NFP or FAM Methods While Breastfeeding

Lactational Amenorrhea Method – can be used for 6 months or until your first postpartum bleed after 56 days postpartum.  98-99% effective.  Lactational Amenorrhea may continue past 6 months, but the effectiveness of depending on it to prevent pregnancy is reduced.  Must use a different method after the return of menstruation.


Ecological Breastfeeding – close to 100% effective in the first 3 months, 99% effective in the second 3 months, 94% effective before your first postpartum bleed after 56 days postpartum.  Must use a different method after the return of menstruation.


Georgetown University’s Postpartum Guidelines – Calendar-based postpartum guidelines.  Can be used from before the return of menstruation until cycles regulate enough to use the Standard Days Method (SDM), or another method is chosen.  If following the minimum standard with perfect use, it is theoretically 97% effective.


Marquette Method’s Breastfeeding Guidelines – Uses the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (CBFM) to predict ovulation.  Marquette University has developed breastfeeding guidelines for using the CBFM even before menstruation has returned and continuing through the return to normal fertility and combines well with other methods.


Systematic Charting – Chart cervical mucus (CM).  You are unlikely to conceive if you consider yourself to be potentially fertile on days that you have CM until the evening of the 4th day of dry-up after each Peak day.  Normally, there is enough CM before ovulation, especially postpartum, to warn you that ovulation is coming.  Charting temperature can confirm ovulation but not predict it postpartum. (see resources for more information on learning to chart)



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