‘The Sky’s the Limit’ for Pride Socks as They Help Kids in Cambodia

 Pride Socks are so much more than comfy, stylish socks!An awesome sock company is providing more than just awesome style for your feet, as it partners with a young, international skateboarder to help kids living in poverty in Cambodia.

Sometimes in the course of interviews with various leaders of companies, you come across someone and think, ‘That person is sooo cool.”

That’s what happened when I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Smith, the founder and owner of Pride Socks. Pride Socks are so much more than comfy, stylish socks!

We told you a bit about Rachel and her company before, when she launched her #iamaproudmom campaign to encourage moms everywhere to get in the pictures with their kids, and to share pictures that showed their pride in being moms. That campaign was a tremendous success, and Rachel says she still wants moms to recognize their worth.

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Rachel started Pride Socks because she knew the power of feeling proud of oneself. She said it was when a coach told her she was proud of Rachel’s effort as a young girl that she realized she’d not really heard that before, or felt it. She believes that all humans have challenges and fears — all of us battle moments that seem daunting. Pride Socks are a way to celebrate the courage and rejoice in the moments.

Rachel believes so much in positivity that Pride Socks recently launched Positivity Notes, which are aimed at encouraging parents to show their kids how proud of them they are, and to give them small but powerful ways to communicate with their children or the people around them. They are easy ways in a world of too busy to recognize a person and let them know you believe in them. The positivity notes have two styles that are themed around human power and empowerment, and are sure to quickly, easily and powerfully brighten the day of anyone who receives a pair!

Rachel’s most recent and awesome news is that Pride Socks has collaborated with Sky Brown to make a sock that will change the lives of children in Cambodia who live in poverty. Sky Brown is an amazing 9-year-old skateboarder from Japan who creates awareness of areas in need all over the world. She traveled to Cambodia and realized that she could make a difference in the lives of kids just like her–only these children walked the streets begging for food to eat. She believes every child has the right to education, healthcare and play.Pride Socks Partnered With Sky Brown For these inspiring socks that give to charity

With Rachel’s partnering of Pride Socks and Sky, the “Sky’s the Limit” sock was created to raise money for ISF, and to help give children who live in the slums of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, a future. With the purchase of every pair of “Sky’s the Limit” socks, $5 goes directly to the ISF helping kids in Cambodia leave the slums and get into the classrooms and playgrounds they should be in.

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Rachel says that her goal with Pride Socks is to make a difference in this world, and to make a difference in the lives of children and humans everywhere. Her socks and her causes are ones she hopes can be a catalyst for others to see different viewpoints.

If you’re looking for holiday gifts that make a difference, check out her sock line and her positivity notes.

Photo Credits: Pride Socks

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