The Story of Keaton Jones: Do Two Wrongs Make it Right?

As we update this story, we have to ask, "Do Two Wrongs Make It Right?"You’ve no doubt seen the video of young Keaton Jones crying about how he’s been viciously bullied, and perhaps you’ve seen the conflicting backlash as his mother’s alleged racism may be the fuel behind Keaton’s fire. As we update this story, we have to ask, “Do Two Wrongs Make It Right?”

Keaton Jones is an 11-year-old boy who hit internet ‘celebrity-dom,’ if you will, when his mother posted a heartbreaking video of his response to being bullied. Keaton gained international support online from strangers, including celebrities.

At the core, it’s a story of being victimized — of a young boy being bullied, relentlessly and consistently because of speech/palate issues and appearance.

Keaton’s video inspired thousands and thousands of dollars to be donated in his name, through several campaigns but not without backlash — turns out there are photos of Keaton’s mom, Kimberly, standing with Confederate Flags that are also going viral. It seems the tide has turned against Keaton with the cries of, “Karma’s a bitch,” in all sorts of interweb nooks and crannies.

TMZ reported that Keaton’s biological father (though how much contact he’s had with him since 2015 is unknown) is a white supremacist, and in jail for aggravated assault. There have also been speculations that Keaton’s mother was abused by Keaton’s father. According to an arrest warrant, Keaton’s father tried to break into their home and kill them all, including the children. Clearly, there is a pattern of abuse that Keaton has sadly been exposed to for quite some time. Keaton is seems to be the product of a racist, abusive, heavily toxic environment.

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And so, it seems as is the case in the internet world, the tides have turned and people are clamoring that Keaton is getting what he deserved (there are claims he was using racist terminology, though his older sister denies that was the case), because there is an implication that his mother (and possibly, he) is a racist.

He is legitimately being bullied again, and this time by many grown adults who ought to know better, in my opinion.

Nothing about whether he used racial terms or not at school has been substantiated, and yet, in the era of ‘milkshake ducking’ (where something viral is seen as positive, before it turns into something really negative), the kid is being bullied on social media by people who feel like the bullying he’s received is what he had coming to him.

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Keaton hasn’t been back to school since, as the viral sensation has just brought about even more bullies, and confirmed the ones from before.

It breaks my heart. That child and his tears in that video? That was a child whose heart hurt because he’d been so tormented. Most likely, according to court documents, by his poor excuse of a father, and clearly by children who can be cruel. He likely is the product of a poorly educated, racist background. Instead of more bullying, why not use this as an opportunity to extend grace by educating? There’s still hope for kids like this to learn better… but they won’t learn better if we continue to bully them.

3 thoughts on “The Story of Keaton Jones: Do Two Wrongs Make it Right?”

  1. “He likely is the product of a poorly educated, racist background. ”.. what an odd thing to say. Definitely doesn’t help the case for not bullying him. Why would you write something like that? He’s a child!

  2. Boy this was a loaded story, with all kinds of wrongs flying around but bottom line, bullying doesn’t solve anything. If it did, Trump would be a great leader. Adults are to blame here and its up to them to change this situation from start to finish!

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