New York Times Introduces New Kids’ Section

The New York Times is launching a new monthly kids' news section.The New York Times is launching a new monthly kids’ news section, starting in the November 19th edition of the newspaper.

I have a young news junkie in my house, and although he’s a teenager, I worry about the things that he might be coming across in news publications.

Even as I try not to censor current events and world issues, there is such a thing as too much information. There are things a kid just doesn’t need to know about, and truth be told, I find plenty of accidental news stories that are horrifying and traumatic — and I’m an adult.

And, of course, there is the constant conversation of which news outlets to trust and how to discern sensationalist propaganda from actual, factual information. So I’m thrilled about the new kids’ section in the New York Times.

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New York Times’ special projects editor, Caitlin Roper, will oversee the monthly section, which will cover the same topics as the rest of the magazine including news, opinion, art and design, science, sports, food, illustrations, photography, and how-to’s.

In a press release, Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of the New York Times said, “Who says children don’t need news that’s made just for them? Our goal here is not only to help kids learn about the complex world they live in, but also to give them a taste, through a section designed just for them, of the pleasures of print media. We’ll treat the readers of this section the same way we treat all our readers: with respect.”

Stories in the newly launched November section will include a science cover story about an exciting recently discovered gene editing technique, a story about young athletes who complete in dangerous sports, a profile of a young DACA recipient, an advice column, mini puzzles, a recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers, an essay from LeBron James, and more.

For even more kid’s content, “The Daily”, the New York Times’ news podcast, will also air a special kid-friendly episode on November 19.

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