Having a Rough Day? 50 Things About Motherhood That Will Make You Smile

50 things to love about motherhood and children


There are times during motherhood when you can’t see the light at the end of the dirty diaper tunnel. Before you turn to the (wine) bottle, keep these 50 awesome motherhood facts in mind.

Motherhood gets a bad rap. Sometimes, it seems the ‘cool’ moms are the ones who talk about all the coffee and all the wine they need to get through the day as mothers. Of course, I too have had many moments of complaining, tears, and frustration. And you bet, MomLife is tough. Why? Because we are all working our best to make sure we’re doing it the best we can. Our children are worth it, and frankly, so is all the joy we can get from mothering.

And, the truth is, complaining doesn’t really help. What makes motherhood better and more wonderful is focusing on the good stuff. There are so, so many beautiful and wonderful things about motherhood that fill our hearts and souls from our head to our toes. Some days, we just need to be reminded of those little bits of motherhood that make the hardest days a bit easier.

Here are 50 things to LOVE about motherhood.

  1. Tiny fingers. Is there anything sweeter than those sweet little fingers?
  2. Holding hands with someone who can only hold your pinkie finger.
  3. Little, soft kisses. Their skin and lips are precious.
  4. Babbling words that make no sense- but are obviously a conversation. Talk it up, babes!
  5. Leg hugs. Because those are the strong ones!
  6. Someone small enough to cuddle on your lap. And who makes the world melt away when they do.
  7. Neck hugs. Those chubby little hands wrapping around you are the best.
  8. Little hands playing with your hair. Who needs a spa day? (Okay, we love those too!)
  9. Secrets whispered in your ear. They’re the priceless things you replay in your head 50 years later.
  10. Unembarrassed farts (not from mom, from the kids!)–real life at its best.
  11. Little baby bellies that hang out, without shame.  Baby Budhha bellies are the BEST!
  12. Rolly baby legs. Those chubby little legs give us all the feels.
  13. Feet. Little Flintstone toddler feet that take them toddling all over the place.50 things to love about motherhood and children
  14. Giggles. Nothing better than the sweet baby giggles of a little one who still finds wonder and laughter in the most simple things. 
  15. A little person who is entranced by a ceiling fan. Hey, sometimes that ceiling fan is the only reason we get a shower, so we are fans too!
  16. Wonder. Pure wonder in the basic and every day joys of this life. A flower moving…the breeze on their faces. They remind us what true wonder looks like.
  17. A reminder of how miraculous the world really is through a child’s eyes. Perspective is everything.
  18. Nighttime cuddles. There’s a reason we also fall asleep with them. It’s not just because we’re exhausted, but it’s because there’s no better place to cuddle. 
  19. Pure love from a person, five minutes after you messed up. That grace is the sweetest, kindest, most soothing balm that ever existed.
  20. The words, “It’s OK mama. I forgive you.” The gift of forgiveness they give us is incomparable. 
  21. Walks to the park. Hold those hands every second they’ll let you.
  22. Understanding what it actually means to truly love another person unconditionally. Exasperating as they can be, you’d give all you had to keep them safe and loved. 
  23. An excuse to sit on the couch every once in a while to nurse a baby or read a book to someone tiny. Heck, make that any stinking time you want because they are only tiny once!
  24. Being someone’s rock star. Seriously–you’re they’re whole world. What a feeling!
  25. Truly mattering in someone’s world.50 things to love about motherhood
  26. Being able to make someone happy with just a hug.
  27. Watching them grow. Yes, too quickly…but, how amazing to watch!
  28. Watching them learn. It’s like watching life unfold before our eyes regularly.
  29. Watching them love other babies.
  30. Little clothes. They make doing laundry so sweet.
  31. Bath time. Bubbles on button noses are the cutest.
  32. PLAY. LOTS of it. 
  33. Watching them sleep. The best way to end every night of your own.
  34. Long eyelashes. We’re so envious of them, but we LOVE that they have them!
  35. Perfect skin. Impeccable and delicately designed
  36. Intensity.
  37. An excuse to be silly, even though you are too old for that.
  38. Super-soft hair. Baby-fine and fly-away make for the most adorable hairstyles.
  39. Tears that can be kissed or tickled away. You really are magical.50 things to love about motherhood
  40. The ever-present miracle of it all.
  41. Tiny people that work just like big people, only better.
  42. Realizing what you need to be better at- because someone just mimicked you. And it wasn’t flattering.
  43. The burden of overwhelming love, no matter what. 
  44. Little people who love your fluff and have no idea that there is an “ideal shape.”
  45. Watching them play with a water bottle. For an hour. And watching the wonder in their eyes.
  46. Loving someone enough that you would catch their vomit. With bare hands. Because you feel terrible for them. 
  47. Having a great excuse to make pancakes for dinner. Breakfast for dinner is the best, and you’ll be a rock star for making it every single time.
  48. Excitement- LOTS of excitement- over pancakes for dinner.
  49. Peek-a-boo. Then the baby giggles that follow. You could both play for hours.
  50. The purest love ever. 

I seriously get how hard being a mom is and can be. There is a burden of emotional pain – for their suffering, for their sadness, and when realizing your own mistakes with such innocent and deserving people. And, knowing that you would give your life to take their hurt away makes it conflicting.

It is easy to focus on the hard stuff, the lack of sleep, the messes, and the bad behavior. We all deal with it. It is hard for all of us, and we’re often guilted into feeling like we’re crap mothers if we admit every second isn’t rainbows and unicorns. It’s okay to admit that it’s hard.

The other side of that burden and that pain is the beauty, though, and that easily surpasses it all. The hard parts of motherhood are kind of like the transition phase of labor – this is when some serious work is getting done. It isn’t fun every moment and we can be honest about that.

But motherhood is 100% worth it.

Focus on the good stuff, no matter how small. Every day. It helps. I promise. 

What would you add?

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9 thoughts on “Having a Rough Day? 50 Things About Motherhood That Will Make You Smile”

  1. Ladies, Learn to cherish each moment with you precious little ones. Yes, times can be difficult, but when your children are grown and living their own lives, you will soooo miss your special times.

    I am now a Great Grandmother and none of my “babies” even live in my state. Oh how I miss them! Tough out the difficult times, but cherish each day and night with your special gift from Heaven!

  2. Looking at my children’s chubby baby hands helps me reconnect, reminds me of how young they are, reminds me of their innocence. Their hands ground me during big emotional storms from them or ME.

  3. When he wakes up and peeks over the rim of the sling to survey what’s out there – I know I am his safety and I love him all the more.

  4. Thank you so much for these small BUT…AMAZINGLY TRUE reminders. It puts things in perspective of what really matters! Thank you.

    1. Perhaps help from a trusted health professional is in order. It isn’t a sign of being a bad mom, it is gaining back what you are missing on this beautiful journey. I advise mothers of young ones to turn off the outside influences that are working against peace and tranquility. Mothers are naturally wired to cherish these things, but sometimes the wiring gets short circuited. This is when intervention helps. Peace and grace to you, and I am praying for you and all moms who don’t feel the joy.

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