Placenta Encapsulation: Crazy or Helpful for New Moms?

placenta encapsulation- crazy or helpful?

Placenta Encapsulation: Crazy or Helpful?

At this point, everybody has heard of placenta encapsulation. If Kim Kardashian does it then the world knows about it, right?! Placenta encapsulation has even been called Mother Nature’s gift for postpartum.

I love how my friend Carmen Calvo a placenta encapsulator in Baltimore, Maryland, describes this process. “The placenta is responsible for nourishing the baby and sustaining the pregnancy. After birth it has a chance to come full circle and nourish the mom, giving her a variety of benefits. It’s been an honor watching so many women be proactive to give themselves the best postpartum experience possible.”

So, what is all the hype about?!

What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation involves the fairly simple act of turning the placenta, an organ created for and expelled after the birth of the baby, into capsules that are easily consumed postpartum.

Here is a video talking about just what exactly placenta encapsulation is.

How is the placenta encapsulated?

There are basically two ways to encapsulate the placenta.

The Chinese method involves steaming the placenta with herbs, then cutting it into strips, placing it in a dehydrator and dehydrating it. After 12- 24 hours the placenta is dehydrated, it is then turned into a powder using some kind of grinder, and then placed in capsules using an encapsulator.

placenta encapsulation- crazy or helpful?

The other way to encapsulate a placenta is the raw method. The raw method is basically the same, except the placenta is not steamed prior to dehydrating. This post shows pictures of the process of placenta encapsulation.

The placenta is well rinsed and the membranes are removed as well as the umbilical cord prior to the encapsulation process.

Opinions vary on which method is preferred, but you can contact your local placenta encapsulator to find out what she does and why she prefers it.

Why would you encapsulate your placenta?

While consuming the placenta is fairly common among mammals, it seems like a very new practice for the modern woman. Anything new and strange sounding begs the question, Why? Why would you encapsulate your placenta?

I know that I was motivated to consume my placenta by sheer physical exhaustion. When I found myself pregnant with my fourth child in approximately five years, I felt worn out. I felt that my body was depeated. Upon looking at high quality supplements to help restore me to my previous self, I realized that many of them were made of animal organs.


Why pay good money to eat an organ from a cow when I could consume my own and I knew exactly where it came from?

Other women have heard of many of the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation and seek out encapsulation for those benefits.

What are the possible benefits of placenta encapsulation?

Possible benefits of encapsulation include increased lactation, decreased postpartum bleeding, decreased postpartum depression and an increased feeling of postpartum wellness and energy.

While the benefits of placenta encapsulation have yet to be proven in large studies, many women do claim to notice these benefits. For some the difference is huge and that is why you will hear women so passionately endorsing this practice, despite the obvious ick factor.

I personally noticed a huge difference in my emotions postpartum the one time I tried this. No third day crash where I was an emotional wreck, no senseless tears, no hatred of in-laws. It was like a freaking miracle.

I love this video from Carmen Calvo, a placenta encapsulation specialist in the Baltimore, Maryland area on the benefits of placenta encapsulation.

Why does placenta consumption seem to have such a positive effect?

The placenta is an organ and so is full of nutrients. It is rich in iron, and it is likely that it is full of hormones produced during pregnancy. It is possible that women experience the above listed benefits because consuming the placenta helps replace nutrients lost during pregnancy and birth and the accompanying blood loss, and because it may help regulate hormone fluxuations.

Are there any down sides of placenta encapsulation?

Because placenta encapsulation largely unstudied, it is hard to say if it causes problems, just like it is hard to prove that there are benefits besides those noted by individual women and their experiences.

I have heard women report a few downsides, though positive endorsement seems to outweigh the negative in opinion. Some women simply can’t get over the ick factor where placenta consumption is concerned. I have also heard reports from women that women who consume their placenta have infants with higher rates of mastitis, meaning the baby developed mastitis in their breast tissue. This is anecdotal but it bears mentioning.


Placenta encapsulation is more than a modern trend or a moment of Kardashian influence. It is a practice normal among most mammals, but seemingly strange and disgusting to many of us. While the fact that animals do something certainly isn’t a good reason for humans to practice it, the benefits that many woman notice do make placenta encapsulation worthy of attention and consideration.

If there is anything women in this day and age need, it is more support and help during the postpartum recover period. If placenta consumption can give them that, then it will be considered by more and more women.

16 thoughts on “Placenta Encapsulation: Crazy or Helpful for New Moms?”

  1. Well, placenta pills did help me. I felt SO energetic after taking them.
    It was really hard for me to find a midwife who would make them, especially in the most “raw form” possible.
    I found Lauren Slak, she is just an AMAZING midwife. For all of you who live in Southern California and are interested in placenta pills, contact her at
    OC Doula Collective – 2850 Mesa Verde Drive East, Suite 105 – Costa Mesa, CA 92626

  2. I’ve only had one baby, so I have nothing to compare my experience to, but I do like to think that encapsulating my placenta was beneficial for me. I did not experience any postpartum depression, and goodness knows I am certainly prone to depression otherwise, and I was able to successfully nurse my baby for a long time (more than three and a half years), with no supply issues and no mastitis. I do know two people who personally swear by encapsulation to ward off depression; both of them were in the early stages for the first few days postpartum, but once they got their placenta pills and started taking them their moods leveled out. Between their experiences and my own, I’ll definitely be encapsulating again if I ever have another baby!

  3. Unfortunately there has been recent anecdotal evidence that consuming your placenta over weeks (instead of all at once like mammals do) could DECREASE milk supply!! I’m an IBCLC and there are clinics that are currently not recommending it for this reason.

    1. Angela, as an IbCLC , it’s important that you bring information to the table, but not fear. THe best indication of why placenta would decrease some women’s supy is if she has abnormally high levels of progesterone already. Key word: abnormally.
      Encouraging women to be aware of how ingesting placenta may or may not benefit them would be ideal. With that knowledge they can better care for themselves and their babies

  4. My 3rd baby was he first time I ingested placenta. For the first time my newborn was gaining appropriately – until I ran out of pills and then my supply crashed. What was in that placenta that helped my milk supply??Progesterone, iron, and b-12. A bit of research and I learned that a deficiency in any of those things could sabotage supply, but along with other symptoms of progesterone deficiency I was convinced that was the culprit of my chronic low supply – despite being a dedicated well seasoned breast feeder. Blood work with my doctor supported this suspicion – I had post menopausal levels of progesterone. Upon treating this deficiency for several years – baby #4 came and was my first ever exclusively breastfed baby! This is not placebo or anecdotal . Doctors and midwives have been fascinated with the fact that I diagnosed myself with a progesterone deficiency and came in asking for blood work. It’s true that all women have suppressed levels of progesterone while breastfeeding. Mine was the extreme of low. There are women who have unusually high levels of progesterone and ingesting their placenta could decrease supply – that doesn’t mean it should be advised against for all! Knowledge is power. Know what you’re taking, know how it works, know your own body – and YOU get to determine if it is beneficial or not

  5. Thank you for this article! I first learned about PE when expecting my first, but didn’t do it until I had my 2nd. And by do it, I mean we actually did in my home. Since then I have been providing placenta encapsulation to other moms and teaching other Licensed acupuncturists (whom have medical training and understand of blood born pathogens).

    As discussed above the exact effects for each mother vary. But in my experience, working with hundreds of post partum moms, any negatives I have encountered are less than 1% and sometimes due to improper dosing.

    If you or someone you know is interested in taking my course, here it is:

  6. Instead of placenta encapsulation I made placenta smoothies, lol!! Well my midwife actually did this for me. After birth as I was resting, she cut up my placenta and made individual smoothie bags with berries, placenta, yogurt, and a teensy bit of juice and popped them in the freezer. There were fourteen smoothies one every day for two weeks. I know the gross factor may be especially high for some, but there was absolutely no off taste and it definitely improved post partum healing and bleeding. This was my first time with a midwife, first time at home, first time even getting to see my placenta and my third baby.

  7. I have a question. I didnt know where to look or who to ask about my placenta. That being said i brought it home from the hospital and stuck it in my freezer. What is the time line to get it capsulated?

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