Social Distancing Baby Showers Are A New Trend During COVID-19

Drive-Thru Baby Showers are a new trend during COVID-19COVID-19 has caused us to cancel many of our plans. Travel, wedding, graduations, and birthday parties have all been halted due to social distancing guidelines.

Included in those canceled plans are baby showers. What was once meant to honor the new mother and her new little bundle of joy has now turned into Zoom meetings and drive-by greetings as social distancing baby showers become are a new trend and  our new normal (for now).

Although canceling these long-awaited plans can be sad and discouraging, families and friends around the nation are becoming creative with their solutions to still be able to celebrate these important milestones. Drive-by social distancing baby showers, and other celebrations, are becoming increasingly popular, with reports for them popping up all over the nation.

According to an article in Romper, Stacy Wolf of Woodbine, Maryland recently experienced a social distancing baby shower as her friends and family lined up in vehicles in front of her house, honking and giving her words of encouragement from the recommended 6 feet away. They intermittently dropped off presents on her front stoop, carefully following social distancing guidelines when they did so. Wolf and her mother, who also will be missing the first weeks of her new grandbaby’s life due to the coronavirus, later shared a cup of coffee together while sitting 6 feet apart on Wolf’s front lawn.

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Another mom-to-be, Amy Litz, experienced a similar social distancing baby shower when her friends and family lined her street with pink and blue balloons, honked their horns, and yelled words of encouragement and love from the recommended 6 feet apart. “I was just so, so surprised,” Litz told a local news reporter. “I was crying the whole time.”

Social distancing baby showers aren’t the only celebrations happening from 6 feet apart. In John Krasinski’s new Some Good News web series, he shows a clip of a 15-year old cancer patient who got the surprise of a lifetime when her friends and neighbors lined the streets with signs and balloons to mark her last day of chemotherapy. She experienced the pure love of humanity, all while they stood honking their horns.

Canceling well-laid plans is heartbreaking, but luckily in our day and age there are still plenty of ways to celebrate one another, even from a safe social distance. Here is a list of some of our favorite gifts that go beyond the diapers and swaddle blankets you can have delivered to the new moms-to-be front door when you can’t be there in person:

Lovevery Subscription Box

Lovevery is a baby subscription box that sends toys, activities, and other baby items right to your home. Items are curated based on your baby’s age and developmental level. It is a great baby shower gift that continues to give even after baby’s arrival.


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Bogginhad Pacipal Teether

This cute teether and pacifier holder will quickly become one of baby’s favorite loveys. The unique design holds a pacifier more easily and helps baby find the pacifier easier as it slips out as they get older. The silicone bottom helps soothe sore gums, and the soft blanket gives comfort throughout the day and night.


ThinkFun Roll and Play Game

This fun game is perfect for babies and toddlers as little ones begin to develop a little more. It encourages creativity, active play, and gross motor skills with its 48 different play cards that provide plenty of learning opportunities through play.


Haba Musical Wooden Eggs

These fun musical eggs shake, rattle, and tweet to help baby have fun through play and start to learn to distinguish sounds and noises. They are a great way to introduce music to little ones, even at the youngest ages.


Although social distancing baby showers aren’t exactly what we had in mind for our springtime plans, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find creative ways to celebrate a mom-to-be. If anything, the coronavirus has taught people how to overcome life’s adversities and still find a way to be together–even from 6 feet apart.


Photo: WJZ13/Baltimore

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