The Healing Power of Unconditional Love

This past weekend my extended family had a big meet-up at a ranch in New York State. It was great fun for all of us. We swam and ate and celebrated being together.


On Saturday afternoon, my youngest, two-year-old Benjamin, was playing near the water when he fell backwards. His foot got caught and twisted the wrong way under his fall.


I scooped Benjamin up and cuddled him for a few moments before setting him on a chair to look at his foot.


Benji’s foot was hanging in an awkward way and, where it had twisted and bent backward, there was a purple bruise.


My wife, Gwen, came over and we both held his foot to offer loving touch. As I held Benjamin’s foot, my mind went to my Grandmother Clara, who passed away in 2005. Grandma Clara was a source of unconditional, infinite love in my life, and I often go to her, in my mind, for guidance and support.


Unconditional LoveGrandma Clara used to call me “Cookie,” and as I held Benjamin’s foot, I heard her voice in my head, “It’ll be OK, Cookie.” This time she was speaking not only to me, but also to little Benjamin.


At that moment, Benjamin‘s foot kicked and flinched.


And then, in his tiny two-year-old voice, Benji said, “I want to go back to the water.”


Gwen and I let go of his foot, and as Benjamin trotted and frolicked back to the water, I noticed that the purple patch was now only a light pink.


I can’t tell you exactly what happened. Did my Grandma heal Benjamin’s foot? Or did she only represent and invoke for me the healing love that Benji needed? Either way, I’d say that, above all, to me, this is a reminder of the healing power of touch, of intention, and of unconditional loving presence.


In fact, all I can say for sure from this experience is that I plan to call upon Grandma Clara and this feeling of absolute love whenever I can, everyday, not only when there are injuries or hard times, but in every moment that I remember to do so. Because in parenting, as in life, there is always need for the magical healing power of unconditional love.




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