My 4 Favorite Babywearing Choices for a Newborn

Here are some great babywearing choices for newborn babies.Babywearing is a lifesaver for parents, especially if you have a high-needs baby or multiple kids. Here are some great choices for newborn babies.

As soon as I conceived my first child, I knew I wanted to try babywearing. It made sense, to me, that parents should keep their babies close to their body. Unfortunately, there were less options almost eight years ago. Times have changed, and the amount of options we have now can feel overwhelming.

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With our fourth baby on the way, I am making the decisions about what we want to use for our next newborn. It feels as if we have tried it all, and a few favorites rose to our top choices with our last baby. Here are my favorite choices for babywearing with a newborn.


1. Moby Wrap

For those on a budget, the Moby Wrap is a lifesaver. It does have a slight learning curve and long straps that tend to drag on the ground. I used it for all of my newborn babies, and they loved it. Breastfeeding in the Moby Wrap is rather difficult, so I always removed it fully. Babies love the snugness and comfort offered by the Moby.

nesting-days2. Nesting Days

If you like the idea of a Moby Wrap but want something easier, Nesting Days is an amazing choice. The design will remind you of a shirt, and it allows mothers (and fathers) to have ample skin to skin time at home. Out and about, you wear it over your clothes. It is much easier to put on, and mothers can breastfeed with some adjustments. Created by a doula, I think you’ll love Nesting Days as much as I do. The price is higher, unfortunately!


3. Ring Slings

There are dozens of great ring slings, so I’m not going to select a brand. I have used Sakura Bloom and Tula Ring Slings. However, there are many choices, so don’t feel limited. Ring slings are great for summer babies. My son born in the middle of July lived in a linen ring sling for weeks. They are great for breastfeeding discreetly. There is a slight learning curve, but nothing like the Moby Wrap. Ring slings are budget friendly because you can find them in all price ranges.

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4. Free-to-Grow Tula

I love a soft structured carrier. I’ve used a few brands, such as the Ergo Baby. The Baby Tula brand is my personal favorite. Their newest carrier is called the Free-to-Grow, and it offers adjustments which allow the parent to use the carrier from 7lbs up to 45lbs! That is an impressive weight range, making it a solid investment for your child. While the price is higher, you do get a lot of use! Also, breastfeeding in the Tula is fairly easy with a bit of trial and error. I’ve breastfed my babies starting early in the Tula!

I would love to hear from other parents. What are your favorite picks for babywearing with a newborn?

2 thoughts on “My 4 Favorite Babywearing Choices for a Newborn”

  1. The Moby wrap was my go to. I only discovered it with my 3rd child when I had run out of hands. My first 2 babies were winter babies and I just held them all the time. The third baby, born in July, needed the wrap which I got from my sister. No back pain….comfy and snug….wore it everywhere. In the fall and winter I put her in it and wrapped a sweater and around us until we got where we were going.

  2. I loved the Snugli…. this was back in the 70’s and early 80’s, but it was great for wearing around home or out to a restaurant. Soft corduroy sling that could be worn in front or in back, it was perfect for a newborn.

  3. I have a Tula Ring Slings. It’s quite comfortable and convenient.
    Thanks to it, I can carry my little everywhere with me without worrying about my back pain.
    It’s really worth the money.
    Btw, I have a blog where I share all of my experiences and stories being a mom. Go check it out!

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