The Best Natural Pet Products We Found At Global Pet Expo 2020

Our pets are family, and we treat them as such. And, as we know the importance of doing better when we know better, we want to do the best we can for our pets too.

And since our dog’s skin—our biggest organ—is like ours, it’s important that we be mindful not only of what goes on and in our pets, but the processes and eco-friendliness that happens with the products we buy. We spent a few days at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, and we’re sharing the best natural pet products we found.

When it comes to the livelihood of their animals, most pet owners are willing to do anything in order to keep their pets safe, happy and healthy. This is why so many pet owners today are on the lookout for eco-friendly and organic pet products. It can give many pet owners some peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing pet items that are free from any harmful toxins or chemicals that could harm their beloved family members.

By choosing eco-friendly and organic pet products, pet owners can not only feel good about the items that are around their animals, but about what they are doing for the environment as well. We have compiled a comprehensive list of pet products that are not only organic in nature but that are environmentally friendly as well and helping to maintain a safer and healthier planet.

We love the following pet products not only for being organic and eco-friendly but for being tested, proven items that are good for your dogs and cats as well.

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The Push For Natural Pet Products: Dollars Make Dents

It wasn’t all that long ago that the ‘Natural’ section of Global Pet Expo was just a little corner of a massive conference center in Orlando, Florida. In just a few years, that ‘Natural’ section has grown into several aisles, all full of organic, natural and eco-friendly products.

For most parents with pets, that’s a great thing! Better foods and products for our pets quite likely mean better lifestyles and longevity. But for those of us natural-minded parents, if we’re honest? We’re wary.

Just as we see in every other industry—beauty, foods, toys—there’s the opportunity for a lot of greenwashing. Figures from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) said that Americans spent $95.7 billion dollars on the pet industry in 2019. With all that money being spent, it stands to reason that many pet product companies will want to get on the bandwagon.

So, when you’re looking for pet products for your furry family members, it’s wise to do just as you do when you’re looking for products you’d buy for your human family members as well. And clearly, our collective demands for better, cleaner, more natural products for pets using our dollars are being heard.

So much so that the Pet Sustainability Coalition is thriving. The PSC envisions thriving and collaborative pet product businesses that create positive impacts on their communities and environments using sustainable and socially responsible practices. Our dollars make a difference, and encourage companies to jump on board the sustainability train!

What To Look For In The Best Natural Pet Products?

The reality is that not every pet parent can afford all organic, all the time. Just as most parents can’t do the same for their families, we often have to rank priority on the items we buy and focus on making differences there.

One big thing we looked for when looking for the best natural pet products were products from companies that stood behind their missions to enhance the lives of pets, of course, but also to enhance the lives of their humans by taking care of the environment and the world.

Companies committed to sustainable practices—from harvesting materials, to reliably sourcing, to reducing carbon impact, to ensuring non-toxic safety—those are the companies you want to spend your money on. When we support companies who support the environment, we’re doing our part for our pets and for our world.

And when it comes to non-toxic and safe products, it’s imperative that we remember that like us, dogs’ skin is incredibly important. It’s their largest organ also, and everything you put on it absorbs into their skin just as it does in ours. Not to mention, dogs lick their fur on the regular. What you use to wash and groom them goes right into their mouths, and with consistency that should really make us all be cognizant of every material we use on our pets.

Does every food have to be organic? No, though without question, if you can afford products that are certified organic, you are exposing your pets to fewer pesticides and toxins than you may be with a non-certified product. That said, just like in human farming, quite often a local farmer’s practices may be just as good, if not better than organic. They may not be able to afford (or want to deal with the ridiculous red tape of certifying) the certification process but still may be a valued source of products for your pet. We came across several companies that were committed to pets and fit that bill, and we urge you in whatever you buy, you research labels and ingredients just as you would for your human family members.

Take note of the research we’ve done, though. We were in the company of the pet product industry’s biggest leaders, and were thrilled to see more companies than ever focused on delivering high-quality products that were good for the earth and for our pets. For each of these companies, we often spoke directly with the founders/owners, and were inspired by their passion for pets and for people, and more, for all the earth’s inhabitants, big and small.

The Best Natural Pet Products We Found At Global Pet Expo

Pure And Natural Flea & Tick Spray

We spoke with Beth Sommers, President of Pure and Natural Pet (formerly Pura Naturals Pet). Beth told us what we already knew and agreed with: Not every ‘natural’ product is safe, and companies are not always forthright about what goes in their products. Beth showed me all the certifications that Pure and Natural Pet has and told me that because of all of the certifications they’ve acquired, you can be sure that every ingredient is checked and all back-up data is there to support claims. Beth also reinforced that just because a product may say it’s organic or natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is, and certainly if it doesn’t have those certifications. She’s often found toxic chemicals like surfactants, additives and formaldehyde in products that tout themselves as clean and safe for pets. That’s why they work so hard to ensure you can trust their product.

We fell in love with this flea and tick spray! It’s completely chemical-free, yet has the science to back up its efficacy. And, it’s super easy to use on your pets because you spray them before they go out and they’re protected. Better? Because it’s organic and clean, you can spray your little humans as well and help protect them from ticks that can carry some pretty nasty diseases.

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Bernie’s Perfect PoopBernie's Perfect Poop is a great natural products for pets

Poop matters. We all know that. The size, shape and regularity of poop are important in our kids (and in us) and it’s important to our dogs. That’s why we love Bernie’s Perfect Poop. Owner and founder Jim Finnigan is a dad who knew the importance of good gut health in his own little one, and figured that his Bernese Mountain Dog Bernie could use good gut health too. He set out on a research path that led him to a unique and effective gut health combo that uses sustainable and natural products to offer dogs fiber, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to their daily diets. The result? Perfect poop for your pets. The 100% natural Miscanthus grass is the best fiber for dogs out there, as it’s purposely grown without pesticides or herbicides, locally by small Midwestern Farms. It’s sustainable with a negative carbon impact and dogs love the taste while they benefit from the insoluble fiber and natural prebiotics. Like most of us, Jim’s journey of knowing better and doing better began with his own child, and led to this great product for all our pets as a bonus.

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OlviPet Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil Treats

The pet industry has exploded, it’s true, but a lot of that is because as we continue paths of human transference to our pets, we learn more about what makes them healthy and happy. Just as cold-pressed virgin olive oil is beneficial to our health, it is for dogs as well. Dental health and hygiene is so important for pets, just as it is in humans. The OlviPet treats are made with premium ingredients that are sourced from the Island of Crete. Also included in the proprietary chew blend are chia and pumpkin seeds to help with immunity and healthy skin and coat. There are no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors, and it’s a chew that doesn’t have any meat by-product. Your dog will love the olive oil taste and be helping maintain fresh breath and dental health with every chew.

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Earth Animal Allergy & Skin

When my golden retriever was alive, she had the worst.allergies.ever. We didn’t live in an area that had a holistic vet, and the Internet, at that time, didn’t really offer much in holistic wisdom for alternative pet therapy. Desperate for relief for her, we used a pharmaceutical remedy that we later (much later) believe was responsible for the degeneration and ultimate amputation of her leg.

And because so many pharmaceutical remedies have those ‘little-known’ side effects, it’s important to seek out alternatives that are effective but don’t use synthetic chemicals.

That’s the mission of Earth Animal. Founded in the early 70s when Dr. Bob Goldstein and his wife Susan adopted their gorgeous Golden Retriever Leigh, Leigh’s hip dysplasia was the inspiration for better for all animals. Seeking healthy treatments for Leah was what drove Dr. Bob and Susan to open their first holistic pet store in 1979. Since then, they’ve learned more, shared more and do more for all the pets they know, and their mantra is that Mother Nature doesn’t use synthetics, so neither do they.

Their Earth Animal Allergy & Skin product is just one in their large line of herbalist remedies for dogs, and speaking from experience, could literally mean the difference between life & limb.

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Farm Hounds Treats

As I walked the aisles of Global Pet Expo, the words on a shirt stopped me. “I sell body parts,” caught my eye, as you can imagine, and turns out Farm Hounds Treats wasn’t lying. They do, and so much more. They source their ingredients from small family farms that practice regenerative farming, and that means that there is total and complete transparency for each treat you offer your pet. The farmers support their communities and practice regenerating agriculture. The animals use instinctual behaviors to restore their land. The land is healthy and thriving and the product honors the animal with humane and sustainable practices.

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