Survey Says “Pregnancy Test Addiction” Is Real

Many women are obsessively taking several pregnancy tests.It’s not difficult to understand why a woman would want to take a second pregnancy test to verify that she is indeed pregnant. However, a new survey has revealed that many women are obsessively taking several pregnancy tests.

Let’s face it, finding out that you’re pregnant is a big deal. Whether you were planning the pregnancy or it’s a complete surprise, seeing those double lines on the pregnancy stick is a moment that you never forget.

A recent survey conducted by the UK parenting site, ChannelMum, discovered that the majority of women continue taking home pregnancy tests even after receiving positive results. The site surveyed 1,435 women and found that approximately 62% admitted to taking additional tests after getting their first positive result.

While taking two tests seems reasonable, the survey found that, on average, women are taking six pregnancy tests before accepting that they are pregnant. Further, approximately 100 women, or 7%, report taking ten home pregnancy tests. An astonishing 1 in 20 women admit to checking 16 times or more.

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The phenomenon, referred to as “pregnancy test addiction,” seems to be on the rise. When queried about the reasons behind their obsessive behavior, women reported using the tests for reassurance. Many admitted to feeling anxious about the validity of the test or whether or not their pregnancy was still viable.

ChannelMum Founder, Siobhan Freegard said, “Being hooked on pregnancy tests may seem strange, but the majority of mums do it. Seeing the positive sign come up gives mums-to-be a buzz and also helps reassure those who may be nervous about their pregnancy. However, it’s important not to get addicted to continual tests, as they are expensive and unnecessary.”

The North America Pregnancy Testing Market is currently worth $442 million and expected to rise to $576 million by the year 2022.  Market forecasters expect the rise in demand to occur as a result of the growing prevalence of infertility disorders and gynecological problems, as well as the increasing age of first-time moms.

With dozens of home pregnancy tests on the market, it’s easy to understand how women are spending a small fortune on confirming their pregnancy. Pregnancy tests have come a long way since the first home pregnancy test hit the shelves in the 1970s.

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It seems that women who are obsessively testing might benefit from additional education. Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of a pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. hCG is produced by the placenta and appears in the urine as early as 3-5 days after implantation. However, a certain level of hCG must be reached before it is detectable in the urine. As a result, most pregnancy test manufacturers recommend waiting until a missed menstrual period before taking a test.

Further, for those women seeking reassurance that their pregnancy is viable, a home pregnancy test may not be the answer. hCG will be present in the urine even if the baby has not developed; a term deemed a “chemical pregnancy.” A chemical pregnancy is a loss that occurs very early in the pregnancy, usually around the fifth week. While a home pregnancy test will report a positive pregnancy result, the fetus has been unable to develop. Sadly, even after a miscarriage has occurred, pregnancy tests will continue to show a double line until the hCG levels have decreased to an undetectable level once again, which in some cases could take up to a month.

The best bet for women experiencing anxiety or apprehension over their pregnancy is to schedule an appointment with their physician.

3 thoughts on “Survey Says “Pregnancy Test Addiction” Is Real”

  1. As someone who has an issue that causes recurrent chemical and early miscarriages (I have had 6 losses and 1 successful pregnancy), I can tell you that repeatedly taking at home pregnancy tests gives me an excellent indicator as to whether or not my pregnancy is progressing. I realize that you likely have been fortunate enough to not have to experience this so let me explain how it works. Each time you take a pregnancy test it detects the hcg in your urine, the darkness of the test line, while not exact is a solid indicator of how much hcg is present. Every 2 days your hcg should double, so every 2 days, the line should be about 2x darker than the previous one (until you are too far along and the hcg overwhelms the test, then your control line disappears). For someone, such as myself, it is very easy to see if the line is getting darker or lighter. Lighter means not a viable pregnancy, and darker means it still might work out for me. I usually call my doctor and inform the office that I have lost it and they (at this point) let me pass everything at home without further monitoring (early on they would continuously check my hcg levels until I hit zero)

    1. I was coming here to say the same thing as Remmy. Too many times have I gotten a positive test and two days later had the heartbreak of a negative. It hurts every single time it happens.

      I’m not addicted to the feeling, although after seeing so many negatives the sight of a positive feels amazing and I imagine its just these moms feeling so excited that their entire future rides on that line. I’m sure theyre already thinking of names as they do the next test.

      I doubt its pregnancy TEST addiction and more pregnancy-happiness-and-validstion addiction. If I had 6 days of positive tests I would absolutely cry. But would probably keep testing every few days or every week just to see if it might be the one.

      I also have irregular periods, meaning that I never know when I was ovulating and so I test every month just to be sure, even if it wasn’t an active TTC month, because I never ever know.

  2. Hey Remmy!!! Hope so you are thinking right or posting a good material. As I read your whole post and want to say something about it. Even at my time duration of pregnancy, I made a test and the first time it was too light to distinguish that whether it is visible or not. I was too much excited about my pregnancy and my heartbeat was beating like electrons are flowing through a wire with full speed. My husband said to me that keep calm and have a test very next day again. I took the test next morning with my fresh urine and same happened to me. After passing 2 days I took a test and line was not appearing then. What the reason behind it? I don’t know and went to doctor. The doctor said that you are pregnant and your HCG level is too low. It means your pregnancy germs are not too strong. It hurt me a lot. Can you suggest me what the actual reason and what should I do to compensate? Thank you!!!!

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