SpirityYSol’s Beautiful Imagery of Motherhood

Catie Atkinson, the artistic mama behind the small shop SpiritYSol, is inspired to share a collective journey of motherhood through beautiful imagery.

Catie created her premier piece of birth art during an intense first trimester with her second child. Titled, “Believe,” this work, featuring a powerful birthing mantra, remains her favorite. At the time, it felt vulnerable for her to share her art with others and she doubted creating a business around her passion. While the image is of a laboring mother, for her, it symbolized mothering through morning sickness and pushing past the fear of sharing her artwork with others. Catie reveals that her style of art has transformed since this initial piece, yet it continues to hold a special place in her heart. Mothers often push through hard times to “birth” the lives they dream of, and she knows that many women will relate to the imagery.

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Catie intends her images to shine a light back on mothers helping them to recognize their own beauty and strength through the challenges and doubt that often accompany motherhood.

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She has received wonderful feedback from women and mothers who identify with her art. Many of them open up and share their stories of struggle and triumph, commenting that they see reflections of themselves in her imagery. Connections such as these keep Catie focused when she feel overwhelmed by the realities of running a small business while juggling motherhood.

Many of my favorite images from SpiritYSol are those that feature mamas doing just that—seeking balance while raising their tribe. I absolutely treasure the paintings of mamas breastfeeding their babes while moving through the flow of life, whether it’s simply drinking a cup of tea, practicing yoga, or preparing a meal. Her art is absolutely empowering to me and is the perfect reminder that I am a badass, beautiful mama surrounding by a sisterhood of equally beautiful women mothering everyday.

You can find Catie on Instagram and purchase art from her collection here.


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