New Research Predicts Boom In Organic Sector Thanks To Millennials

As Millennials begin having children, the organic marketing sector is going to continue to rise.New research shows that as Millennials begin having children, the organic marketing sector is exploding, and only looks like it’ll continue rising in years to come.

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) released its annual consumer survey this week and it had quite good news for the organic sector in many markets. Laura Batcha is the CEO and Executive Director of the OTA and said that they found a correlation between organic purchasing and conscious parenting, particularly noted in Millennials with young children.

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Baby food took the top rank as ‘extremely important’ when it came to buying organic or conventional, and for the first time since the survey was introduced, this was found to be more important than even organic fruits and vegetables. Food that was designed for and marketed to children was also ranked significantly important to parents when making purchasing decisions.

This is not necessarily a new trend, as many big names in organic and conscious parenting fields are foraging paths to widen the market reach. John Foraker was formerly the president of Annie’s Homegrown, a popular organic company primarily making products designed with children in mind, and joined a California-based Once Upon a Farm Organics as the Chief Executive Officer. He joins actress Jennifer Garner, who is the companies new chief brand officer. The company looks to bring farm-to-family foods to kids of all ages, and Millennials are buying in big-time.

While Millennials do seem to be putting pets before children more than any other generation, only about 25% of the generation are parents.  The OTA believes that in the next ten to fifteen years, 80% of these pet-loving Millennials will be buying products for their children, and will be looking for foods that they believe make their children safe and healthy.

Better parenting seems to be what the research revealed as a driving force behind organics, as parents are looking to find healthy and nutritious choices for their families, without worrying about effects of pesticides and hormones in food products. More, many of the Millennial generation has been raised on organic diets themselves, and will be passing these traits on to their children as well.

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When it came to where Millennials shopped, the survey showed that 40% of Millennials were online shoppers and about 20% of those shoppers were pleased with selection and quality of online purchases. This would lead many to expect a boom in better online shopping options for clean, organic products, and the research showed that the digital age and reviews play a big role in what makes parents buy what they do, and where they do.

Batcha said that while Americans are eating more organically than ever before, Millennials who will be having children in the next decade and on will only increase that customer base as more look to make healthy decisions for their family.

The OTA is committed to gaining more information about how to best meet those needs.

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