The Best Sound Machines to Help Baby Sleep

Here are the best sound machines to help baby sleep

Your baby has just entered a brand new world where everything is different. The light is brighter. The sounds are louder. The world around them is colder and much wider. This can be difficult for some babies to process, and that’s why parents try to find ways to mimic their environment in the womb.

We buy swaddles to make them feel secure and cozy. We sing the same songs to them that we did while they were in the womb. We rock them and we bounce them to mimic the movement they felt in mom’s belly. But when it comes to sleep, or even during the day time, there are so many new noises that can be unsettling- including silence. Baby sound machines help a baby to sleep by mimicking the sounds of the womb. The sound of the whoosh whoosh if mom’s heartbeat and the amniotic fluid rushing around them is something many babies crave when they enter the world, and many sound machines mimic that sound. But those sounds don’t just work for babies- they can help adults and kids sleep, too.

What is a Sound Machine?

A sound machine is a specialized sonic muting machine that plays different audible sounds. Many sound machines have sounds like white noise, ocean waves, sounds of nature, or lullabies. Baby sound machines also often have night lights, projectors, and timers to help create an environment that works best for your baby’s sleep.

The Science Behind Sound Machines

In fact, there is a science behind the use of sound machines. In a study published in June 2016 in the Journal of Caring Sciences, individuals reported sleeping better while using a noise machine in a hospital setting (complete with various background noises you might expect to hear overnight in a hospital) than compared to hospital patients who didn’t use one. In fact, external sounds are one of the biggest disruptors of sleep, and the use of a sound machine can eliminate those external sounds.

Sound machines are very beneficial for babies as well as adults. For sleep, they help drown out external noises, which can help to keep from distracting a person from falling into a restful sleep. For babies, this feature is beneficial because it helps them to fall asleep, nap, and sleep soundly overnight in a home that is often bustling with other people and noises.

Baby sound machines are also beneficial for babies, especially newborns, because the white noise or ocean-type sounds remind them of the sounds they would hear in their mother’s womb. Some baby sound machines also have a heartbeat option, which helps babies to feel like they are back in the warm safe space of their mother’s belly.

What to Look for in a Sound Machine for Your Baby

Many sound machines that are made for adults can be used for babies, but there are some additional features you might want to consider when looking for a baby sound machine. These features are sometimes unique to baby sound machines to help remind a baby of the environment inside the mother’s womb.

  • Nightlight– A nightlight is a great addition to a baby sound machine and aren’t often found on adult sound machines. This can help nursing moms see at night during nighttime nursing sessions as well as soothe older babies and children overnight with a dim light.
  • Different Sounds– Babies tend to respond best to sounds like white noise, ocean sounds, or a heartbeat sound because they remind them of the environment in their mother’s womb. If you are looking for a  baby sound machine, it is a good idea to look for these feature sounds over nature sounds or lullabies as it will more than likely work better to soothe your little one.
  • Battery capabilities or rechargeable abilities– Nothing is worse than your power going out and the lack of sound waking your sleeping baby. Be sure to get a sound machine that is either rechargeable or can be powered with batteries so that if the power does go out, you will still be able to use it. Battery-powered and rechargeable sound machines are also great for on the go and can be used for when you’re on a walk, traveling, or visiting a friend’s house.

The Best Sound Machines to Help Baby Sleep

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is a parent favorite among sound machines. This unique sound machine does more than just play soft noises for your little one. You can control the nightlight, sound machine, time-to-rise alert, color, brightness, and volume level all from your phone. Simply download the Hatch Baby Rest app to control everything for your child’s sound machine and control all the programs remotely without risking waking your sleeping baby to change them.

You can program your Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine to run automatically or it can be changed from the app or manually. It can be used for years on end, too. There is a soft white light perfect for infants and nighttime nursing sessions. The other color lights are ideal as a nightlight, and the Time-to-Rise setting is great for older kids.

There are several different color and sound combinations that you can explore to find out what works best for your child. You might even find you getting one for yourself!


kapebow Portable White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light

The kapebow Portable White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light has several different sound options including white noise, Brook, Summer Night, Rock-a-Bye, Cradle, and Twinkle. These six harmonious sounds can soothe your little only quickly, restore calm, and fall asleep peacefully as they remind your little one of the sounds they heard inside mom’s womb. This is also a great sound machine for adults as it can help with insomnia, tinnitus, and anxiety.

The soft night light in the kapebow Portable White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light helps mom see during night nursing sessions or provides a night light for older babies. The light can be turned completely off, too or you can use one of the 5 different brightness levels. The timer can be set to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or completely off so it can run all night long. The two speakers will make the sounds appear more stereoscopic and more realistic than the single one, providing you or your baby with high-quality realistic sounds or create a real relaxation moment for meditation, yoga, or napping.

It is completely compact and portable weighing only 0.4 pounds and has a universal USB adapter so it can be used wherever you are. Help create better sleep for your baby with the kapebow Portable White Noise Sound Machine with Night Light.


Dreamegg D3 White Noice Machine

The Dreamegg D3 White Noice Machine is one of the most variable baby sound machines as it has 24 different soothing sounds including 7 white noise options, 7 fan sound options, and ten different nature sounds including bird, sea wave, brook, Fetal Tone, lullaby, cricket, thunder rain, campfire, pendulum and train sound. It is also tiny– it fits in the palm of your hand- meaning that its great for travel or for on the go. It even has a hanging bag that allows you to attach it to a car seat or stroller. 

You can plug the Dreamegg D3 White Noice Machine into an outlet with a USB outlet charger or use it without the charger for up to 10 hours. It can be played continuously throughout the night or during nap time or it can be used on a timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. The adjustable volume makes it easy for you to have the right sound level for your baby and lull your baby to sleep while it drowns out external noises.

The Dreamegg D3 White Noice Machine is a tiny little portable sound machine that packs a huge punch. It will help your little one to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.


Homedics Portable White Noise Sound Machine

The Homedics Portable White Noise Sound Machine is a great portable baby sound machine for home or for travel. It has 6 digitally recorded soothing sounds including White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook, which are all designed to mimic the natural environment to give the most relaxing experience possible. It is a lightweight sound machine that is small enough to fit inside a travel bag but also doesn’t take up a ton of space in your baby’s room. 

The Homedics Portable White Noise Sound Machine will help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The white noise is a particular favorite among parents. The auto shut off timer can be turned off for all night relaxation or kept at 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It is powered by either AC adapter or 4 AA batteries so you can use it when there are not electronic options available.


MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby Sound Machine

The MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby Sound Machine was made just for babies. There are 6 different sounds to choose from: 3 classic lullabies or 3 soothing sounds like ocean, rain, or heartbeat, which are perfect for a new baby making the transition from mom’s womb into the 4th trimester. You can help soothe your baby with the built-in projector that casts one of three different scenes onto the wall or ceiling. You can either set the timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes or keep it on all night or throughout nap time.

The MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby Sound Machine is easy to take with you on travel so your little one will be able to sleep soundly wherever you go.


Baby Shusher Portable Sound Machine

If you are looking for a portable baby sound machine that you can take anywhere, then look no further than the Baby Shusher Portable Sound Machine. The unique sound design of this sound machine is that it uses a digitally recorded human voice to calm, shush, and lull your baby to sleep. The adjustable sound control and adjustable timers allow you to control how long and how loud the shushes get- so even the fussiest of babies can be soothed.

The Baby Shusher Portable Sound Machine is portable, easy to use, and can be taken with you on walks or in the car. The removable wrist strap means you can take it wherever you go and it is also battery powered with just 2 AA batteries needed. It is made from easy to clean BPA free material and even won the Hbaby! 2018 Gold Award Winner and Voted by parents as BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award so you know parents love it. 


Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine

The Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine is one of the cutest baby sound machines you ever did see. There are several different characters to choose from including this owl design. It has four different lullaby sounds and four different nature sounds to chose from so you can find exactly the right sound for your baby. There is also a star and moon ceiling projection to help soothe extra fussy little ones and the glowing night light on the belly provides a dim light as a night light or for late-night nursing sessions. It also has a dimmer control to create just enough light for you and your baby.

The Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine has a four-mode auto-off timer or it can be played all night long to help sleeping babies stay asleep. It makes for a great baby shower gift or your own baby’s nursery.


Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby

The Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby provides better sleep for baby by effectively masking out external noises. There are three soothing sounds including bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. The volume is entirely adjustable to your desired level, and there is a soft amber night light that provides light for late-night nursing sessions or as comfort for your little one.

The Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby is just 3.5″ in diameter and weighs just 3.8 ounces and can fit easily into a diaper bag or backpack and comes with a baby-safe clip that can attach to virtually anything to take with you. It also has a USB rechargeable option so you can plug it in when needed or take it with you without worrying about batteries. It is great for babies or adults, improving sleep and restfulness for everyone in the family.


Bubzi Co Unicorn White Noise Machine

This soft and snuggly Bubzi Co Unicorn White Noise Machine is super cute and soft. It will help make falling asleep super easily by providing soothing sounds, a dim light, and a lovie they can hold on to all night long. It has 10 relaxing songs as well as bird songs and a familiar heartbeat sound that will help your little one fall to sleep quickly and soundly. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes and will not play continuously, so that is something to keep in mind when looking for the right sound machine for your little one.

The Bubzi Co Unicorn White Noise Machine also has a unicorn projector night light that will help soothe your little one. It is a mesmerizing soft galaxy display that will help put even the most wide-awake and overtired babies to sleep. Since it is battery powered it can be taken with you wherever you go- on walks, in the car, or while traveling- ensuring that your little one will be able to be soothed to sleep no matter where you are.


Pure Enrichment Wave Baby Soothing Sound Machine

The calming Pure Enrichment Wave Baby Soothing Sound Machine is an all-natural sonic pacifier that creates a distraction-free environment so your little one can enjoy a more restful night’s sleep. It has 6 seamless looping premium quality sounds that have no audible break so there is no jolt of silence that might wake your little one. It is powered by a USB/AC outlet and can be charged to be taken with you wherever you go. It is lightweight, portable, and sleek so it looks great in any modern nursery or can be taken with you when you’re on vacation, visiting grandma, or just going for a walk.

The Pure Enrichment Wave Baby Soothing Sound Machine is a great option for a sound machine for your baby or an adult. The three timer setting of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes gives plenty of sound to lull your little one to sleep.


Sound machines are very beneficial for babies, but they are also great tools for toddlers and adults. Many sound machines can be used for anyone in the family, and you don’t need anything special for babies. Helping your little one transition to life outside of the womb is made easier with sound machines and white noise.

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