Pregnant Mamas: Our March 2020 Due Date Club Is Now Open!

our march 2020 due date club is open!Hey pregnant mamas who are due in March! We’d love you to join our March 2020 Due-Date Club.  It’s a safe space where natural-minded mamas can share advice, info, and experiences about their pregnancy journey! We’ll share lots of information about how your natural mama journey can be enriched, and we encourage you to share as well!

Click here to join our fantastic group of women who will give birth in the month of March, 2020!

Here are some great articles that you might find useful throughout your pregnancy:

5 Common Baby Gadgets That May Just Make Parenting Harder –Don’t fall for the traps!

What Can You Do About Metabolism After Baby? –You can do something about it.

Do You Really Want A Good Baby? –Don’t let society tell you what a good baby is.

Research Suggests Baby Kicks Are Brain Builders–Yes! Keep building, baby!

A Mother’s Instinct Is Biologically Real And Creates Attachment With Baby— They said it wasn’t real. Harrumph!

Will You Need A Bigger Menstrual Cup After Pregnancy?–You may be surprised!

Mom Brain: What Pregnancy Does To A Woman’s Brain After Birth –Mom brain is real! See how.

4 Great Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy –Sleep doesn’t have to be elusive.

These Winning Photos Depict the Beauty and Magic of Pregnancy –They are utterly gorgeous.

Ultrasounds During Pregnancy: Helpful or Harmful? –Get the facts.

Probiotics During Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Complications –And, they’re just good for you in general.

10 Ways Acupuncture Can Help Pregnancy –It really can. Try it!

Study: Eat More Eggs During Pregnancy to Boost Infant Brain –Baby-brain-building at its best.

Craving Fruit During Pregnancy? Eating More may Equal a Higher IQ for Baby –Our bodies know what babes need.

What’s the Deal with these Pregnancy Cravings?! –They’re nuts, but we help you deal.

My Journey: Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy –Get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Happy pregnancy! We’re here for you!

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