to traditional bandages, which goes a long way when needing to treat your child or family member!
Where many may turn to ibuprofen or acetaminophen for muscle pain or aches, the homeopathic effects of arnica is what many natural mamas turn to. Arnica has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever in many different parts of the world, and it is a homeopathic staple. And don’t let the fact that it’s homeopathy fool you into thinking that it’s not as powerful as traditional medicines when it comes to relieving muscle pain, soreness, stiffness, injury swelling or bruising. Arnica is in tablet form or cream or gel, and is fast-acting for pains that ail you.
Speaking of wound care, we are in love with this wound gel. Using a patented nano silver technology, the folks at family-owned and run SilverBiotics have an entire line of incredible silver hydrosol products for the whole family. The Armor Gel is safe for all in the family–even furry family–and is perfect for treating minor cuts, irritations, and even burns. It soothes and cools with no sting, and testing showed it to reduce levels of MRSA, Candida, E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus by providing a layer of protection for skin that can last up to three days. There’s no alcohol or sulfa compounds, and no petroleum ingredients. It’s chloride-free and unscented and studies show that it may inhibit the growth of microorganisms within the dressing of wounds.
Not to mention, it’s a product from a company that cares about its people and the environment and has for several generations. SilverBiotics’s mission is to help the world live a balanced and active lifestyle with a strong and healthy self. They do this by focusing on mental, spiritual and physical strength that combines nature with the power of science at an affordable price. It’s a must-have for the car, gym bag and of course, medicine cabinet!
Beta Glucans are glucose polymers that are found in the walls of different substances. They boost the body’s immune system in a unique way; they bind to specific glucan receptors on white blood cell phagocytes and they modify those cells to wake up the immune system for full protection mode. Beta Glucan can help your blood sugar level be healthy, help fight inflammation of the body, help with better lung function during seasonal changes, help your skin and help your immune function. This formulation from BioSwiss is a premium brand (not all are created equally) and ingredients come directly from Switzerland. BioSwiss’s 1,3 D and 1,6 D Beta Glucan has been globally recognized and awarded for its highest quality and purity of 85%+ with no added chemicals, fillers or dyes. It’s shown efficacy in research to increase your immune system’s T-cells and improves the action of Macrophages to decrease inflammation BioSwiss Beta Glucan has been globally recognized and clinically proven and that’s because they work with leading global scientists who focus on using quality and proven ingredients. 

Bucklebury Soothing Syrup

Need soothing immune support for upper respiratory issues from allergies, cold, flu or other viruses? This stuff is what you want in the medicine cabinets! It’s an immune system supplement that is made with raw organic honey-based herbal syrup and a proprietary blend of five organic herbs. They are combined to give antioxidants that protect your body as it soothes your throat and coats your windpipe. Made in the USA with cGMP practices, it actually tastes good and is a perfectly natural and effective seasonal respiratory and throat support.

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Herb Pharm Portable Immune Spray

Herb Pharm is widely known as an industry leader when it comes to homeopathic ways to take care of your immune system. We can’t live without their Rapid Immune Booster for when we start feeling ick, and this portable immune spray makes taking your herbs even easier. It’s a quick-acting spray full of sweet Black Elderberry glycerite and other herbs that come in a sweet and mildly fruity flavor with a zing. Super easy and even faster delivery because it’s a spray.

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Carlson Elite Omega 3 + D & K 

These are must-haves you take every day to keep your brain functioning, your immune system up and running and your bones in good shape. Carlson is another industry leader when it comes to trust and transparency in natural products and these promote healthy hearts, bones and immune systems. Each capsule has 700 mg of omega-3s and 2000 additional IU of D3, with 90mcg of Vitamin K for absorption. The best defense is a good offense, and these fit the bill perfectly.

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Like most things in life, not everything named the same does the same thing. Not all Manuka honey is harvested equally, or as eco-friendly as others. When it comes to sourcing you can trust, Flora is where it’s at. They use 100% Maori-owned and kept bees from New Zealand and every container of honey they produce is traceable. Even though some labels may say Manuka, many may be missing the antioxidant and enzymatic properties of a true Manuka honey, so it’s important to know where yours came from. You can scan the code on the label to learn more about yours, and you can use Manuka for everything from coughs to wounds to treating ulcers, sore throats and even your teeth! Yes, your teeth as it has antibacterial properties that researchers have found helpful against fighting oral bacteria. It really is a jack-of-all-treatments.
There’s really not a rash we’ve found that Babo’s Healing Ointment hasn’t helped. Mamas in our forums sing Babo’s praises, and so do we personally, as we’ve tried it on our children with eczema and acne. It’s non-greasy, and it helps with chapped lips, dry hands, bug bite itch, eczema…you name it and we’re pretty sure Healing Ointment will conquer it. It’s vegan friendly and made with shea and cocoa butter. A little goes a long way and lasts forever, so you must have a container for your family whatever the rash arises.
You may have this spray or wipes like these around your house already, but hydrogen peroxide is an all-star when it comes to being a medicine cabinet staple. Hydrogen peroxide obviously helps with cuts and scrapes, but if you have drops, many mamas use for ear infections or even colds with drops in the ear. We again recommend you check with your doctor for anything other than using wipes for cuts and wound care, but know that it’s a powerful germ killer many natural mamas can’t live without.

Xylitol Spray

This is a must-have during allergy seasons, and cold and flu as well. It helps keep nasal passages clear and moist, which means your cilia are able to do their job and keep you free from germs and virus. But the xylitol has actually been shown to help prevent ear infections and sinusitis patients swear it wards off more intense sinus infection. Safe enough to use daily as maintenance during peak cold and flu seasons, it’s a step up from saline spray, though we always recommend having that around too!

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Vitamin C

We’re not talking about that generic stuff you find on the shelves at the local drug store that will most likely get pushed out of your system in your urine. We’re talking about high-quality vitamin C, and preferably in an ascorbic or sodium (for gentler digestion) ascorbate forms. Vitamin C is making itself a hero in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, and it is easy to sneak into whatever you need to so that the kiddos will take it. We could write a book on the merits of Vitamin C, and we think it’s important to always have on hand.

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 Hyland’s For Kids Tummy Ache Tablets

We all get tummy aches from time to time (though a good probiotic will help with that tremendously!), and when our kiddos have upset tummies, these tummy ache tablets come to the rescue. They’re quick-dissolving and they naturally relieve upset tummies due to nervousness, gas, nausea and diarrhea. They’re homeopathic, so they’re 100% safe for your littles, and since peppermint often is so strong for kids (but great for mamas who have upset tummies) it’s a perfect answer when your little one tells you their tummy hurts. That’s of course after you’ve asked them if they’ve pooped, though, right?

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The natural mama’s medicine cabinet probably looks different than many but that’s because we’ve learned that there are lots of natural alternatives to help our families stay safe and healthy, and they don’t have to do it with chemicals. Sometimes the ‘cure’ is worse than the problem itself, but that’s never the case with these natural wonders!

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