The Best College Dorm Essentials For Every Student

We've got the best college dorm essentials for college students!Are you trying to make sure your college student has all the college dorm essentials they’ll need while they’re away from home (and you)? Check out our awesome list of the best college dorm essentials every student might need, and rest easy knowing your baby is set at school!


It’s hard enough sending your youngling out into the great big world on their own, isn’t it? They were just born yesterday, for Pete’s sake, and now here they are talking about roommates and lofts and how to make their dorm room look like JoAnna Gaines decorated it herself.

Yes, college dorm rooms are quite a bit different these days, but a few things still remain. There’s still the need for some staples, and more than ever, we want those staples to be as eco-friendly as they can be. These college students we’re sending into the world are the future, and smaller carbon footprints and eco-friendly products are always what we want them to look for when making sure they have the college dorm essentials they’ll need.

We checked into our mama forums and asked around to see what must-haves college students swore by, and then looked for as many eco-friendly and good-to-the-earth products as we could find. Make sure you check them out so your student is set, even when you can’t be there.

Stuff ‘N Sit

The most noticeable thing about college dorm rooms is their size. They are typically small, with limited space, and often shared, so space is even more a premium. That’s why we think the Stuff ‘N Sit from Creative QT is awesome. We came across it for playroom storage, but their larger size is a creative storage solution that can ALSO double as a seat! In dorm rooms, college students can fill it with pillows, blankets and the clothes that aren’t in season and voila! They have a super comfy ottoman for hanging out with their dormmates. Each ottoman is created with strong, soft cotton and has an extra-long reinforced zipper for durability. They come in all sorts of fun prints and colors, so they’ll make any dorm room fun and cozy.

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Galanz Retro Mini FridgeThis mini fridge is a must have college dorm essential

They say everything old ends up being new again, and we believe it, at least when it comes to style. A must-have college dorm essential is a mini-refrigerator and we love this one by Galanz. It’s super fun and functional and will help keep your college student’s leftovers and care packages fresh and cool each semester. And, it has pull out slides, so it’s easy to clean (and hopefully, they’ll keep it clean!) and tote home when summer comes!

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Meal2Go Shakes

So let’s just be real. The typical diet of a college student isn’t…shall we say…the best, is it? Despite your best attempts at proper nutrition education, you know how kids on their own for the first time can be. So, since college kids are known for poor eating habits, you can still Mama them with Sneakz Organic’s new Meal2Go shakes. They are clean and green meal supplements that are perfect for on-the-go college students who desperately need good nutrition. Meal2Go is a whole food blended replacement drink mix that boasts a full serving of daily vegetables that comes from organic carrot,  sweet potato, spinach, kale, and cauliflower. It’s unique, though, as it also combines 16 grams of plant protein, 17 vitamins and minerals, ancient grains, quinoa, ashwagandha, and probiotics in, and helps keep your college student’s immunity and stamina up and running. It’s free of artificial anything, and all your college student needs to make it is 8-10 ounces of milk or water. The packets are shelf-stable, which is awesome in dorms, and while you can order on Amazon, you can also order through Sneakz Organic’s website and have them on auto shipment so you know your student has access to some nutrition regularly.

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Hurom Hexa Power High Speed BlenderThe Hurom Hexa is a great college dorm essential

And what’s a college dorm room without a blender? Ahem. Yes, there are some specialty drinks that may be popular that come from blenders, but what we’re talking about with the new Hurom Hexa Power High-Speed Blender is the fact that you can make sure your college student’s nutritional needs are met easily and quickly with this blender. It’s cased in stainless steel and has settings like Smoothie and Soup (maybe not as good as mom’s, but quite close!) and the perfect way to make sure your college student still integrates nutritious and whole foods in her diet in a fast and easy way!

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My Infinite Agenda

My infinite agenda will keep college students organized and planned out

Help your college student stay organized with this incredible planner! My Infinite Agenda is a dynamic planner that’s gorgeous and helps your college student stay on top of all she needs to be doing in this new phase of her life. It gives inspirations and prompts and encouragement to turn dreams into realities, and it’s like having a planner, agenda, vision board and gratitude journal all in one! Plus, My Infinite Agenda gives 5% of profits to various charities with every purchase!

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My Cinema Lightbox Have GOALS with the Cinema Light box

Yes, this is a must-have! My Cinema Lightbox is a fun way for roomies to communicate with each other, or for your college student to just share aspirations and inspirations with the world. They’re super fun and affordable gifts for college students, and they’ll help motivate your student in easy, fun ways that just take a little bit of the pressure of college off. They’re statement pieces and they can change as easily as your college student’s mood changes!

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