Screen Time Monitoring A Breeze With RedGreenTree

The newly released version of a monitoring app may be just the thing parents are looking for.Monitoring screen time is a new issue that parents of the iGeneration face. A newly released version of a monitoring app may be just the thing parents are looking for. Introducing RedGreenTree.

It seems that screen time for children today is not so much of a ‘should they/shouldn’t they’ as it is ‘how much should they?’ issue. School districts all over the country are incorporating tablets in their day-to-day curriculum, and even requiring screen use for homework as well. So, even if we tried to avoid it, it seems it’s harder and harder to do. 

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Redgreentree has just released a new version of their app and it now allows parents to monitor screen time in much easier ways. Often monitoring programs require monitoring from websites, but the new revisions to the android app take that out of the picture. 

Redgreentree lets you manage your child’s screen time by creating schedules based on times, days of the week and even websites you will allow your child to go to. You can manage more than one child all from the parent dashboard and can even try it out for 14 days to really get a feel for how it makes a difference in your family.

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The subscription fees are based on membership length, with an annual membership going for $19.99 and a semi-annual option of $12.99. You can also choose to subscribe monthly for just $2.49 a month, and 50% of all proceeds go to children’s charities!

They are currently working on an iOS version, but you can download the Android version now!

Photo: Redgreentree

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